A Thought for the Day – Thomas a Kempis

Crucifixion, Bartolome Esteban Murillo

Crucifixion, Bartolome Esteban Murillo

“When you find yourself greatly distracted and devoid of devotion due to countless devil-inspired thoughts or because of your own heart’s bitter passions or are disturbed by the unpleasantness of others, seek out a quiet place and recollect yourself, reciting the Lord’s Prayer and the Angelic Salutation [Hail Mary]. Kneel down alone before the Holy Cross or a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary or some saint’s revered image made to the honour of God and in that saint’s memory. Especially ask mercy of Jesus and of Mary, of the angelic host, and of the entire heavenly court, that the grace of divine consolation be again granted to you. Then from the Psalms say with holy David: ‘Lord, all my longing is known to You, and my sighing is not hidden from You. You have been my hope, Lord even in my youth; I now turn to You in this time of trial’.”

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2 Responses to A Thought for the Day – Thomas a Kempis

  1. Michael says:

    I forgot to say at the time I read this, as I was in a rush and earmarked it for later, but this is a most beautiful passage, and provides some eminently sound practical advice (as is often the case with Thomas a Kempis) – thank you!


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