Pray for Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica, the Franciscan nun known for her zeal and feistiness in regards to spreading the faith is on a feeding tube and her overall health is declining according to the Our Lady of the Angels Monastery Family Newsletter, see link below in the sources.  Mother founded the Eternal World Television Network in 1981 which has helped millions around the world learn the faith and brought many more back to the Catholic Church.  She has been a blessing for the Church despite being attacked by Cardinal Mahony and others who felt she overstepped her role as a religious nun.

We all miss Mother on television and are grateful for the sharing of her faith with all of us. In my opinion, mother is a good strong case for a female priesthood (obviously not possible/hypothetically speaking) since she takes her faith seriously unlike some clergy we have today who seem to see the priesthood as a career.   I learn a lot about the faith during my atheist years. Where well-known priests such as Alberto Cutie, John Corapi, Marcial Maciel, Cardinal O’Brien, Thomas Williams, Francis Stone etc have failed us, mother stood firm all these years showing her faith is unbreakable. This by itself is inspirational even without her presence on television.

We ask the Lord almighty to bless Mother Angelica, give her good health, strength and prepare us all for when He has to take her back home.  Amen.

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3 Responses to Pray for Mother Angelica

  1. Mother Angelica is a stalwart for Jesus. She dedicated her life to spreading the gospel. And she fought a good fight. She lived a selfless fulfilled life in Jesus’ footsteps. But her course is complete. She doesn’t need any more prayer at this stage of her life. There is nothing more for her to accomplish.. I have no doubt that a crown is awaiting her in heaven. May God bless her.


  2. toad says:

    If Mother Angelica “…doesn’t need any more prayer at this time,” Noel – why are you asking God to bless her?
    Despite your no doubt well-meant advice, I think I’ll pray for her anyway. Then maybe she will pray for me.


  3. kathleen says:

    We all need prayer whilst we still have breath in our bodies; even the greatest of saints need prayer, for the attacks against them from the Evil One are all the fiercest, e.g., St John Vianney, St Padre Pio, Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta… Through all the immense suffering this good and holy nun, Mother Angelica, has gone through in her life, both physical – she was a cripple and asthmatic all her life – and mental – so many worries and difficulties in launching her worldwide network, EWTN – a “crown” of glory is indeed surely awaiting her in Heaven.

    In the aftermath of Vatican II, when Modernism was sweeping the Church, Mother Angelica had a moment of great inspiration and insight. She had seen how the Catholic Church appeared to be gradually moving away from traditional practices and this began to trouble her greatly. But she also saw how the various Protestant churches all had radio and TV stations where they screamed out their phony messages and pulled in many followers. Where was the True Faith and its message? she asked herself. Nowhere! So she courageously decided to change this, and without knowing how or where to start such an enormous enterprise, with much prayer and trust in God, she got about putting this ‘Eternal Word’ network of the One True Church out on the air for all the neglected Catholics… and the would-be and fallen-away Catholics too.

    Mother (as she is affectionally known) was a woman of true grit; once she saw where Our Lord was calling her, she never let any obstacle get in her way. Neither the fact that she was a cloistered nun, nor financial difficulties (she had no money for her enterprise at the start), nor opposition from the lefties in the Church (that were ongoing throughout her active life), nor the fact that she knew nothing about technology… absolutely nothing was too great a problem for this tenacious nun to be fought and overcome. Truly amazing!

    God bless Mother Angelica for all the good she has done to lead so many souls to Heaven through the Holy Catholic Church. Let us pray for now in her final agony.


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