Rest in peace, Mother Angelica!

Mother Angelica who founded EWTN died on Easter Sunday at the age of 92. May she rest in the peace and love of Our Risen Lord Jesus!

From Fr Z’s blog:


For a schedule of the rites surrounding Mother Angelica’s funeral and interment: HERE

The amazing Mother Angelica has died.  May she rest in peace.

Mother was a titan.  She did things that conferences of bishops failed to do, truly failed.

She suffered a lot in her life.  The fruits of her life live on.

May those who carry on with her work not disgrace her memory.

She was afraid of no one.

Here is one of the defining moments of her ministry.

It was World Youth Day in Denver.  There was a “stations of the cross” that was, quite frankly, blasphemous.  Mother reacted strongly.


Please, all of you, pray for her. She would love that Masses are offered for her. She would love rosaries.

And I believe she will remember every kind gesture and spiritual work of mercy.

See also this article about Mother Angelica

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2 Responses to Rest in peace, Mother Angelica!

  1. annem040359 says:

    She was a true strong woman of faith. She will be missed. RIP Mother Angelica.


  2. Agellius says:

    And wouldn’t she have loved that she died on Easter Sunday of all days!


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