Our Lady of Perpetual Help


Mother of Perpetual Help, Woman of Eternal Hope, your wordless gaze tells us so much about you. Knowing eyes look upon us with tender love. The slight bend of your head reveals such maternal concern. While your left hand supports the Child, your right hand is ready to receive us, too. Just as He feels the beating of your heart, so you encourage us to lead a life of hope and holiness. Just as His sandal will fall on your lap, through your intercession may God pick us up as we stumble and fall. Never let us be parted from you and your son, Jesus. Lady of love, you invite us to place our hand where His fingers touch yours — near a heart of endless hope — so that we may be united often in prayer here on earth and joined forever with you in heaven. Amen.

Mother of Perpetual Help, your very name inspires confidence. We come before your holy picture in praise and thanksgiving to God seeking your intercession with Jesus, your son for all the needs of our lives today. We celebrate your holy motherhood as we proclaim Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer.

You answered when called to be mother of our Lord. Obtain for us the grace to be alive to our baptismal call and especially to embrace the gospel of life and to respect all life on earth.

You wondered as your Son grew in wisdom, knowledge and grace. Intercede for us so that we may welcome the Word of God in our lives and be bearers of the good news to everyone.

You delighted as your Son healed the sick. Intercede for our sick that they may receive good health and that they in their turn may be healers to others.

You enjoyed peace as your Son comforted the afflicted. Intercede for all who suffer so that they may know that we carry their burdens with them and in this way we keep the law of Christ.

You rejoiced as your Son forgave sins. Obtain for us the forgiveness of our sins and lead us to unbind others and set them free.

You suffered at the wounds your Son endured for our salvation. Help us to bind up the broken hearted and to give hope to the down trodden.

You exulted in your Son’s resurrection. Obtain for us the grace to persevere in His way all the days of our life and be granted a place in heaven.

You are the first of all the disciples and saints. We trust in your motherly love and care. Obtain for us all the graces we need to fulfill God’s plan each day in our lives. Amen.


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5 Responses to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

  1. When I was a boy, a priest once pointed out one of the most touching things about this image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The priest said that the sandal hanging down from the Christ Child’s foot shows that He has run to her for help as fast as He could, almost losing the sandal on the way to her embrace.

    Those who have done this – have run to her – know that Our Lady will, in fact, give us her help, perhaps not right away, perhaps only after years of repeatedly running to her, or perhaps not always in the form we expect, but she will give it. That you can count on. As sure as the sun rises in the east.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    I never knew about the loose sandal symbolism, RJB. Here is a picture of Mary and Jesus taken in a side chapel of OLPH in Toronto:

    I wonder if another aspect of the symbolism might be that Jesus, at the age of 2 (?), hadn’t learned how to refasten the sandal strap, and ran to His mother for her help.


  3. toadspittle says:

    “As sure as the sun rises in the east.”
    It doesn’t, of course.
    Just looks that way.
    (….Must be some sort of moral here.)

    Nice sandal story.


  4. robert muscari says:

    i have an 8in.x11in.old painting from my mother our lady of perpetual help. how can i find out if it is worth holding on to or not. ther is a famlie despute about its valeu?


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