The Sacrilege that made the Synod Hall Weep

From Rorate Caeli:

We do not know if any of this is true. We do not know if the original story is true – the unidentified Synod participant who may have told it may well have made it up. We do not know if it truly caused “commotion” in the assembly (other than perhaps the horror for the sacrilege of how Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is treated in the narrator’s diocese). If it is true that the “commotion” was “general”, or if only the Spanish-language spokesman of the Holy See Press Office (Chicago priest Fr. Manuel Dorantes, the Spanish-language counterpart of Fr. Rosica) was “moved”, and decided to share his own “emotion”. What is true is that Fr. Dorantes told this story in the official press conference today.

Regardless, it is all an unseemly mixture: untruths, sacrileges, cheap emotionalism, Our Lord treated either as a hostage to emotions or at best as a glorified cracker, the complete lack of objectivity of both those who should provide the news (the Holy See Press Office, all tied up in their own “sentimentalism” and manipulated personal “commotion”) and the same attitude of the mainstream media that is not doing their job properly and is not ashamed to report the “emotional opinions” of these spokesmen as if they were actual news, all tied up in the most surreal religious meeting in the history of mankind. It makes Vatican II seem angelic in comparison — this pathetic synod makes even the most ludicrous piece of literature or B-movie sublime. They have truly lost all sense of shame as long as they get what they want: the complete change in the meaning of the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Marriage as the Church has always understood them.
From Yves Daoudal:
During the daily briefing of the Vatican Pravda on the Synod, the Spanish language spokesman gave an account of a “deeply touching” moment of the interventions before the plenary assembly, according to La Republica, whose journalist Antonello Guerrera says on Twitter that, it’s “the story that made the Synod cry.” [sic] (This is also on Vatican Insider, that speaks of “emotionally strong words.”)
As everyone knows, since yesterday afternoon, the Synod speaks of nothing else, once again, than of “remarried divorcees”… Well, then, a bishop (whose name is not said) spoke of a first communion mass in which a little boy, receiving the host in his hand, broke it in two in order to give half to his father, because the latter is divorced and remarried, and cannot therefore receive communion from the hands of the priest…
When do we reach the bottom so that we can begin to climb back up? [Source]
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5 Responses to The Sacrilege that made the Synod Hall Weep

  1. Whether it’s true or not, the fact that stories like this are circulated and even half-way believed demonstrates that this really is a “pathetic synod.” It shows what a piece of schlock – as we Americans would say – the synod has become.


  2. TerryC says:

    I can truly believe they cried, because of the sacrilege and the obvious lack of catechesis of the young Communion goer, who obviously did not realize the sacrilege that he was performing and the moral damage he was doing by delivering Christ’s body to a public sinner. Not to mention the emotional manipulation being attempted by one who should be protecting dogma, not trying to tear it down. I feel tears coming into my own eyes.


  3. Michael says:

    Couple of interesting interviews here with cardinals Dolan and Arinze, respectively (which I was alerted to by – not normally a reader of Crux to be honest):


  4. Michael says:

    Great quote from the interview with Cardinal Arinze:

    One of the duties of bishops is to teach, and it is very important that the Gospel be undiluted, without adding salt or pepper, but without subtracting them, either. The message is not ours. Christ’s message must shine clearly on what marriage is. If two men come together for business purposes, we’re not worried about that. But if they begin to call it marriage, don’t you see that it’s not all right anymore?


  5. Elaine says:

    I made my Communion in 1958 and my father did not receive Communion on that day or any other Sunday until my sister married in 1976 after he had gone to Confession after all those years. He was a sinner and would not receive in a state of sin. I guess today since there is no devil and there is no sin.


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