Christian genocide in Nigeria

Over the past three weeks, Boko Haram have struck again in Maiduguri (Nigeria) with AK47s and grenades. There have been many suicide attacks, and so far, the death toll has risen to more than 87.

A few weeks earlier, you may remember that the Bishop of Maiduguri asked for the international community to take a firmer position against this radical sect.

If you didn’t already sign this petition, can you now join your voice to oppose Boko Haram?

Your message will reach the European Union, the UN, and the African Union.

This call is as urgent, or even more urgent, now, than when it was first made 7 weeks ago.


The situation in Nigeria is DRASTIC. To make matters worse, these fresh attacks have come only a few days after Nigerian President Buhari claimed that the jihadist army was “technically defeated.”

BUT, the fact is, the genocide of Christians continues…right the way through Christmas, and now, as the new year begins.

We must stop it. Please ask international agencies to take firm action and halt this barbarism.

Thank you for signing here:

I recently read the testimony of Godiya Ousman, a woman in her 50s, who spent 20 months trying to escape Boko Haram. She is now in Chad, a refugee, in a shack, with 3 pots. This is what it says:

“Christians in Nigeria are suffering a lot…If they see that a Christian comes to sell something at the market, in a minute or two, they appear, they kill you, and nobody says anything.”


An Argentine priest, Jorge Casafulli, has spent 20 years in Africa, and just settled in northern Nigeria. His testimony is also very impressive:

“Christians do not have access to public office. You can not preach Christ openly in the streets, and public manifestation of faith…are not allowed. The alternative is torture or death.”

How long will the international community continue to look the other way?

Please sign here:

Thank you for your solidarity. Please help bring a stop to this barbarism. Our Nigerian brothers are showing signs of faith, strength and hope. The least we can do is to show some solidarity.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Schittl and the whole team at CitizenGO

PS – Stop the Christian genocide by Boko Haram this new year! Write to the international agencies and ask them to act now to stop this barbarity!

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2 Responses to Christian genocide in Nigeria

  1. ginnyfree says:

    When I look and see what my brothers and sisters in Christ are living each and every day, find my heart crying out: Oh my God, I am not worthy to bear the name Christian. It kinda renders my complaints about the hymns they selected for today’s celebrations shallow and meaningless. Yeah. It puts it all in perspective for me. How about you? God bless. Ginnyfree.

  2. Robert says:

    What we are seeing again are Christs poor and their martyrdom’s for the Faith. This takes Us back to the Catacombs of St Peters Rome.

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