The Irony Behind The Oscar For ‘Spotlight’

By Philip Lawler on Catholic Culture

images-1What’s wrong with this picture?

Spotlight has won the Oscar for Best Picture of 2015.

– The Oscar is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

Spotlight is the story of how, in 2002, the Boston Globe exposed sexual abuse of children in the Boston archdiocese.

– For that same year, 2002, the Oscar for Best Director went to Roman Polanski.

– But Polanski wasn’t present to receive the Oscar, because he fled the US in 1978, to avoid sentencing after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of a child.

– When Polanski was announced as the Oscar winner, the AMPA gave him a standing ovation in absentia. The same organization has now honored Spotlight for its courageous exposure of sexual abuse.

You might call that irony, or you might call it hypocrisy. Spotlight is a very good movie, but it tells only part of the real story.

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3 Responses to The Irony Behind The Oscar For ‘Spotlight’

  1. toadspittle says:

    “You might call that irony, or you might call it hypocrisy. Spotlight is a very good movie, but it tells only part of the real story.”
    That’s generally the way with movies. They are seldom more than two hours long. Very hard to tell the whole of any story in that short time span.
    Bits get left out, or edited and condensed – or else some movies would be two days long.

  2. I felt that the dialogue between the Jewish editor and Cardinal Law smacked of a liberal-pridefulness. Otherwise the move was quite effective.

  3. kathleen says:

    I have not seen the film yet, but I found Philip Lawler’s analysis of it on First Things very revealing.

    [I]n a quick bow to conventional wisdom, Spotlight assures viewers that sexual abuse has nothing to do with homosexuality. But all of the victims featured in the film are males, mostly adolescents, at the time they were molested.

    “Conventual wisdom” is presumably another way of saying “political correctness”!
    No, it would not be PC to point out the uncomfortable truth – that the clerical abuse scandal has been overwhelmingly committed by homosexual ‘rape priests’ who have infiltrated the Church in order to cover up their disordered ‘orientation’, and to have easy access to innocent young boys. This is the shocking reality (also mentioned by JH on the recent “Peter Damian” thread). The ruined or deeply scarred victims of the “rape priests” are a devastatingly tragic witness to their wicked deeds, and it will take the Church generations to recover from this terrible scandal and betrayal.

    Perhaps everyone is familiar with the notorious Homosexual Manifesto of the powerful ‘gay’ lobby with their sinister agenda to overrun every known ‘institution’ in order to reach their goal of making homosexuality a norm?
    The Catholic Church, with her clear teachings and rejection of homosexuality, has always been their ultimate target. Through the weakness and blindness of some of the Church’s hierarchy, Satan’s minions have succeeded in worming their way into the priesthood, and even ascend to positions of authority, where many of them, or their supporters, are still spreading their erroneous ideas (and perhaps more!!)

    They may have managed to triumph in large measure for the time being, but God’s ‘angels’ are already mounting a slow but powerful counterattack to cleanse the Church of this great evil.

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