Speaking in Tongues

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5 Responses to Speaking in Tongues

  1. Finally, a sane, intelligent explanation of what this gift means, and what it doesn’t mean. Spouting gibberish is not speaking in tongues. Unfortunately, of course, the charismatics will go right on speaking gibberish, and certain members of the hierarchy, even at the highest level, will go right on approving charismatics and visiting their conventions in Rome. At the same time, sadly, those same members of the hierarchy will ignore meetings of individuals who support the Traditional Latin Mass, i.e., the mass of “pharisees” and “doctors of the law.”


  2. Michael says:

    Many years ago I attended a charismatic Mass. The attendants all started sprouting gibberish after the band changed from singing to gibberish. I approached on of the singers and asked them how long they had been a charismatic Catholic. They replied that they were an atheist. I am confident that none of the others were speaking in a real language either.


  3. Fr. R. D. once joked , ” Did you ever notice that once they got rid of the Latin, everybody started praying in tongues? People like to pray in languages they do not understand!”


  4. johnhenrycn says:

    illud iterum dicere potes!


  5. johnhenrycn says:

    I’ve never spoken in thongs.


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