Roses amid Thorns – (thought for the day from St Thomas À Kempis)


“The custody of the senses is the bedrock of purity, as discipline is of peace and one’s cell is of devotion. When anger takes hold of a person’s thinking, wisdom then departs even from one who is prudent. Whoever speaks in wrath is like a barking dog; but whoever responds with gentleness breaks through the other’s wrath and offers him roses rather than thorns. Blessed is the tongue of the prudent man, for it heals the wounds of one in anger. Whoever struggles against his vices at the very outset, when their motions are first felt, will have greater success in overcoming them than if he delayed until they became rooted.”

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1 Response to Roses amid Thorns – (thought for the day from St Thomas À Kempis)

  1. Thomas a Kempis was never declared a Saint by the Catholic Church, although his book, “Imitation of Christ ” has been read and highly esteemed by numerous saints and spiritual directors, and memorized by St. Therese, ” the Little Flower “.


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