Bathrooms are just the beginning: a scary look into the trans movement’s end goals

CP&S Comment: From the very beginnings of our creation it has been the ongoing battle of the forces of evil to destroy God’s plan for Mankind. “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” – (Genesis 1:27). To blur the differences of the only two complimentary sexes created by God, either by ‘inventing’ new categories or types of sexual identity, or by calling the attraction of two people of the same sex for each other as ‘normal’, all fly in direct contrast to God’s divine law. One of the most recent attacks has been the issue about permitting so-called ‘trans-gender’ men, who identify as women, to use female bathrooms. There has been much heated discussion in the MSM these last weeks over this topic, now leading many to speculate whether behind this latest attack on basic ethical behaviour and morality, there are not more sinister underlying motives at play.

By Claire Chretien for LifesiteNews


The battle over men accessing women’s bathrooms and vice versa has little do with bathrooms or even transgenderism, a well-known LGBT activist admitted last week. It has everything to do with re-working society and getting rid of the “heterobinary structure” in which we live—eliminating distinctions between “male” and “female” altogether.

Riki Wilchins, who has undergone “sex change” surgery and is a far-left social change activist, wrote in the gay publication The Advocate last week that social conservatives and many LGBT activists are missing the point when it comes to the transgender bathroom debate.

The title of Wilchins’ article makes the points succinctly: “We’ll Win the Bathroom Battle When the Binary Burns.”

People should be able to enter whatever bathroom “fits their gender identity,” Wilchins wrote, but the fact that we even have “male” and “female” bathrooms reflects something about society that needs to change.

There are many “genderqueer” or “non-binary” people, Wilchins wrote, pointing to a student who recently “came out” to President Obama as “non-binary” at a London townhall as a notable example.

“Non-binary” people don’t identify as male or female and they often want to be referred to as “they” or “hir” or “zer.” So the fact that there are even intimate facilities that reflect the “binary” truth about gender should change, Wilchins wrote.

In the eyes of LGBT advocates, the notion of only two genders (which one can pick, of course) is antiquated.

But transgenderism inherently acknowledges and actually reinforces the binary nature of gender.

Transgenderism presumes that a man can be “trapped” inside a woman’s body and a woman can be “trapped” inside a man’s body. It encourages men “becoming” women to embrace femininity and wear dresses and make-up. Similarly, transgenderism encourages women “becoming” men to make themselves more masculine through hormones and by altering their appearances, reinforcing the notion that men look and act a certain way.

“The long-term goals of many LGBT activists are actually not just access to the restrooms of their preferred gender identity, but actually destroying the concept of gender or the separation of the genders altogether,” Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council, told LifeSiteNews. Sprigg noted that when LGBT activists are appealing to a mainstream audience, they “are accepting or implicitly accepting the separation of male and female facilities” like bathrooms.

“They present this framework…that a transgender person is just born in the wrong body…[they say] the woman born in a man’s body is really a woman and therefore should be allowed to use the women’s room,” said Sprigg. “But then, if you dig down…you find actually these acknowledgements that they want to do away with the gender binary altogether.”

The challenges faced by “non-binary” people “cut to the heart of arguments that trans advocates and their allies have been making for some time, in the face of furious right-wing opposition to trans identity generally and to ‘boys in the girls’ room’ specifically,” Wilchins wrote.

Wilchins continued:

But what happens when a genderqueer individual, who genuinely looks and sounds profoundly non-binary or masculine, declares in a binary world s/he would be most comfortable accessing the girls restroom? To say the least, the optics will no longer work. Nor will appeals to practicality.

What really needs to be contested here is not just our right to use bathrooms with dignity (which would personally be very welcome), but the entire underlying hetero-binary structuring of the world queers must inhabit.

The ultimate goal: an end to society’s ‘binary’ structure

People who advocate for bathroom privacy and transgender advocates who insist boys should be allowed in girls’ bathrooms and vice versa are missing a larger point, Wilchins wrote. The fact that there are even male and female bathrooms reflects that our society is structured in a “binary” way, and this needs to change in order for the full goals of the LGBT movement to be enacted.

“Queer activists have been talking about [this] at least since the 1970s of Gay Liberation, even as the movement it spawned has continued to nudge it aside,” wrote Wilchins.

As the LGBT movement focused on redefining marriage and enshrining in law same-sex couples’ “right” to children, it also quietly introduced lawsuits advocating for the law to recognize one’s self-perception instead of biological reality as truth. Once the Supreme Court redefined marriage, the media focus on the LGBT movement slowly began to shift to battles over gender and transgenderism.

“They want to destroy the concepts of male and female entirely,” Rob Dreher at The American Conservative warned. “This is what they’re after, and they’re not going to stop until it is accomplished.”

Dreher warned that parents need to evaluate how much of the prevailing culture they’re willing to submit their children to, and decide what the tipping point for them will be—the point at which they will remove their children from public schools and in some ways retreat from society.

“It will be very difficult to teach our children to live by Christian sexual morality if we do not teach them how being a Christian requires them (us) to live by a different political and economic code within our society,” wrote Dreher.

A society in which biological sex is no longer recognized “would be a terrifying society for a lot of women and girls,” Sprigg said, because “they would have the experience of being exposed to and being essentially forced to expose themselves to biologically male individuals in settings that were previously separated by sex” like locker rooms. This could increase the risk of sexual assault and voyeurism, Sprigg said, and also violate people’s sense of privacy.

“Developing a strong and consistent and confident sense of your identity as biologically male or biologically female is an important developmental task for any child in the course of growing up,” said Sprigg. A society that doesn’t recognize the true nature of gender “would make it exponentially harder for people to accomplish that fundamental human developmental task of understanding who they are.”

‘The family ends up abolished’

“What we are really talking about is the abolition of sex,” Stella Morabito, senior contributor to The Federalist and an expert on cults and propaganda, told LifeSiteNews. “And it is sex that the trans project is serving to abolish legally, under the guise of something called ‘the gender binary.’ Its endgame is a society in which everyone is legally de-sexed. No longer legally male or female. And once you basically redefine humanity as sexless you end up with a de-humanized society in which there can be no legal ‘mother’ or ‘father’ or ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ or ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ without permission from the State. Government documents are already erasing the terms. In such a society, the most intimate human relationships take a hit. The family ends up abolished.”

“A sexless society is ultimately a totalitarian society because it erases in law the most basic human relationships,” said Morabito, “particularly the mother-child bond.”

Pro-family advocates have for years warned that the weakening of family bonds leads to a weakened society and greater government involvement in the individual lives of its citizens.

Morabito and Sprigg stressed the importance of speaking out when it comes to these issues and the difference that individuals can make by doing so.

“Ironically, just at the moment when the LGBT movement has achieved their greatest victory in persuading the Supreme Court to redefine marriage, they may be setting themselves up for a tremendous setback by…grossly overreaching” in trying to enact radical gender laws, said Sprigg.

“Sex distinctions are the germ of all human relationships,” said Morabito. “Abolishing them legally basically abolishes family autonomy. And this is an act of violence against children because it would serve at some point to separate them from their origins. Every child’s first transcendental question is ‘Where did I come from?’ If the law will not allow the child to see his own origins and wholeness in the faces of a mother and a father, it destabilizes the child’s sense of self. It creates personal dysfunction in children and basically ends up spreading more dysfunction and even dystopia in society.”

Wilchins praised transgender advocates for their work, noting that they have “finally and perhaps unwittingly opened the gender Pandora’s Box, and over the next few years all sorts of unexpected non-binary things…are about to come popping out.”

Wilchins and the pro-family movement perhaps can agree on one thing, though: “This is going to be interesting.”

In an article by Thomas D. Williams over on Crux, “Transgender battles not about bathrooms, they’re about democracy”, Williams recalls the words of Pope Francis in his recent Exhortation Amoris Laetitia:

Pope Francis said that sex education should teach “respect and appreciation” for sexual differences, including self-acceptance and learning to embrace the body with which one is born, rather than playing with fictional identities that deny reality.

“The young need to be helped to accept their own body as it was created,” he wrote. Thinking that we enjoy “absolute power over our own bodies,” Francis warned, leads to the delusion that “we enjoy absolute power over creation.”


And just a practical warning from ‘Young Conservative‘ to end up on:

“This is what conservatives know will happen if the LGBT agenda wins out. Perverted men will enter women’s restrooms under the guise of being transgender just so they can feed off their ridiculous fantasies.”



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14 Responses to Bathrooms are just the beginning: a scary look into the trans movement’s end goals

  1. Marai says:

    Sinister indeed! Political correctness is much more dangerous than most people can imagine.

  2. toadspittle says:

    Lot of hysterical nonsense.
    In fact, the bi-gender people have a point – not a very significant one, I think, but a point nevertheless. Why make any kind of distinction regarding bathrooms? In my house we don’t. I doubt if many families do. All depends what is meant by “bathroom,” I suppose.
    In Southern USA and South Africa, at one time, whites and blacks had to use separate bathrooms.
    What do we think of that?
    But would I be comfortable showering, after exercising in a gym, with women in the same room with me? No. But then I’m old, and a bit conservative.

    “They want to destroy the concepts of male and female entirely,” Rob Dreher at The American Conservative warned. “This is what they’re after, and they’re not going to stop until it is accomplished.”
    Relax, everyone. Ain’t ever going to happen. Al we have to do is point to the other animals on the planet and ask the bi-sex loonies, “Why are there no trans-gender tigers, or dogs?” Eh? And why should humans demand something other animals don’t even consider?

  3. Robert says:

    When Adam and Eve sinned they became self aware.
    Self and self-centred and selfish is the theme of the liberation movement. That they have goals shouldn’t surprise anybody.
    Now the commandments are Love of God (first) neighbour (second) self last. Selfless is the constant state of Our lord and Our Lady.
    Self and self gratifications, self indulgences its always the demands of Self.
    Self is our enemy and we combat this with prayer and penance.
    Self comes with Temptation and guess what with this comes division and this is the demons intent.

  4. toadspittle says:

    Funny old world – innit?
    “I’m dancing with tears in my eyes, ‘cos the girl in my arms is a boy.”
    All we can do is laugh, really – isn’t it?

  5. Robert says:

    When then did Self surface? Whence comes this denial and hatred of Order, social, family and sexual? 1793 Paris the modern materialist world was born. Supreme Being, Supreme Reasoning and the overthrow of Christianity and its hierarchical Order.
    What happens when the Dictatorship of Self surfaces? An Anarchy of Self interests and Dictatorship to impose against the Will of other Egos.
    Toad your reasoning towards the animals is ill founded the word is hermaphrodite and yes is found in nature. Your reasoning is ill founded and easily over come.
    This is why the Our Father the Creator of Man/woman is so important. Not some trivial opinion but an essential foundation for Peace and Happiness.
    Fatima and the evils of Russia?
    “..The Russian Revolution of 1917 changed the lives of gay men and lesbians. Russia became a beacon for workers, the poor and oppressed who saw for the first time how society could be run for the benefit of all.
    The very process of making the revolution, of sweeping away the existing social order, made sexual liberation and genuine equality possible.
    To understand the impact of the revolution, it is important to look at Russia before 1917. ..”

  6. JabbaPapa says:

    Toad, would you be comfortable showering, after exercising in a gym, with men in the same room with you ?

    Every single Utopian project has in common the desire to destroy the family as the central and basic unit of human life. (and I spent three years in intensive study of Utopias)

    This latest attempt is extremely troubling compared to others because of its promotion by means of international State propaganda. It will still utterly fail, eventually, because biological rea

  7. JabbaPapa says:

    … because biological reality cannot be cancelled by laws.

    Masculum et feminam creavit eos, et benedixit illis: et vocavit nomen eorum Adam, in die quo creati sunt.

  8. toadspittle says:

    “Toad, would you be comfortable showering, after exercising in a gym, with men in the same room with you ?”
    Yes, Jabba. Did that for years, when I was a super-fit athlete. Why do you ask?

    “It will still utterly fail, eventually, because biological reality cannot be cancelled by laws.”
    Same as I said – but much better put. We will humans go on reproducing like rabbits or stoats, whatever the bi-gender mob want, or say.

  9. Robert says:

    The trouble JabbaPapa is like Russia 1917 it will not stop them from trying!

  10. kathleen says:

    Although some people are trying to make out that this “bathroom issue” is trivial and has been blown out of all proportion, in reality it is highly significant.

    Step by step, the awesome wonder of the physical and emotional differences between men and women, and the way their mutual attraction and complimentarity fits in so perfectly with God’s plan for the human race “to increase and multiply”, is being steadily undermined. This gender questioning of our God-given biological sex at birth is driving everyone insane! It is nothing but a diabolical disorientation to further undermine God’s laws and destroy the family, the heart of life on earth. Men are understandably complaining how they are being emasculated by society nowadays, whereas women who cherish all the many values of true femininity (especially the joy of dedicating themselves to the home and motherhood) are scorned by the general opinion of a society that has discarded its Christian heritage and family values.

    We must fight against this onslaught of the devil with real courage and faithfulness – for this is a spiritual battle for souls.

    Ed. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the lords of this age, rulers of this darkness, against spiritual wickedness in the heavens.” (Ephesians 6:12)

  11. toadspittle says:

    “Toad your reasoning towards the animals is ill founded the word is hermaphrodite and yes is found in nature. Your reasoning is ill founded and easily over come.”
    Yes Roger, I agree. Hermaphrodites are “natural.” Which leaves us in a bit of a fix, with bi-sexuality doesn’t it?
    “God’s plan for the human race “to increase and multiply”,”
    Well, that “plan” is certainly working. The birth rates in certain 3rd world countries are climbing fast, turning out millions of extra healthy young people with no work to do, except become terrorists of one stripe or other.

  12. Robert says:

    Thank you Kathleen.
    The Russian Revolution was a Godless Society, The intention was the Evolution of Man and Society in accordance with the Enlightenment. What a Hell pit was created by Atheists! The path followed is precisely that now being imposed on all Nations worldwide. Anti of Christ and within this we have these ‘issues’ identified with this Blog.
    The battle is indeed at the highest spiritual level because these are ideas and ideals a sugar candy picture of alleged equality. Far from being trivial it is a matter of Life and Death (of the soul). Hell and Heaven.
    Christ raised marriage to the sacramental level. Before marriage had been a contract. In Islam and Jewish marriage is a contract!
    What God has joined together let not man put asunder. So you know that the so called State is Anti of Christ, in former Christian countries the Nations/States are in rebellion against Christ!

  13. Robert says:

    You also now know that this spirit of rebellion is being sugar candy coated promulgated from within the Curia! The smoke of Satan (Paul VI)

  14. Robert says:

    Toad again you are mistaken about the Faith. You are looking at the material Law and ignoring the spiritual Law, which is what Our Lord preached and taught.
    God wants His children to multiply that’s His not Satan’s.
    During Satan’s 100 years guess which biblical book has been most attacked? Genesis.
    Now Adam and Eve disobeyed God but they didn’t Hate God and neighbour. They were the original penitents.
    Remember Cain and Abel and Seth (who replaced Abel) these are the two lines from Adam and Eve. Cain Hated God and His neighbour (Abel). Cain was perfectly possessed by Satan and his progeny were multiplied upon the Earth, did they learn the Love of God from Cain?
    Seth is the line of Love of God and Penance and from His line came Noah.
    God’s Blessing is on the line of Love that’s Catholics! Why because Gods blessing is upon those who Love Him!
    Notice how the pagan religions have prospered and grown whilst the Catholic Nations are in decline.
    As for the Science of the Enlightenment that Supreme Being worshiped by the leaders of the French Revolution (non Christian) and Naturalism.
    Satan’s trap for Naturalist is beastility is the behaviour of animals Toad!
    But Man was Created by God. It is Satan who wants to blind you with his smoke! and off course there is NO smoke without FIRE!
    Catholics have

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