Same Sex Marriage SCOTUS Decision

First Published on Jul 13, 2015 on Sensus Fidelium.
The Supreme Court, somehow, created that marriage is a ‘right’ and that two people of the same gender can ‘marry’. This is the disastrous end result of a contraceptive society. Time to get serious in the faith. Pray the rosary daily, do penance, & become saints.

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2 Responses to Same Sex Marriage SCOTUS Decision

  1. John A. Kehoe says:

    Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

  2. kathleen says:

    This is an excellent video, full of eternal TRUTHS, and well worthwhile taking 15 minutes to listen to. Thank God for good holy priests, like the one speaking on the video, who are not afraid to be faithful to their calling!

    In fact there are many other really good Catholic videos on that website linked to in the article.

    (Shame the starting-off picture here is that of the disgusting spectacle of people of the same sex fawning all over each other – yuck!)

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