Baby born inside amniotic sac

From SPUC:

Below is the incredible moment caught on camera of a baby born still inside his amniotic sac.

In this video, the tiny baby can be seen yawning and moving around inside the sac – probably not even aware that he’s left the shelter of his mother’s womb.

As the doctor cuts the amniotic sac open, we get to see the newborn baby take his first breath in this world, and even give a little cry.

Changing minds on abortion

This video is helping to shatter misconceptions about the humanity and rights of unborn children.

Many abortion supporters argue that abortion should be legal without restrictions all the way until birth – claiming that it’s only after birth that the foetus becomes a human being with rights.

Indeed, under UK law it is legal to perform an abortion on a disabled unborn child all the way until that child’s due date. This includes for disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome, spina bifida, cleft palate and club foot.

92% of unborn children diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome are aborted.

However, now it’s clear for all to see that this baby was a human being in exactly the same way while in the womb – so where does that leave abortion supporters?



And then – incomprehensibly – there’s this…

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn, pray for us!


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One Response to Baby born inside amniotic sac

  1. toadspittle says:

    One statistic that would be highly significant (for want of a better word) is : How many desperately wanted, pined for, and longed-for, babies “die,” (for want of a another better word) in the womb, or are born dead, or die within, minutes, hours days, or weeks?
    I have been personally very deeply touched by at least four such cases.
    Did they not matter, in the scheme of things?
    In other words, are such tiny tragedies “all right,” with God?

    [A moderator: two sentences deleted]

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