Before the age of Starbucks and Costa Coffee

By David Torkington

Before the Age ogreen island Poole harbour sunset.jpg web smallf Starbucks and Costa Coffee I used to travel all over the country trying to spread the Good News that I hadn’t really understood myself. Then, thanks to my aversion to the motorway coffee that looked like sepia soup that tasted like dishwater with a hint of soap suds, I bought two twelve volt kettles at a car boot sale to brew my own in the car. The good news is that it worked, the bad news is that it took two hours to boil and made me lose my temper. As soon as I got home I plugged the kettle into the mains and watched the flash as it went up in smoke. It was as the smell of burning rubber was invading my nostrils that I saw the light, this time it was a spiritual flash of light that enabled me to see what I’d never seen before. Just as I discovered the hard way that 240 volts into 12 volts will not go I simultaneously saw that infinite love into finite love will not go either. That was why, before Jesus came, nobody could get close to God, nobody ever saw him, let alone receive his love within them. Nevertheless people wanted to experience his love and wanted to spend the rest of their existence being possessed by that love and to all eternity. The desire was there but the means wasn’t. That’s why to this day, the prayers that they used, the psalms that they sung, and the poems that they loved can still be said today because thanks to Jesus their wildest dreams have at last become possible.

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About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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3 Responses to Before the age of Starbucks and Costa Coffee

  1. ginnyfree says:

    Without my Starbuck’s, I’m nothing. Just inside the Pearly Gates next to St. Peter’s throne is the counter of our dreams. I must latte’! Good ole fashioned Catholic guilt gets me to buy Mastic Monk’s Midnight Vigil or Cowboy Blend every so often as well. The Monks are fantastic at coaxing the subtleties out of coffee beans. Marvelous stuff. God bless. Ginny

  2. johnhenrycn says:

    GF: I enjoy Mystic Monk coffee, too, but unfortunately can only get it by going over the border, which I don’t often do. Personally, I think Starbucks is waaay overrated, not to mention overpriced. And I don’t like what I’ve read about their new marketing ploy of trying to carry on conversations with customers about social issues, specifically race relations.
    Why does the name of the author of this piece (Torkington) seem so familiar to me? It’s a somewhat unusual one. I think he may have been a commenter on Damian Thompson’s old blog.

  3. ginnyfree says:

    Hello JH. I HAVE to drink the good stuff. I wish I could tolerate the cheap stuff, but I gag. Bad coffee in the morning is NOT how I start my day. Yeah. It is almost my religion! Every once in a while, I fool myself into thinking I can go with a cheaper brand, but I’ve been known to simply toss it and open the Starbuck’s half way thru. Turns into a bigger waste if I have to pitch it or dump the undrinkable stuff down the drain. Probably overly sensitive about this, but there ya go. I am just a sinner. May the Lord have mercy on me and may there be a good cup o joe waiting for me in Eternity! God bless. Ginnyfree.

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