OnePeterFive blogger Steve Skojec interviewed by Fox News

This morning was my “big moment”.

I woke up at 4:50AM and dragged my tired, exhortation-weary self into the shower to get ready to go on national television for the first time. I was invited to go on Fox & Friends — “the most-watched program on cable television between 6am – 9am ET” — to talk about Amoris Laetitia. I had a scheduled “hit” at 7:40AM, and they were sending a car for me at 6AM to take me to DC.

I got dressed. I had my coffee. I said my morning prayers. The car showed up early, the black Lincoln barely visible in the pre-dawn driveway of my rural home.

Almost as soon as we were underway, the car began having problems. I was trying to re-read the relevant sections of the exhortation, but the electrical system went on the fritz, lights turning on and off in the car, dashboard lights not working, the whole system clicking as it pulsed in and out. You would have thought, if you were sitting there with me, that the car was possessed. It was incredibly distracting. At one point, the driver tried to speed up on the interstate, only to have the electronic transmission refuse to shift gears. The engine revved way beyond where it should have been. I buckled my seatbelt.

“Are we going to make it there?” I asked.

The driver, Johri, who sounded as though he was from India, apologized to me.

“I’m sorry sir! This has never happened before. This car just had a new battery put in. I don’t know what’s happening.”

I looked out the foggy window at the gathering light.

“I’m going to talk about religion today,” I said. “About the pope’s new document about marriage. Sometimes, when I talk about certain topics, strange things happen. My computer won’t work, even though it’s new, or if I’m podcasting, the audio I’m recording is slowed down, or something. I don’t know what you believe in, but there’s a force that really doesn’t like it when I do certain things.”

I told him a little bit about spiritual warfare, and how certain topics I attempt to engage in seem to cause…technological glitches. He said he believed me, since he had never had any problems with the car. He asked me about the specifics of my appearance on the show. I told him. He agreed with me on the importance of family. Of marriage. We made it to DC, and he wished me good luck.

Read on at OnePeterFive and watch Steve’s follow-up video over there or here below:



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2 Responses to OnePeterFive blogger Steve Skojec interviewed by Fox News

  1. Steve Skojec’s follow-up response in the 40-minute video is absolutely masterful. The video is in fact so absorbing that it feels like five minutes, not forty.

  2. If Steve had a roman collar, he would be in a lot of trouble now. When a few good Bishops are prompting the laity to speak up and shout down the dissent coming from the hierarchy , things are not good. Steve’s Fox ‘Friends’ incident demonstrates that the gay team always wins, for don’t we know that this was/is the real issue and problem with the synod and the ‘upper hand ‘ contingent of the clergy.

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