Warnings The West Refused To Heed


[N.B. This cartoon depicting the suicidal death of France, could equally well reflect any other European country sold into ‘Political Correctness’.]

“Our sufferings today are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future. Please, try to understand us. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.” –
(Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, Amel Nona)



“Show me just want Mohammed brought that was new and there you will find things only bad and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”(Pope Benedict XVI, quoting Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos in 2006 at Regensburg in Germany.)


“We shall almost certainly have to reckon with Islam in the near future. Perhaps, if we lose our Faith, it will rise. For after this subjugation of the Islamic culture by the nominally Christian had already been achieved, the political conquerors of that culture began to notice two disquieting features about it. The first was that its spiritual foundation proved immovable; the second that its area of occupation did not recede, but on the contrary slowly expanded.[…]

In my own youth the decaying power of Islam (for it was still decaying) in the Near East was a strong menace to the peace of Europe. Those old people of whom I speak had grandparents in whose times Islam was still able to menace the West. The Turks besieged Vienna and nearly took it, less than a century before the American Declaration of Independence. Islam was then our superior, especially in military art. There is no reason why its recent inferiority in mechanical construction, whether military or civilian, should continue indefinitely. Even a slight accession of material power would make the further control of Islam by an alien culture difficult. A little more and there will cease that which our time has taken for granted, the physical domination of Islam by the disintegrated Christendom we know.” (Hilaire Belloc, the great 20th century Catholic historian and poet, warning in 1929 that Islam would make a return to the world stage!)


“As we have seen, Muhammed had neither supernatural miracles nor natural motives of reason to persuade those of his sect. As he lacked in everything, he took to bestial and barbaric means, which is the force of arms. Thus he introduced and promulgated his message with robberies, murders, and bloodshedding, destroying those who did not want to receive it, and with the same means his ministers conserve this today, until God placates his anger and destroys this pestilence from the earth.[…]

(Muhammad) can also be figured for the dragon in the same Apocalypse which says that the dragon swept up a third of the stars and hurled down a third to earth. Although this line is more appropriately understood concerning the Antichrist, Mohammed was his precursor – the prophet of Satan, father of the sons of haughtiness. […]

Even if all the things contained in his law were fables in philosophy and errors in theology, even for those who do not possess the light of reason, the very manners (Islam) teaches are from a school of vicious bestialities. (Muhammad) did not prove his new sect with any motive, having neither supernatural miracles nor natural reasons, but solely the force of arms, violence, fictions, lies, and carnal license. It remains an impious, blasphemous, vicious cult, an innovention of the devil, and the direct way into the fires of hell. It does not even merit the name of being called a religion.” (St. Juan de Ribera (d.1611), Archbishop of Valencia, missionary to Spanish Muslims, and organizer of the Muslim expulsions of 1609 from Spain.)


Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek:

Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek: “The EU is Aiming
to Islamicize Europe”

From The Eponymous Flower on 12th November!! (i.e. before the massacre in Paris)

Confidant of John Paul II: “We Are in the Midst of an Islamic Invasion”

[…] These are the words of Msgr. Tadeusz Pieronek, Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of Sosnoviec and former Secretary General of the Polish Episcopal Conference.

“I do not make policy. But I think of the recent elections in my country. The Liberal Party, which was in the government, had pushed too far to the left, followed EU directives without contradiction that today often do not coincide with the Christian values ​​and the Catholic tradition of our country. As Poles we have to pay attention to our peculiarities and our identity.
As European citizens, we have not only the possibility, but – I would say – even the duty, to peacefully rebel against this Europe, which is currently managed by different standards than those that we want and that are contrary to Christian values.
An EU that is very attentive to the interests of financial oligarchies, but pays little attention to those among the real poor. This does not take into account the European Christian values.
In addition, they have succeeded to Islamicize the continent piece by piece. We are in the midst of an Islamic invasion.


From Rorate Caeli

St. John Bosco preached the truth about the “impostor” Mohamed and his false religion

To the Catholics who babble ecumenical nonsense, saying that the Koran is “a book of peace,” here is what a great Saint has to say about it. If you feel you know better than he, God help you:


“It would take too long to tell you all the stories about this famous impostor (…) Mohamed’s religion consists of a monstrous mixture of Judaism, Paganism and Christianity. Mohamed propagated his religion, not through miracles or persuasive words, but through the force of arms. [It is] a religion that favors every sort of licentiousness and which, in a short time, allowed Mohamed to become the leader of a troop of brigands. Along with them he raided the countries of the East and conquered the people, not by introducing the Truth, not by miracles or prophecy; but for one reason only: to raise his sword over the heads of the conquered shouting: believe or die.” (St. John Bosco)


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49 Responses to Warnings The West Refused To Heed

  1. Michael says:

    Here’s an interesting article which, whilst it approaches things from the perspective of higher education, is relevant to the topic suggested by the cartoon at the head (not least because it is our universities that produce the vast majority of politicians, media commentators, ‘public intellectuals’, etc – i.e.; those who are most deeply engaged in the act of destroying our culture from within):



  2. Robert says:

    Look there have been over 1 billion Abortions since 1980!
    My thoughts go to Father Charles de Foucauld in the desert Algeria!
    France and the Sacred Heart and this is where she needs to be now! Christ is more than capable of reviving France if she will turn again to Him


  3. ginnyfree says:

    Lefebvre is NOT my hero, nor are his words meaningful to me. He is an insult to all I’m about and no one should look to him for anything regarding their spiritual life. To take advantage of the sorrow of the French and the rest of the world to promote him is not the right choice. It comes off as if to say, “if the West had only listened to this spiritual giant, then they’d all have been spared……” or to elevate his words as if they are prophecy is also an insult to the genuine prophetic voice of the Church in her legitimate Apostles such as Paul VI. Not a wise time to promote him. God bless. Ginnyfree


  4. I’ve written this before, I think, in this forum, but perhaps it bears repeating: Bernard Lewis, the retired Princeton professor and Islamic studies expert, was once asked about Europe, in relation to Islam. He laughed and said, “Europe? Europe is already gone.”


  5. Robert says:

    Archbishop Lefebreve didn’t break any Laws. What he did was to continue with the seminary training and sacraments under Trent the Tridentine Rites. There is absolutely no question over the validity of the Tridentine Rites. Under Tridentine Rites and especially the Mass the priest faces the altar and the Eucharist has dominance. The altar is set as an offering to God. Since 1968 the priest (the man) has been placed in dominance rather than the Eucharist.
    Europe that includes Rome (the Vatican is a mini city state within Rome) has returned to the pluralism of ancient pagan Rome. The Vatican became the prison of the Popes as the papal states were seized during 19 century.
    The truth is non of us actually knows what Roman Catholic means, Our experience is of Vatican Catholicism!
    Europa (Europe) is pagan that is an attempt to take man back to the slavery under Original Sin.
    Its important to remember that without Our Lord Man could not reconcile with God. Its all about what is Man body AND soul (but under Adam the body died and the soul was separated for eternity from its body and could not enter Heaven).
    Our Lord through His Resurrection proves Our Resurrection and enables Us (within Our Free Will choice) to an Eternity of Heaven OR Hell. Because the damned with also Resurrect.
    This is far far more than the masonic error of God by any name. Without Grace (Our Lord) man cannot be saved.
    Understand this and you begin to see the world in very different eyes.


  6. ginnyfree says:

    Balderdash Robert. He is a devil in my humble opinion. Got the Catechism of the Council or Trent right over yonder on the shelf. Nowhere in it does it advocate or justify his actions. Perhaps I’m missing something. Would you care to give me a reference page and I’ll look it up? God bless. Ginnyfree


  7. kathleen says:

    You may have to eat those denigratory words, Ginny, once Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is raised to the altars and recognised as the saint he surely was for his unstinting defense of Catholic Truth. He kept intact the many holy traditions and pious customs of the Catholic Church when these were being replaced by a Protestant replica. Most notable of these traditions was of course the Church’s Sacred Liturgy and the incomparable Holy Tridentine Mass that was banished from sight after Vatican II, even though we are told that it was never formally abrogated.

    On his blog, Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II, and after Pope Francis announced the SSPX were to be given canonical rights to hear Confessions during the ‘Year of Mercy’, Louie Verrechio reminds us:

    “We now no longer have to wonder whether or not +Archbishop Lefebvre (along with +Bishop Antônio de Castro Mayer) judged rightly when he consecrated four bishops in 1988 without the Holy See’s approval; based upon what he considered to be a state of necessity for the salvation of souls.
    It should be crystal clear to all concerned […], ironically thanks in part to the confirmation provided by Pope Francis, that +Archbishop Lefebvre acted heroically in providing for needs of the faithful in light [of] the authentic state of necessity that existed in 1988 (and endures even today), in spite of the fact that he knew very well that persecution awaited him for doing so.”


  8. Robert says:

    I cited 1 billion abortions understand Anti Christian France
    “France, a once “overwhelmingly” Catholic country, famous for producing some of the greatest Saints ever known – Saint Margaret Mary and Saint Thérèse, to name but a few – have, in 2004, banned the Crucifix and other religious symbols (Law #2004-228 of March 15, 2004 concerning, as an application of the principle of the separation of church and state, the wearing of symbols or garb which show religious affiliation in public primary and secondary schools.)
    Masonry separation of church and state!!!
    The most remarkably Pope was Pius XII who permitted the Consecration of Bishops , without reference to the Holy See (very very necessary for the Persecuted Communist countries who murdered priests and bishops!). The Faith and mission of the Church is far far more important than upsetting some masonic Vatican official!
    You critic of Garabandal for instance and correctly saying Satan can ape supernatural. Well quite right so we must be careful to ignore Communion on the tongue and on the knees. We must ignore the praying of the Rosary. We must not believe in daily communion nor Eucharistic vigils. We should reject Crucifix’s ,. Because Satan can and has aped these?
    Europe is far far more dangerous to the Faith than ISIS. The Lisbon Treaty, whether a European country has that socialist mindset of Christianphobia where the minority have the say over the majority or if it is conservative; because of the Lisbon Treaty, 1 December 2009, all EU law now automatically supersedes national law. Ninety percent of new laws come direct from EU.


  9. TerryC says:

    There is a problem with the concept of raising Archbishop Lefebvre to the altars, he died in a state of excommunication. Might he be in Heaven? Of course. He received last rights including, I believe, absolution. However he was still in a state of excommunication. The lifting of the excommunication of the bishops which he illicitly ordained does not effect him, since not even Peter can lift the excommunication of someone already dead.
    Barring a really flashy, non-medical miracle which is uncontestifiably determined by the Church as being worthy of belief it is not likely that +Lefebvre will be raised to the altars anytime within the next few centuries.
    If we see the SSPX restored to normal canonical status, then, when enough time has passed so that all of the participants have gone to their rest, it may happen that a new generation might, with appropriate miracle proofs in hand, want to revisit this. Anytime soon, not so much.


  10. ginnyfree says:

    Kathleen, this explains alot! You think he’s a Saint and I think he’s a devil. No wonder we don’t see eye to eye on stuff. But this wee bit of a difference of opinions gives this place some spice, don-cha-tink? God bless. Ginnyfree.


  11. ginnyfree says:

    Honestly Robert, you’re not making much sense. Can you clarify a bit?


  12. Mimi says:

    Anyone who can consider Archbishop Lefebvre a devil and Paul VI a prophet needs their head examined.


  13. ginnyfree says:

    Thanks Mimi. And just for the record I did actually get my head examined more than once. They found it squarely atop my neck, right where it’s supposed to be. It still rests there to this day! I even have a disc with lots of pictures of my brain. I could email ya a few shots, just so you know I have one. Let me know. I’m good for it. God bless. Ginnyfree.


  14. toad says:

    “Masonry separation of church and state!!!”
    Isis are very keen on combining church and state, Robrot.
    Maybe you should try living under them for a while.
    (About three minutes, I imagine – with your head still on.)


  15. johnhenrycn says:

    We should rue the day we ignored the prophetic words spoken by our modern day Cassandra, Archbishop Lefebvre, concerning the Muslim hordes invading France. Islam is only a “religion of peace” so long as Muslims only form a tiny fraction of the population. Once these people start to become a significant (not necessarily a majority) presence, their true fascistic inclinations start to emerge. One has to be pretty stupid or poorly educated (and possibly corrupt as well when we think of those holding the levers of political and economic power) not to understand what has happened because of Western toleration of Muslims in our midst.

    And NO ONE here has taken “advantage of the sorrow of the French and the rest of the world to promote [Lefebvre]” and mention of him at this time was exactly “the right choice”.
    As to whether Lefebvre’s supposed excommunication actually occurred is something of an open issue, but people wishing to debate the point might meet their match doing so with SSPX scholars. The whole topic is a bit too cavilling and rabbinical for my taste.


  16. Michael says:

    Ginny @ 12:12:

    Lefebvre is NOT my hero, nor are his words meaningful to me.

    I didn’t think anyone was suggesting he should be your hero Ginny – only that what he had to say about Islam, along with all the other quotations above, might be of some worth. As for his words not being meaningful to you, I find that a bit hard to swallow – you may not agree with him (either with what he says above, or what he did in the past re illicit consecrations), but surely his words still make sense?


    He is a devil in my humble opinion.

    Bit extreme, no? The consecrations he made were in flagrant opposition to legitimate authority yes, but a devil? Seems a bit of an OTT response to me.


  17. Michael says:

    johnhenry @ 19:11:

    No, no, we’ve got it all wrong – it seems a growing number of Islamist suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks are simply honest mistakes made my people with no intent to harm whatsoever…



  18. Robert says:

    Ginny Peace and Goodness
    Masonry is automatic excommunication. It doesn’t have to be pronounced its automatically OUT of the Church. The list published (and never denied) of the curia in the Vatican masonic members in 1960’s and the scandal of Lodge P2.
    Pius XII personal authorised the investigation of Masonry in the church and Vatican.
    The smoke of Satan had entered the Church. Now its against this background that Lefebrve set up the Ecole seminary. Pius XI and Pius XII authorised certain Bishops to ordain and consecrate Bishops without Curia approval. What is important is the Church and souls and certain countries such as Russia and China the (I am aware of at least two) the only way the Church could survive was hidden and underground.
    Good Popes must place Christ first and feed my lambs means Bishops and priests.
    Lefebrve Consecration (not ordinations notice) were illict BUT these are Bishops this has never been denied.
    Now Fatima was an approved shrine BUT the message was NOT considered appropriate. Also the Pope in 1960 was considered the ONLY Pope who could decide not just any Pope but that of 1960. Who says so well Father Malachi Martin said that Pope John XXIII actually spoke against the shepherds of Fatima. More important was the Vatican – Kremlin accord which had been secretly agreed.
    What do you not understand?
    Over I billion Abortions since 1980 and how many in Catholic countries of Europe? Perhaps turning a blind eye to the Pill and so called family planning is Catholic? Now Gay marriage forced on the West.
    Sin is Sin Ginny and secular Europe is a spiritual desert so do you wonder that Islam (which came out of the desert) has found a fertile soil!
    However ISIS isn’t the danger, because this is physical! The Danger is Loss to Hell of Souls who are accepting SIN and denying their Faith!


  19. ginnyfree says:

    Robert, why do you prefer to rant at me? Is it my name? Or my avatar? Exactly why? I mean really. I don’t like Lefebvre. He is a wacko who subverted some good men into folly. The smart ones left him behind. I support the FSSP both financially and spiritually. What does that mean to you? I supposed that I’m in support of all those uglies you mention in your rant simply because a fail to respond by defending myself against your tirade. I asked for a some clarity and I got the above. Not what I was looking for, but you seem to be having fun blowing hot air. Is there a point? God bless. Ginnyfree.


  20. toad says:

    “Robert, why do you prefer to rant at me? Is it my name?”
    Ginny, Robert’s not ranting at you, he’s ranting at the opinion you put forward. He’s entitled to do that Your name is a badge of honour. It’s not easy to overcome The Demon Alcohol.. I know.

    This comment should be on the “Politically Correct” thread. Lot of talk about PC on here. What it seems to mean is “Other people shouldn’t get offended when I ridicule, or criticise, you for your opinions.” Naturally, nobody on CP&S minds that happening to them do they? Then why have about four(?) of my comments been canned in the last day or so? Too boring, I suppose. Couldn’t possibly be Politically Incorrect. There’s no such thing.


  21. Robert says:

    The subject is warning the west refused to heed. Father De Foucauld warned France of education and ignoring the Koran. The Koran is a spiritual book of undeniable potency it claims to subjugate the Old and New Testament by a superior prophet. Muddled opinions over the separation between Church and State are directly responsible for the Paris massacre!
    Lefebvre was a Bishop and as such a Successor of the Apostles. Like or dislike has nothing to do with validity of the Sacraments rather it reveals a muddled worldly indulgence towards the Priest as a man, rather than seeing Christ. Perhaps ginny would prefer Peter to Paul?


  22. toad says:

    “Perhaps Ginny would prefer Peter to Paul?”
    All depends who’s robbing who to pay whom.
    (Is that grammatical?).

    My comment at 7.15 today needs clarifying.
    We are all agreed “Political Correctness” is a load of hogwash. We are all entitled (Toad included) to call Islam is whatever nasty name we choose.
    But, despite the illustration above, “Political Incorrectness” is a two-edged sword. If others make critical comments about Catholicism, it is illogical to then start screaming. “Ooh! Persecution! Ooh! Ooh!” Ban that comment!” Sauce for the goose, etc.
    Anyone who cares to be utterly Politically Incorrect to Toad – is more than welcome. (Especially if it’s funny, too.)

    An interesting sidelight on Isis, in a roundabout way, is “The Battle of Algiers” movie. (on youtube.)


  23. toad says:

    “Muddled opinions over the separation between Church and State are directly responsible for the Paris massacre!”
    Roger, just like you, Isis maniacs don’t want church and state separated. And their opinions are not “muddled.” Only too clear. And wrong.


  24. ginnyfree says:

    Toad, I think you should gather all your combox comments from over the years into a workable manuscript and approach a publisher for a new dictionary of politically INCORRECT things one might say in the Blog-O-Sphere to keep things lively. It might become a desk reference for all we know. It should have an scale showing the various levels of reaction from zero = no reaction, to 100 = totally censored and a potentially bannable verbal offense, for each word and or phrase you’ve used over the years that way those who decide to make use of the Toadite Dictionary of Political Incorrectness will gain a working knowledge of the potential reactionary scale of various words and or phrases they may want to utilize in their own combox communications. You could make a few bucks once it gets published. You’re just the fellow for the task. It is becoming a necessity almost. Things not to say when dancing on the eggshells of other’s Blogs sort of. Pray for me Toadie. I have bad cold and have been knocked for a loop for a few days. Its all a blurr……………………..


  25. toad says:

    Excellent idea, Gin.
    Trouble is, I suffer from a rare medical condition with a long Latin name, but familiarly referred to by doctors among themselves – as “bone-idleness.”
    …Incurable, I fear.


  26. ginnyfree says:

    Toad, my dark evil twin is cheering for Anonymous’ hack jobs. Should I fear saying so here, so as not to sound uncharitably Christian or am I simply an uncharitable Christian?


  27. toad says:

    “Anonymous” won’t turn the other cheek, Gin. Good for them.
    There is no reasoning with Isis – any more than there was with Stalin or Hitler.
    All they comprehend is a bullet through the lump where their brains ought to be.

    “Charity belongs at home – and ought to stay there,” said Oscar (gay, unfortunately) Depends on what we mean by “home” of course.
    I actually replied to your 16.38 comment promptly at 16.59. Still not published, as I write this.(20.45) You may wonder why. So do I.
    …Except I’m considered too naughty.(or boring.)


  28. ginnyfree says:

    Robert, I forgot to reply to this part: “Ginny, Archbishop Lefebreve didn’t break any Laws.” Are you aware that breaking ecclesial laws come with ecclesial penalties and since the Church is an international kinda thing, no matter where you reside in the world, the breaking of Church laws is still a crime. Crime isn’t just a civil matter. When you break Church laws you are an ecclesial criminal and depending upon the age and country, you may very well also face civil prosecution; think here Inquisition and the handing over of heretics to civil authorities in times past. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the inclination to list all the ecclesial laws that Lefebvre broke, but trust me the list is long. Robert, saying something is so doesn’t make it so. He was an ecclesial criminal and he never repented. A simple factor in the forgiveness of all sins, venial and mortal, is repentance. One must admit that one has sinned in order to be forgiven. One needs a purpose of amendment as well. His crimes were both crimes and sins and he never said sorry to those he sinned against nor did he ever show any outward repentance. He never turned back to the Church or Christ who is her head. His ecclesial crimes were public and so, as part of his sincere amendment a public display of sorrow was necessary. He was practically begged to stop his madness early on. He refused and became very obstinate in his sins. He died that way – unrepentant. That is nothing to praise, nor is it wise to act as if he was some sort of hero. Find out the truth about him from the Church. God bless. Ginnyfree.


  29. ginnyfree says:

    Ya know Toad, when I pray Evening Prayer i find this phrase often: He holds the godless in disdain……ummmm………I pretty much get what it means, so I shall. God bless. Ginnyfree.


  30. toad says:

    “Ya know Toad, when I pray Evening Prayer i find this phrase often: He holds the godless in disdain……ummmm………I pretty much get what it means, so I shall. God bless. Ginnyfree.”

    For once, I doubt if I’m entirely alone on CP&S in this case – when I find your arrogance spectacular. From your rant above, you clearly know far more than God about Archbishop Lefebreve, and have personally decided to judge and damn the man. How can you (or anyone apart from God) possibly know he didn’t repent his sins? You might consider leaving the decision of who is godless or not – and who needs “distaining,” to God. He’s better placed to decide than anyone, even you, Ginny..
    And have a care – God might well start thinking you are getting a mite too big for those hand-tooled cowgirl boots of y’all.
    Could hardly blame Him.
    Ah! Now I get it – when you say, as you invariably do, “God bless,” you are giving The Deity His instructions.


  31. toad says:

    Toad’s comment above, at 7.18, was processed and published with remarkable alacrity. compared with his “normal” standards. No point in wondering why, I suppose.


  32. kathleen says:

    Ginnyfree @ 1:44

    Ginny, I would beg you to please stop this slanderous tirade against Archbishop Lefrebvre; I think you have no idea about who you are talking about. To call him a criminal, devil, mad, etc., is quite out of order and very uncharitable. He was Catholic to the core and a faithful son of the Church to his dying day, and to all Her timeless teachings.

    This holy man of God committed no crime whatsoever. He disobeyed the Pope on certain issues, yes, but not to impose any heresy or sacrilegious blasphemy onto the Church, but to OPPOSE them! He could see with inspired clarity how the changes in Liturgy, devotion and practices that had entered the Church after VII (and not justified either by its documents) were what were destroying the Faith handed down from the Apostles to our times. All he was trying to do was to conserve Catholic Tradition (and ‘t’raditions) that the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’ were abandoning in their crazy advance towards the errors of Modernism. Knowing that his own life was nearing its end, he had no alternative but to ordain bishops who would continue to keep the True Faith alive. He knew that the ‘smoke of Satan’ had indeed entered the Church and was trying to destroy Her by spreading false teachings and practices.

    Popes can made mistakes, even grave mistakes, (except when they teach ex cathedra) as we are unfortunately witnessing today. Lefrebvre knew this too, and while remaining a faithful adherent to the Papal role, he tried diligently to explain his fears first to Pope Paul VI, and then to Pope John Paul II. They did not understand his visions of how the novelties being introduced into the Church would harm the Faith of believers… but just look and see how correct Lefrebvre well and truly was in his prophetical warnings!
    Today it is the traditionally-minded Catholics and the members of the SSPX who see flourishing vocations to the priesthood, and laity who obey the Church’s teaching in all it fullness. The rest have either abandoned the Faith or are heterodox ‘enemies within’ in a parallel ‘c’hurch, trying to impose falsehoods into the Bride of Christ.

    Lefrebvre never wished to break away from the main body of the Church; it was never his intention. He should not have been excommunicated for being a faithful Catholic, which is what it all boils down to.

    I strongly believe he will be one day be vindicated. Even now there are sure signs of this.

    Terry (at 16:32 on Nov.16) is probably quite correct though, that the many obstacles standing in the way of this to happen, will delay it for a long time, perhaps centuries. But one day…. ? I believe so.


  33. toad says:

    So much of this blog is conducted in a high-pitched scream.
    That’s what makes it so enjoyable.


  34. Robert says:

    Paul Rebuked Peter in public Galatians 2:11
    You hold a totally false opinion over the Papacy. The Papacy has to Love Our Lord more than the rest. If the Pope is Disobedient to Heaven then he is to be rebuked!
    The Disobedience of the Papacy is very serious because of the Authority given to the Pope to correct sin with force. The Pope has to preach Christ and put Christ first! If He doesn’t do this He is to be rebuke and if He cuts himself off from Christ then He is to be treated as Anathema.
    1960 was a very public Disobedience to a Heavenly command given through a proven Prophet from Fatima.
    Lefrebvre intent wasn’t disobedience it was to preserve the Apostolic Succession. This is the Consecration of Bishops passed down in direct Succession from the Apostles.
    It isn’t a matter of breaking away from a majority body, its remaining in the mystical body of Christ, The Church. Its putting Christ first even to public martyrdom!
    The sight of a Pope giving the Triple crown to a secular, non Christian worldly Empire called the UN is exactly the same as Annas and Caiphas handing the Body of Our Lord to the Gentile Romans!
    Hell exists and Anti Christian Laws (Divorce, Abortion, single sex Marriage) are the Laws of Dictatorships to return Man to the Slavery under Satan that was Destroyed by Our Lord on Calvary. If you withdraw from Christ (Heaven) you will find Chaos and Hell.
    Today Global Capitalism is about 150 Corporations. These Private Groups control the markets and the Governments. It means not just the Finance but the Commodities are monopolised. ISIS sells Oil and buys weapons, food, cars etc.. where does this trading take place? if not in the Private markets!
    The Power of Christ is through the Sacraments and the perpetual sacrifice (the Mass). Lefrebvre actions were to protect the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Apostolic Succession. Place Christ before Disobedient Masonic Curia.


  35. toad says:

    “If the Pope is Disobedient to Heaven then he is to be rebuked!”
    Yes Rebort, but surely Heaven should the one doing the rebuking?
    None of our earthly business.


  36. Michael says:

    As an attempt to re-direct things away from Marcel Lefevbre etc (an interesting topic in and of itself mind), here is an article discussing our ongoing cultural crisis and the recent events in Paris that is worth a read:



  37. Michael says:

    I can never spell his name right…every time I get one of the letters in the wrong place!


  38. ginnyfree says:

    Robert you’re ranting. You also a good bit angry and at this point, I’ve nothing more to say to you. Come home to Rome soon. You can’t get to Heaven without being in Communion with her. God bless. Ginnyfree.


  39. Roger says:

    Thank you Michael.
    I remember in Britain the condemnation of IRA etc.. The reality was the Government was already holding secret talks with Sien Fein. French hostages were released (rumour was that France paid substantial monies to secure their release). The War in Iraq and a dodgy weapons of mass destruction agenda. So it goes on.
    Right now what we call the West and its values are Anti Christ (Divorce, Abortion, Gays etc..) Marx was a follower of Evolution and saw Marxism as an evolving process.


  40. ginnyfree says:

    Oh tanks, Toadie. I feel duly admonished. I’m ending early this morning to polish my cowgirl boots for the holidays. There are several pairs and it takes a while. God bless and say howdy to the tadpoles for me. Ginnyfree.


  41. ginnyfree says:

    Kathleen, can you give us a hint about who it is who will be postulating the cause of the saint? Can you also keep up posted about any actual healing miracles that may have occurred already at his grave side? It would be interesting to have the goings-on elaborated on here. Then you could lay to rest a bunch of doubts about the sanctity of your hoped-for saint. One other thing, has anyone penned an intercessory prayer yet to be used to call upon the intercession of the Archbishop in Heaven? I’d be interested in seeing one, and if there is one, you are probably the gal to go to. Please help us out here. God bless. Ginnyfree.


  42. Roger says:

    Ginny Peace And Goodness
    1/ Garabandal has NEVER been condemned by the Church
    2/ Read the Arian heresy 99% including for a time the then Pope were against Athanasius.
    3/ Bellarmine said in Council to the Pope in His time. We separate from Thee because Thou has separated from Christ!
    My rant as you call it is because the lack of connection between modernism and the Faith handed to the Apostles.
    The West has apostacised against Christ and Fatima has a unmentioned warning of consequences “.. in the End My Immaculate Heart will Triumph..” What comes before the End, the Triumph is afterwards?


  43. Roger says:

    Who qualifies you as the Devils advocate in the Life Of Archbishop Lefebrve?
    I leave the matter with God. St Joan De Arc did excommunicated and as a formalised Heretic!


  44. ginnyfree says:

    The humbled Toad rebukes all into silence. Ribbit ribbit.


  45. Robert says:

    Ginny Toad and you forget that Man is CREATED in God’s image “I know my sheep and they know my voice”
    Seers have rebuked Popes/Bishops!
    What is more Popes have Obeyed the voice of Heaven through seers/prophets!
    True Humility is recognising the Truth, St Peter recognised in St Paul’s rebuke Heaven’s message!


  46. toad says:

    “Ginny Toad and you forget that Man is CREATED in God’s image “I know my sheep and they know my voice””
    The shepherds I know don’t talk to their sheep – just to the dogs, who then bark commands at the sheep.
    (A bit off topic, but what’s the point in cloning sheep when they all look (and sound) the same, anyway?)
    “The humbled Toad rebukes all into silence. Ribbit ribbit.”
    Well up to your usual standard, Gin-Girl.
    Humble? yes. Not quite up to condemning Archbishops to eternal perdition yet. Give Toad time, though.
    You’re not back on the Vera, are you, Ginnie? Fie!

    “I leave the matter with God. St Joan De Arc did excommunicated and as a formalised Heretic!”…Sums it all up really – dunnit?


  47. kathleen says:

    Ginny @ 13:56

    Okay, since you asked for a prayer for the canonisation of His Grace, Marcel Lefebvre, here’s one:

    Oh, and here is a prayer the good Archbishop Lefebvre wrote himself:

    “I will finish with my testament.
    I would like that it be an echo of the testament of Our Lord: a New and Eternal Testament…
    the heritage that Jesus Christ gave us, His Sacrifice, His Blood, His Cross.
    I will say the same for you: for the glory of the Holy Trinity, for love of the Church, for the salvation of the world:
    keep the Holy Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Keep the Mass forever!”

    (Archbishop Lefebvre, 23rd September 1979)

    His love of the holy Tridentine Mass; his love of the Glorious Catholic Faith in all its radiant splendour; his love for others demonstrated by his main objective – that the One True Faith received from Christ and preached for 19 centuries should remain intact and be passed down onto future generations… all this we now should be ever grateful for to Archbishop Lefebvre. Without his courage and objectivity in the face of fierce opposition, and his undying passion for the Church, it could have been lost forever after the turmoil of the post-V2 era.


  48. ginnyfree says:

    Oh Kathleen! Thank you very much. I will pass it along to a friend who used to be a sedevacantist. He’s reformed, sort of. He’ll really appreciate this. Thanks. God bless. Ginnyfree.


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