Circuli minores reports

Posted by Fr Z on 22nd October:

While I was traveling a Friendly Roman Observer did some analysis of how the small groups or circuli minores are coming down… for the Kasperite (non) Proposal (boo!) or for the doctrine of the Church.  I’ll share it here, somewhat edited.

The small group reports from this the third and final week are HERE.

There were 13 small groups in five languages.

Regarding the Kasperite Proposal (to allow civilly divorced and remarried Catholics to go to confession and Holy Communion without requiring of them sexual continence), the breakdown is more or less as follows:

  • 4 groups in favor of Kasperitism (of which, 2 groups want the matter decided in the internal forum, i.e., by the penitent, but in conversation with a priest in Confession).
  • 1 group sort of in favor of Kaspertism
  • 3 groups opposed to Kaspertism
  • 1 group divided on Kasperism
  • 1 group with no recommendation on Kaspertism
  • 1 group asking Pope to establish a commission to study the Kasper Proposal
  • 2 groups asking the Pope himself to decide about the Kasper Proposal.

So, the Kasper Proposal has not been completely defeated.

Today (Wednesday) and tomorrow the commission appointed by the Pope will draft a Final Report.

On Friday the draft will be discussed by the Synod Fathers, and amendments will be suggested.

On Saturday the revised draft will be voted on.   (So, they say.)

That product, the Report, goes to the Pope.  He can decide whether to make the Report public or not. The Pope will decide if he is going to issue a document about the questions, and if so what kind of document and with what authority.

Click here for Father Ray Blake’s thoughts on the synod

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