Synod primer: Explosive video featuring three prelates speaking on adultery, homosexuality in blunt terms

Our friends at Polonia Christiana have just released a truly explosive video featuring three prelates: Cardinal Raymond Burke, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga (see here) and Bishop Athanasius Schneider.
For those who don’t understand what we’re facing with Synod ’15, consider the extraordinary-for-today’s-standards language used in this video, surely meant to wake the Faithful up.
There is so much in this video we couldn’t possibly capture it all here. But a good sample from Toronto Catholic:


Archbishop Lenga: “I think there is no spirit of the Gospels nowadays. Therefore there is no great message in what the high-ranking hierarchs say. There is no great power in it. It is only a bunch of beautifully spoke words, but there is no truth in it”.

“… if we believe that homosexuals brought something into the Church, it is nothing but debauchery and licentiousness. … The Holy Scripture beautifully says that such people will not get into Heaven.”

Bishop Schneider: “That even some Bishops in their public pronouncements contradict some respect[s] of the Catholic doctrine, especially of the moral issues.”

“It is our duty, our first duty, to be faithful to God”


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3 Responses to Synod primer: Explosive video featuring three prelates speaking on adultery, homosexuality in blunt terms

  1. What is so explosive about this video is not simply that bishops like Athanasius Schneider speak with somewhat shocking bluntness about the severity of the crisis in the Church, but also that they NEED to speak with such bluntness because the crisis runs so deep.

    Bishop Schneider’s comment at the end of the video is memorable: “Christ said, ‘You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church. Not YOUR Church, Peter. MY Church’.”


  2. Michael says:

    An excellent video – thank you for sharing it. Very thought-provoking as well; three things in particular stood out for me personally:

    1. I am currently reading a short biography of Saint Edmund Campion (by Evelyn Waugh), and the more I read about the sacrifices made by people like him in our past, and the fervency with which they desired to preserve the Faith in its wholeness, the angrier it makes me to think about what people like Kasper and Marx are so casually throwing away.

    2. Secondly, something Bishop Schneider said around 21 minutes in really hit home – his quotation of Luke 8:17 (‘for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed’) with reference to the exposure of Kasper’s strategies, coupled with what was mentioned in the video about the forthcoming 500 year anniversary of the Reformation, made me think – is all this God’s way of showing the world what the spirit of that movement was really all about (namely disobedience, willfulness and individualism)? Could he, by exposing the rot within the Church, by bringing to light the effects of ways of thinking that are for all intents and purposes Protestant, be showing us how pernicious this Protestant spirit really is, and thus the need for true unity?

    3. The video also put me in mind of the most recent article at Monsignor Pope’s blog, where he discusses the possibility (which could well be consistent with what I have just suggested above) that we may be living through a winnowing or pruning period for the Church:

    At any rate, the ‘strategies’ certainly are being brought to light, regardless of what happens afterwards, and as Archbishop Lenga notes at around the 34 minute mark, it will be much harder to equivocate about where one stands – people will have to say that either they are with Christ or the devil (c.f.; John 3:19-21).


  3. kathleen says:

    Yes, this is an outstanding, hard-hitting, exposure of the rot that the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” have disseminated within the very Bride of Christ. All Catholics who love the Church and want to protect her from Satan’s snares should pass this video around among their family, friends, parishes, et al.

    I agree with all the points highlighted from the video above, both those mentioned in the article and those pinpointed by Robert and Michael in their comments. (Michael’s paragraph 2 referring to the Reformation was particularly perceptive I think.)
    Another one could be the one made by Archbishop Lenga about sin in the Church today: “Sin is what you want it to be.” This is exactly what we are dealing with, and why there has arisen so much conflict between those who defend Christ’s teaching (both clerics and laymen) and those who make “sin” out to be whatever suits them. None of that “Yes, yes; no, no”, but a twisted acceptance of all sorts of evil made out to be harmless. What a sly and treacherous trick of the Devil! Kasper, Marx, and their followers will have a lot to answer for at the Last Judgement for the part they have played in this.


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