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March 3, 2016

London, UK: The well-known and much respected auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, Athanasius Schneider, has given a wide-ranging and hard-hitting interview during his week-long tour of England this past week.

Bishop Schneider spoke exclusively to me, taking on a number of controversial issues, including evangelization in relation to Jews and Muslims, the Pope’s recent comment on the Zika virus and contraception, Freemasonry within the hierarchy, and opening up about why refuses to let fear stop him from teaching all the truths of the Catholic Faith.

Bishop Schneider’s week-long trip, organised by the founder and editor of Ireland’s Catholic Voice newspaper, Anthony Murphy, included several Holy Masses, clergy retreats and talks at the Shrine of St Augustine in Ramsgate, and the thriving shrines entrusted to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in New Brighton, and the Fraternity of St. Peter in Warrington. The bishop also stopped off at the Oxford Oratory.

The following is a transcript of our interview.

Daniel Blackman: You’ve been to England several times now. What do you like about coming here, and what’s distinct about the Catholics you meet here? 

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: It is wonderful to meet the young clergy, and laity, including young people, it is encouraging for me, I think they are continuing to hand over the noble traditions of the English Catholics which were known throughout the whole world. They were persecuted, and gave up their lives for the Catholic faith.

So I think the situation today in the Church with this deep crisis, is met with good Catholic lay people and priests, especially here in England, as in those times of martyrs, confessors, and priests too, it is encouraging that English Catholics are faithful to their noble Catholic heritage.

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5 Responses to Interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider

  1. ginnyfree says:

    Praise God. A Saint. I wish he were my Pastor. Siqh………………….a gal can hope, can’t she? Thanks for sharing this. God bless. Ginnyfree.

  2. Bishop Schneider is a brave and holy man. It is splendid that you are drawing people’s attention to this fine interviews.

  3. Robert says:

    Yes the basic, solid and sound teaching.

    “..what is most important is what is eternal and immortal, and this is the soul, eternal values, and eternal l life. Therefore those acts of charity which aim to transmit the eternal life to my neighbor and transmit to him everlasting values, to help him save his soul, these acts are more necessary
    “.. as Catholics we are not only thinking about giving food and clothes, but we have to give also the light of the Faith, we must not to forget it. This is true, authentic love for neighbor. Love God first, and love your neighbor as you love yourself

    This is the correct perspective the spiritual prior to the physical. Seek first the Kingdom of God!

    Since 1960 the emphasis coming out of Rome has been that of a physical worldly perspective becoming more involved in the world. But this world is that of the Naturalist Creed with its own science that specifically excludes God. Those that follow this worldly perspective begin to question and end up losing their Faith. There is plenty of evidence for this on this site.

    Spiritual Poverty, Spiritual Humility, Charity (Love) etc.. which saves the soul. But instead of this spiritual perspective what we have seen are frankly PR stunts with appropriate Media coverage. What else do you think bowing to Mecca, attending a synagogue, placing the triple crown in Masonries UN, a potted plant at Assisi.

    Peter has to place God first! A Bishop has to place God first! I mean rather more than words. It is refreshing however to read these Words!

  4. kathleen says:

    You make some very good points here, Robert. I am surprised this outstanding article has not received more ‘likes’ and comments.

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s clear and honest responses to the interviewer, Daniel Blackman, give us a fascinating insight into his ideas for the root causes of the difficulties besetting the Church in these times (both from secular institutions as well as “official bodies” from within the Vatican), including some much-needed good advice.

    Of particular interest (IMO) are these points he makes:

    – Any statement or off-the-cuff pronouncement that denies or contradicts the traditional teaching of the Church is not “an authentic expression of the Magisterium”;
    – “proselytism is not morally correct“, but we can (and should) “evangelise” through our witness and presence among non-Christians;
    – “the international community – UN, NATO, – have enough power to finish off ISIS, and they could have done it in the beginning […], , yet they allowed the ISIS terrorist movement. […] Through ISIS, they have programmed to bring about the invasion of many Muslim people to Europe, to bring about a destabilization, even in the heart of Europe, not just the Middle East.” [This, I think, is a startling and extremely worrying statement. And perhaps a truth we have all long suspected. Are there other voices denouncing this treachery of the UN, and other powers who wish to use the “instability” of Europe “for a purpose”?]
    – Do not underestimate the evil workings of the “anti-Christian” Masons who have managed to infiltrate the Church!!! Many in the hierarchy, while perhaps not being “formal members”, have nonetheless succumbed to the “masonic spirit”! [Very significant this section too.]
    – While the meeting with the Orthodox Patriarch of Russia was “a cause for joy”, it was “politically motivated”. The “statement on the Uniates” and the accusation of proselytism against the Catholic Church were “injustices”;
    – Bishop Schneider’s strong disagreement with those who want to change “the truths of the Catholic Church on contraception” and “the reformed process of annulment of marriage” by siding with “the spirit of the world”!
    – Finally, his reply to the question on what he believes are most needed in the Church today: “First, in the hierarchy of values, what is most important is what is eternal and immortal, and this is the soul, eternal values, and eternal life.

    Each section brings up so many current topics of great importance; each one is worthy of a post on its own!
    What a wonderful, holy and exceptional Archbishop we have here, totally faithful to all the truths of the Faith, and fearless of the ‘wolves’ who are therefore surely out for his blood!

  5. Robert says:

    Yes Kathleen!
    The Bishop points out what should be very obvious about ISIS, the funding, the Media coverage.

    Demonising and Idolising these provide the basis for thesis and antithesis and there will be a resolution but this will exclude Christ!

    Leo XIII encyclicals criticised both Capitolism (Rerum Novarum) as well as Socialism etc.. The two hands of Satan. Leo XIII is the precursor to Fatima, His voice and that of St Pius X are voices in the wilderness! Both prisoners of the Vatican.

    World War I was preceded by a financial/economic crisis. World War II was preceded by a financial/economic crisis. Therefor the financial/economic crisis that started 2007 coupled with 9/11 points to global wars and conflicts. World War III really started after 9/11 since the War against Terrorism is an ongoing global War.

    At the same time this shift from God to Man has taken place within Rome (Evolution has been tacitly given the nod! Creator is never used). The Modern Vatican and its perception of the Papacy uses PR.

    What the Bishop fails to point out is that “.. is not “an authentic expression of the Magisterium”;..” Yes this is true But that is NOT the perception of the Sheep who hang on the words and actions of the Popes! They say the Popes has spoken! Contraception is acceptable!

    The Church is actually in schism between the Traditionalists and the Modernists(majority).

    People have forgotten that God is Omnipresent and Omnipotent so they exclude Him from the world and instead talk of science and natural processes. What will happen? well how long will Heaven permit this to continue? Today Man has the means to destroy ALL Life!

    The Triumoh Of The Immaculate? Well there will be ONE Faith on the world that of Christ. This is implicit in the Apoc

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