When I don’t know what to do, I tell myself to act like Mary!

1f84e22ee3ec728c9c7a672f225a124bWhen we meet the Virgin Mary, something changes within us… The Immaculate is “unique.” But our way to reach the level of her purity must be through humility, with a simple, child-like attitude, far different from the complicated ways of self-love.

If we truly encounter Mary, we experience a tenderness and a mercy for others that transform us. Mary’s tenderness and mercy are for everyone. When we don’t know how to act, we should ask ourselves how the Blessed Virgin would act. Then we will carry on, even if it’s not exactly to our own liking. Mary is always the bright star for us to follow.

What is my secret? Well, when I don’t know what to do anymore, I tell myself to act like Mary! And right away a small light starts to shine deep inside my soul. It’s a light of truth, simplicity and peace…

If we want to cast more light on Mary, we must first expose ourselves to her light, take the time to pray and gaze at her. We always get back to basics by looking at Mary and praying…

Sister Marie de Saint-François (d.2005), Order of the Annonciades founded by Saint Joan of France 
Source: www.annonciade.info

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1 Response to When I don’t know what to do, I tell myself to act like Mary!

  1. Robert says:

    Our Lady as Daughter Of God The Father
    teaches us to be children of Our Loving Father.
    Mother Of God The Son
    teaches Us that the Son must be born is Us (replacing literally the Flesh of Fallen Adam)
    Spouse Of God The Holy Ghost
    a spouse is obedient (which is Love!) if we are docile and loving then we become fecundant with spiritual children.

    There is NO Self in Our Lady and she teaches Us and shows Us Love of the Trinity in Unity.
    Yes become Marian and we will find Jesus.
    To find Mary? Well Go To St Joseph!!!


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