The Biggest News Story Never Told



What’s the biggest news story of our time? What has been the biggest story for the last decade and one-half?

Answer: the resurgence of Islam, and, in particular, the rapid spread of Islamic jihad.

But, with a few exceptions, you would never know it from reading the Catholic press. If you look through the list of titles published by Catholic book publishers, you will find few, if any, books on Islam. There may be a title or two about the Crusades, but if you search the “current events” lists of most Catholic book publishers, you will come up empty. Books dealing with the biggest story of our time are conspicuous by their absence.

How about Catholic magazines and newspapers? Surely, they are telling the story of what’s happening now? Well, yes, they are, but in a strangely truncated way. The Catholic media carry reports on the latest atrocities perpetrated by ISIS, Boko Haram, and the Taliban, but if you turn to the commentary or opinion section of your favorite Catholic periodical, the pickings are slim. For the last 15 years (using 9/11 as a base point), Catholic media have been almost completely devoid of analysis on Islamic terrorism.

We are told what is happening, but almost no one ventures to say why it is happening. Catholic periodicals tend to treat Islamic jihad against Christians and others as though it were some kind of natural disaster—not unlike a typhoon or a tsunami. Like a storm or an earthquake, jihad is presented as a random event that unaccountably strikes here rather than there. And, as with a natural disaster, the reporting tends to focus on relief efforts: we may not know how to prevent the storm of jihad, but we feel an obligation to do all we can to bring attention to the plight of its victims.

Moreover, as with a natural disaster, the jihad is only noted when it erupts in some spectacular form. It is not treated as an ongoing problem which has its source in a particular ideology which can be analyzed, criticized, and defended against. Consequently, there is a lacuna of serious and sustained comment on what is, arguably, the most important story of the twenty-first century.

That’s not to say that Catholic writers and bloggers can’t think of anything with which to fill the empty space. On the contrary, they can think of a million other topics to write about. Take for example, one popular Catholic online site which offers to present “the news of the world from a Catholic perspective.” Sure enough, it does present the news, including the news on Islam. But insofar as “perspective” means analyzing the meaning of events, there is very little perspective on Islamic violence. If the “trending stories” on the daily newsletter I receive from this site are any indication, most of the perspective is reserved for stories of the Ladies Home Journal variety. Here’s a sample of titles from a recent issue:

“A quest to build deeper friendships”

“How the Hays Code brought us the sensational screen kiss”

“10 pithy and potent quotes from Benedict XVI”

“The life-changing benefits of a good apology”

“Finding your daughter’s First Communion dress on a budget”

“How architecture affects your brain (reasons to spend more time at church or in a library)”

“A must-try French recipe: Cannelés de Bordeaux”

Some other recent stories include:

“My next tattoo”

“Eating through Mexico with Pope Francis”

“Learning to slow down and say no when anxiety hits”

“Scientists study the language of cats”

“Kobe Bryant formed and saved by his Catholic faith”

All well and good if this were still the 1950s and Islam were still a sleepy-time religion as it was in the days of King Farouk and the Shah of Iran. Such stories are the online equivalent of Cannelés de Bordeaux. They are comfort food for the mind. They reassure us that life will proceed as it always has. Of course, not all of the stories on Catholic media are of this nature. There is plenty of good, solid reporting and solid analysis on issues such as marriage, family, sexuality, religious liberty, same-sex “marriage,” and a host of other contemporary issues. Still, the scant attention paid to Islam leads the reader to conclude that nothing new and supremely dangerous has emerged on the world stage.

In other words, Catholic bloggers and journalists are still fighting yesterday’s battles without seeming to realize that we are in the midst of a new battle. Catholic writers are on top of the latest iterations of issues that have been with us for twenty years or more—secularism, relativism, the Sexual Revolution, abortion, gay rights, classroom indoctrination, religious liberty, Supreme Court decisions, media bias, and bioethical issues. These battles still need to be fought and, since we are losing most of them, they need to be fought even more vigorously. But that doesn’t let us off the hook of fighting the new battle that has been thrust upon us.

This new war is particularly insidious because much of it is being fought as a culture war. While focusing on the hot war of battlefield jihad, we tend to ignore the cold war of cultural jihad. Yet, at least in the West, it is the main front. And, ironically, the stealth jihadists have built on the victories of the secular and leftist culture warriors. For example, they benefit from the rules of political correctness laid down by their counterparts on the left. Thus, any attempt at analyzing or explaining Islam from a non-Islamic perspective is met with cries of “bigotry” and “Islamophobia.”

One of the chief aims of the Islamist culture warriors is to convince us that we must not draw any connection between violent jihad and Islam, and they have been remarkably successful in doing so. ….

Please go over to CRISIS MAGAZINE to continue reading the rest of the article.

Further reading: Cultural Identity Theft


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3 Responses to The Biggest News Story Never Told

  1. kathleen says:

    Some nail-hitting truths revealed by William Kilpatrick here in this article!

    And from the linked article below, Cultural Identity Theft comes this:

    “A recent New York Times article revealed that 90 percent of teens in the predominantly Muslim districts of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek think of the Brussels terrorists as heroes. The main thing to notice here is not that these youth have warped values (which they do), but that their heroes are people who are willing to die for what they believe. Which means that some of these young people are likely willing to die for the same beliefs.”

    Wow! We are well and truly in the soup. We are surrounded by thousands of would-be Islamic terrorists willing to blow themselves and everyone else to bits for some twisted command of their satanical prophet!

    Yet William is absolutely correct: we are constantly being assured that most Muslims are peace-loving citizens who (ahem) deplore terrorism!
    Okay, perhaps this is generally true among Muslims in other places, but in many parts of our European cities there is evidence that the Muslims are anything but “peace-loving”. There are no-go areas in the UK, France, Belgium, – and I have been told, now in Sweden and Germany too – where hostile Muslims make any white-man trespassing into their ghettos clearly unwelcome! They are gradually taking over the countries who once gave them (or their grandparents) refuge, despising the customs, culture, Christianity as much as the current rampant Secularism, of their hosts… whilst nurturing the hope of one day imposing their heretical creed on everyone.

    Let’s wake up and face reality before it is too late.


  2. Mr J M Joyce says:

    It isn’t just the Catholic press that ignores the war of terror being waged by many Muslims against western civilisation. The entire Christian media has its collective head in the sand on this issue. Not a single Christian publication from any denomination has addressed this issue. Mostly they are scared to publish anything lest they be accused of ‘racism’ (what race is Islam?) or ‘Islamophobia’ (a word with a disreputable past and a more than dubious present since it was invented by the PLO in an attempt to silence criticism of itself and the religion of its followers).

    It is quite clear from even a cursory reading of the Koran, or the sayings of their so-called prophet, or that staggering work of fiction usually referred to as the life of their so-called prophet, that the Islamic belief system and everything that it preaches is directly responsible for the violence perpetrated by Muslims and for the sheer religious and cultural arrogance of many of the Muslims in our midst. Unlike Cardinal Pell I managed to finish reading all three in several different translations and yes, I did feel soiled and unclean after having done so.

    However, having said that we, as Christians, must address one uncomfortable truth: that is that Muslims are human beings, God’s creatures, just as we are, and that the reality of their existence is that they are, and were, the first victims of the foul belief system known as Islam. Hate the belief system, it is so disgusting that it deserves to be hated, but don’t hate the human being who believes in it. He or she, every single one of them, deserves our pity and our help and our most earnest and fervent prayers.

    Whilst you’re praying for them, as I hope you will, bear in mind one staggering fact about the damage that Islam has done. Since 9/11 there have been, to todays date, 28,213 deadly terror attacks carried out by Muslims worldwide. Pray for Muslims but also remember to pray for the souls of their almost uncountable victims – not just those since and of 9/11, but all those tens of millions since Islam was invented over fourteen hundred years ago for it has always been a belief system founded in violence and killing that continued in that way throughout history. Pray for Muslims but remember as you do so that even the quietist of believers in Islam are enablers of mayhem and murder by the very fact of their belief and unspoken support for that foul system. Pray for them that they may come to the light for they really do need our prayers.

    At this point I must own up to one particular belief of my own: I don’t believe that Muslims worship God. In common with almost every Christian sage and saint down the ages I believe that they worship the devil, Satan, and that their belief system is part of the wicked one’s war against the works of God. That’s my belief, it may not be yours.


  3. toadspittle says:

    “….their heroes are people who are willing to die for what they believe. Which means that some of these young people are likely willing to die for the same beliefs.”
    This, I suggest, might be why Catholic media are reticent to make too much noise. They aren’t sure what line to take. Fighting and dying, for what we believe in is considered by most religions (not Quakers) to be a noble thing. “Onward Christian Soldiers,” and all that. Are Catholics in the position, (or of the disposition,) to deplore the lack of zeal in their own camp?

    (I’m not putting this very well so far, but you get the drift. Needs more thought. Good article.)


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