Two Popes on True Christian Marriage

img_home “First of all, let this remain the unchanged and unshakable foundation: Matrimony was neither established nor restored by man but by God. It has been protected, strengthened, and elevated not by the laws of men, but by those of God, the author of human nature, and of Christ who restored that same nature. Consequently, these laws cannot be changed according to men’s pleasure, nor by any agreement of the spouses themselves that is contrary to these laws. This is the teaching of Sacred Scripture (see Gen 1:27; 2:22f.; Mt 19:3ff.; Eph 5:23ff.); this is the constant, universal tradition of the Church; this is the solemn definition of the holy Council of Trent, which in the words of Sacred Scripture teaches and reasserts that the permanent and indissoluble bond of matrimony, its unity and strength, have their origin in God.”

[Pope Pius XI in his famous Encyclical “On Christian Marriage”.]


“…Our wish is rather to speak about that family union of which marriage is the beginning and the foundation. The true origin of marriage, venerable brothers, is well known to all. Though revilers of the Christian faith refuse to acknowledge the never-interrupted doctrine of the Church on this subject, and have long striven to destroy the testimony of all nations and of all times, they have nevertheless failed not only to quench the powerful light of truth, but even to lessen it. We record what is to all known, and cannot be doubted by any, that God, on the sixth day of creation, having made man from the slime of the earth, and having breathed into his face the breath of life, gave him a companion, whom He miraculously took from the side of Adam when he was locked in sleep. God thus, in His most far-reaching foresight, decreed that this husband and wife should be the natural beginning of the human race, from whom it might be propagated and preserved by an unfailing fruitfulness throughout all futurity of time. And this union of man and woman, that it might answer more fittingly to the infinite wise counsels of God, even from the beginning manifested chiefly two most excellent properties – deeply sealed, as it were, and signed upon it-namely, unity and perpetuity. From the Gospel we see clearly that this doctrine was declared and openly confirmed by the divine authority of Jesus Christ. He bore witness to the Jews and to His Apostles that marriage, from its institution, should exist between two only, that is, between one man and one woman; that of two they are made, so to say, one flesh; and that the marriage bond is by the will of God so closely and strongly made fast that no man may dissolve it or render it asunder. “For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they two shall be in one flesh. Therefore now they are not two, but one flesh. What, therefore, God bath joined together, let no man put asunder.”

[Pope Leo XII, in his Encyclical Arcanum Divinae (On Christian Marriage).]

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6 Responses to Two Popes on True Christian Marriage

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    I accept what these two Popes taught about marriage, which means that I’m at sixes and sevens wondering what I shall do when the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time arrives this year. Never fear, stalwart companions, I shall not become a Mennonite:

    (The best Protestants ever, and very numerous where I live – they hate being photographed)…
    but I will not, cannot accept any change in the traditional treatment of homosexuals or divorced persons. Novel (anti-Christian) ideas about how they should be dealt with were the second most important reason why I left the Protestants. I guess I should be grateful to them for pushing me away because, as I say, their new attitude toward homosexuals and marriage was the second most important reason why I came home to Rome. But Rome is where the heart is, not necessarily in Italy.


  2. Tom Fisher says:

    I shall not become a Mennonite

    Did you hear why the Amish girl got in trouble?
    Too Mennonite

    Ahem.. (I’ll get my coat)



  3. johnhenrycn says:

    Very droll, Tom. Actually, there’s a small Plain Catholic movement near me…like the Mennonites, Amish and Hutterites. Not quite something that a 65 year old who has never farmed can acclimate himself to, but it’s one that gives me hope for our future.


  4. johnhenrycn says:

    Good night 😉


  5. Magdalene says:

    Do we have to pay attention to those ‘old fashioned’ popes who were not only not ‘pastoral’ but also not post conciliar!


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