Marital Imagery

A Meditation by Msgr. Philip Reilly


In the beginning, in Genesis, we are told that God made man in His image, “in the image and likeness of God”, and that He made us male and female. For most of us, it is clear to us that our spiritual souls are in the image of God but we forget that so also are our bodies. In creating man, male and female in His likeness, the image of God is also in our sexuality. For God said, “Let us make man in our image. Let us make them male and female.”

God is Trinity, and it has been revealed to us that in God, there is paternity. There is one who begets and there is, Jesus Christ, the One who is begotten. And the love of the One who begets, for the One who is begotten, is the third Person of the holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit. When the Word took flesh; when God, in the person of Jesus Christ, took on our human nature from the blessed virgin Mary, He gave to that human nature His own existence. Christ and His Person brought together the union of the human and the divine. This union in His Person we call the Hypostatic Union.

God came into our midst, not simply to proclaim who He is; not simply to communicate truth to us; but the ultimate purpose why Jesus came, was that He wanted to enter into a mystical union of life and of love with God’s people. Through all the Scriptures this mystical union is expressed in marital terminology, namely, God being called the Groom and Israel being the bride. In the new covenant, this union of life and love of Christ with the people of God, we called the Mystical Body of Christ. The marital couple makes present in a very special way the Church, namely the union of Christ with the Bride.

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2 Responses to Marital Imagery

  1. toad says:

    “Christ, however, is a king who does not kill anyone, on the contrary he dies for everyone. He does not spill the blood of anyone, “
    That’s all very well for Christ – but if we don’t spill the blood of others like Isis, they will cheerfully spill ours, as is happening.
    So best ignore what Christ does, or doesn’t – do. We don’t want to die for anyone much, let alone everyone.
    That’s His job.


  2. Robert says:

    I actually find this article confusing.
    Our Lord came to make reparation to God for the Sin of Adam and Eve called Original Sin. Our Lord came to be sacrificed as a spotless acceptable sacrifice so that Man could regain Paradise and Heaven. Man as created had Body, spirit and soul (St Paul).
    Does this article refer or attempt to refer to mystical marriage? Where our soul becomes one with Our Lord?
    Christ dies for everybody? No Toad because man has free will. There were two thieves crucified one recognised Our Lord and the other didn’t. The good thief was promised Paradise, but died to get there!
    The other thief, well nothing was said so presumable as he didn’t accept Our Lord he didn’t enter paradise.
    You have a morbid fixation on death not shared by the Christian martyrs and the early Church. Grumbling about Our Lord you are rejecting him and a share in His Passion.


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