Divine Mercy Litany

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3 Responses to Divine Mercy Litany

  1. A friend commented, “My problem with the idea of mercy now is this: every time I hear the word ‘mercy,’ it’s connected with the Pope and his confusion and his apparent desire to overturn 2,000 years of Church teaching. ‘Mercy’ now means to me: uh oh, be careful, the Pope wants to do away with the indissolubility of marriage, he wants to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion, he wants the Church to approve of cohabitation and same-sex relationships. And I ask myself, ‘What kind of mercy is that?'”

  2. Robert says:

    If you deny one part of the Faith you cease to be Catholic. The Sacrament of Marriage was dealt with unequivocally by Our Lord and a denial of this takes that soul outside of the Church.
    The relationships and appropriate Love are well understood within the Faith.
    Looking at Our Lady we have:
    1/ A Daughters love of the Eternal Father
    2/ A Mother’s Love of God the Son
    3/ A Spouses Love of God the Holy Ghost
    Within the family we have love between brothers and sisters and this is seen especially in the religious orders.
    Fecundity is Gods Blessing on the union between man and woman. This fecundity is seen in Gods Creation of the male and female bodies to enable procreation.
    Mercy requires reparation and penance and the will to change and this is seen particulary and especially in the sacrament of Confession.
    Sin is Sin and remains Sin. The road to Hell is paved with GOOD intentions! Human not Divine intentions.

  3. Paul says:

    RJB – Something has to be done to shepherd those who are aimless. God Does Not reject anyone. “Nor to I condemn you”. The church’s job is to bring everyone into the fold. The Eucharist can be best served by those who Need it Most.

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