“There will never be a gay pride parade in my city”, says Luigi Brugnaro (mayor of Venice)

Venice-winter_2370349b Venice’s newly elected mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, wants to ban gay-pride parades in this  Italian city. He has become a victim of some of the harshest criticism and hate mail ever since he affirmed: “There will never be a gay pride parade in my city”, and added, “Let them go and do it in Milan, or in front of their own homes.”

When I first heard this news on TV at the start of the weekend, the frowning newscaster made no attempt to hide her strong disapproval of the mayor’s words! (Whatever happened to objective, unbiased reporting?) ‘Here we go again’, I said to myself, ‘we are in for another witch-hunt’ now! Thwarting the desires of the powerful gay lobby to “celebrate” their disorder requires some pretty firm convictions nowadays, and lots of courage. Anyone who does so is in for a rough ride with them and their numerous ‘useful idiots’ who pander to their wishes.

The newly-elected mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro

The newly-elected mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro

Brugnaro, a practicing Catholic, first drew widespread criticism earlier this month, for a decision to remove certain children’s books from public libraries over their pro ‘same-sex marriage’ content and calling such ideas “unnatural”.

The overwhelmingly gay-friendly MSM, including famous pop icon, Elton John (who has a home on one of the islands of Venice) have exploded in an uproar of self-righteous indignation. Elton John used his Instagram page to condemn the moves, calling Brugnaro “boorishly bigoted”. The mayor said the singer was “arrogant” and told him to keep out of Venice’s business.

The mayor’s decision to ban the “Gay Pride” parade down the canals of his magnificent city has nothing in fact to do with this event being the “height of kitsch”, as he has described it, for many would likewise call the annual Venice carnival just that, and yet there are no such plans to ban this event. Instead it has everything to do with a refusal to see the city, this 53 year old businessman-turned-politician has been recently elected to govern, pandering to the homosexual lobby’s aims to glorify sodomy, celebrate the misnomer, ‘gay marriage’, and malevolent desire to further the acceptance of homosexual sex as ‘normal, happy and good’.

The truth of course is that the flaunting of homosexuality (and the acts that flow from its advancement) can only be described as ‘abnormal, distressing and wicked’, but how many politicians nowadays would have the moral courage to infer such a thing as the mayor of Venice has done, first by banning children’s books embracing corrupt pro-gay teachings from the public library aimed at damaging innocent minds, and now in banning a sordid ‘gay parade’ celebration?

Luigi Brugnaro, who says he is not “homophobic” and admits to having “gay friends” (don’t we all?) is not condemning any particular individuals. Once again the usual error is being made: blaming someone who refuses to go along with what is wrong – in this case a “gay pride parade” (the open celebration of the evil of sodomy) – and pretending to make out that his ban is a personal attack on all those of an homosexual tendency! Most of our secular Western governments may have legalised so-called ‘same-sex marriage’, but this has not been done so far in Italy.

Bakers, florists, teachers, B&B owners, etc., and now a local mayor, have all had to suffer the unpleasant consequences of remaining true to their Christian faith, but they have not backed down. What about the rest of us? Are we going to remain silent in the face of so many attacks on our beliefs? Are we going allow only a few brave ‘knights’ to stand up and confront the deformation of our values in the public square, while we remain silent ‘for fear of the wolves’? We should never bow to sin. The more we refuse to go along with the worldly corruption of our Christian heritage, the stronger we shall become. And the closer to Christ.

“An error which is not resisted is approved; a truth which is not defended is suppressed…. He who does not oppose an evident crime is open to the suspicion of secret complicity.” (Pope Felix III and quoted by Pope Leo XIII in Inimica Vis)

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14 Responses to “There will never be a gay pride parade in my city”, says Luigi Brugnaro (mayor of Venice)

  1. It seems Luigi is more Catholic than the Pope; do you think he would consider a third career?


  2. Mimi says:

    Well said, Kathleen!

    May God bless Mayor Brugnaro and grant him the courage and fortitude to stand firm in the face of such pressure and abuse.


  3. johnhenrycn says:

    I’d be careful blessing this Italian mayor or calling him more Catholic than the Pope. The mayor, until recently, of our provincial capital city, also refused to take part in Gay Pride Parades; but if he had, that would have been the least of his personal sins:
    Right wing , Catholic, politicians are (i.e. can be) just a full of sin as the rest of us.


  4. johnhenrycn says:

    btw, Mrs Maureen Avila: I never give down votes on this blog, even when I disagree, so whoever gave you one, it wasn’t me. Probably someone from Ireland.


  5. Did Ford allow the Drug Addict Pride Day parade in your city?….and by the way, I made the Luigi comment in jest of course, but as one Catholic web site pointed out, to say someone is “More Catholic than the pope” used to be a joke.


  6. toadspittle says:

    “Luigi Brugnaro, who says he is not “homophobic” and admits to having “gay friends” (don’t we all?)”
    We’d all be keenly interested in hearing about your gay friends, Kathleen. Have ’em round for tea ans bickkies, do yer?
    But Luigi is quite right, of course. If I had a house in Venice, the last thing I’d want would be a lot of gays splashing about on my doorstep, and singing “Three Queens In The Fountain,” . even if they were wearing water wings. It would upset the dogs for a start.

    Oops.Wrong city.
    Still – they probably don’t have gay parades there, either.


  7. Michael says:

    Well said indeed! I read an argument yesterday which complements this rather nicely, insofar as it highlights the shortcomings of the US Bishops’ approach to the Obergefell Decision, comparing it to a more robustly Catholic approach to questions of sexual ethics and the relationship between Church and state (which latter approach Mayor Brugnaro seems to be putting into action in Venice):



  8. kathleen says:

    @ Mrs. Maureen Avila

    to say someone is “More Catholic than the pope” used to be a joke

    Hahaha… Yes, Maureen, that is so true! It inferred that the Pope was always the best and finest example of a true Catholic, and no one could ever match his witness to the Faith!!! So why, I wonder, can this statement no longer be understood as a joke??? 😉


  9. Michael is right. Mayor Brugnaro shows far more courage than the US bishops. I think we will all need such courage in the not too distant future.


  10. kathleen says:

    Toad @ 4:44

    We’d all be keenly interested in hearing about your gay friends, Kathleen.

    Well, perhaps I should have said ‘acquaintances’ rather than friends. Don’t we all live in the world among all types? And is it not a Catholic duty to treat all people with kindness and respect?
    The “gays” I was thinking about actually, are a couple who run a restaurant near where I live, and their food is excellent. They are hard working, pleasant chaps, very friendly and willing to please… but hardly “friends” as such.

    In fact I would not call friends with a same-sex attraction disorder “gays” at all! (The word gay conjures up a totally different idea not acceptable to Catholic teaching.)
    There is a man who suffers from SSA who helps out at the parish. He is a delightful, kind and good man, very intelligent, who lives a chaste and prayerful life. Yes, he is a friend to me and to many, but as I say above, he does not fit into the ‘gay’ category.


  11. kathleen says:

    Thank you, Mimi and Michael. 🙂

    That is a fascinating article on The Imaginative Conservative that you link to, Michael, and I absolutely concur with Robert John’s words above.

    JH, you appear to have doubts about Luigi Brugnaro, and a quick flip through the loads of press articles condemning his actions and his person, it’s no big surprise. Whatever faults he might have however (and he may have plenty for all we know) he has nevertheless shown he puts Christ before Man in his position as mayor of Venice, and that takes a lot of guts in today’s anti-Catholic Europe!


  12. toadspittle says:

    Nicely put, Kathleen. “…Should gay acquaintance be forgot…”
    And I owe you yet another debt, because this post has given me a splendid and suitable topic for my next column in The Toledo Blade.


  13. “Oops.Wrong city.
    Still – they probably don’t have gay parades there, either.”

    Rome is the city where the Trevi Fountain about which the song ” Three Coins in the Fountain” was written and Rome has had 21 annual Gay Pride parades; see link:


  14. Tom Fisher says:

    this post has given me a splendid and suitable topic for my next column in The Toledo Blade.

    Makes me think of Journalism in Tennessee Toad would’ve doubtless been sacked from the Moral Volcano, Semi-Weekly Earthquake, and Morning Howl


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