Words of Encouragement from Bishop Schneider

In his latest post Steve Skojec over at OnePeterFive writes:

1316-4c0fb448-6320-418a-9181-297fb0401691Last week, I wrote to Bishop Athanasius Schneider, asking for encouragement in the face of such darkness emanating from within the Church. In his response, he exhorted, “God is using in this time the little one in the Church, the pure faith mostly of the lay faithful to keep the faith intact and to hand it over to the next generations. It is an honour that we can be witnesses and defenders of our dear Catholic faith not only against the enemies outside but also in the face of the traitors inside the Church, even when these traitors are bishops or cardinals.”

You can read the context of these edifying words by Bishop Schneider here:


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1 Response to Words of Encouragement from Bishop Schneider

  1. kathleen says:

    Not only the article with the context of these “edifying words” from Archbishop Athanasius Schneider can be read at the link given below the text, but also the controversial article that it links to and discusses. The editor at First Things, R.R. Reno pulled this article from the blog when it first appeared, then banned the author, Maureen Mullarky, from making any future contributions!! Why?

    Mullarky had written a highly daring yet honest analysis of the papal visit to Cuba and the USA which Reno clearly thought was ‘over the top’. Steve Skojec at 1Peter5 (and most likely very many other orthodox Catholics) think differently and so he decided to publish it on his blog. I think it is well worth while reading! Among other things, Mullarky says:

    “Our obligation to charity – caritas is bound to the truth of things – in veritate. There is little truth in the aggressively promoted patchwork of contested science and hysteria that fuel apocalyptic prophecies. Yet the Vatican and Our Man in Havana militate against the imagined enemy of climate change while an actual, advancing one [ISIS] slaughters the faithful in its path.”



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