How Cardinal Vincent Nichols pulled the wool over our eyes just before the 2015 Synod.

An interesting, and rather worrying critique of the Bishops of England & Wales, and the Cardinal who purports to speak on our behalf.

Listening in the Desert

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor and Cardinal Vincent Nichols Cardinal Cormack Murphy O’Connor and Cardinal Vincent Nichols

As we enter the first day of the 2015 Family synod, I cannot help but feel just a little bit uneasy about something. Lets step back in time briefly…

In November 2013 the Vatican released a questionnaire to be answered by the laity as part of the the Preparatory Document for the upcoming Family Synod meeting to be held in October 2014. The purpose of this questionnaire was to help the Church develop concrete proposals for the second Synod in 2015 which in turn will produce specific guidance on the pastoral care of the family for our times.

In October 2014 after the Extraordinary Assembly had finished it’s two week long synod meeting, the Vatican sent out the final report and a second questionnaire. The new questionnaire was intended to fill in the gaps that might exist in the synod’s vision. It asked bishops to conduct…

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One Response to How Cardinal Vincent Nichols pulled the wool over our eyes just before the 2015 Synod.

  1. In his Gospel, St. John calls Satan “the father of lies,” and when I was a child, I used to wonder what those words meant.

    After reading this article about Cardinal Nichols, the meaning of that term is now all too clear.

    A cynic who’s read Edward Pentin’s book on the manipulation of the 2014 synod, together with this article, might wonder if there is anything going on now at the synod EXCEPT lying and deceit.

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