Goals for Faithful Catholics in this time of confusion

Posted on  by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on Fr Z’s Blog:

A theologian friend feeds me stuff which I occasionally share here with some editing and editorializing.


Cardinal Raymond Burke gave a talk in Rome on May 7. I couldn’t attend, but the great organization, Voice of the Family, who ran the event, have made the speech and a video of it available.  HERE

In his talk, Cardinal Burke had this challenge for all of us:

“I think of so many faithful who express to me their profound concerns for the Church in the present time, when there seems to be so much confusion about fundamental dogmatic and moral truths. In responding to their concerns, I urge them to deepen their understanding of the constant teaching and discipline of the Church and to make their voices heard[Do I hear an “Amen!”?] so that the shepherds of the flock may understand the urgent need to announce again with clarity and courage the truths of the faith and to apply again with charity and firmness the discipline needed to safeguard the same truths.”

It seems to me that what Cardinal Burke is calling for is two-fold. [NB] The faithful (clergy and laity) should first educate themselves about fundamental dogmatic and moral truths, and secondly they should speak up to bishops in favor of clear, faithful teaching. Let your bishops hear from you. Kasperite bishops have to hear that their line is not shared by the faithful, and Catholic bishops have to hear our support. Generally speaking, conservatives in the Catholic Church are not as good at organizing as are liberals. We need to turn this around.

That last point needs to be underscored. Libs organize better, they show up, they know how to use the system, they work work work work work for their goals. And it is seems that the “Olympian Middle” is veering more and more into the liberal camp as they test the breezes.

One thing I have called for and desired for years here in the Catholic blogosphere is for a halt to the petty squabbling that can prevent those of a more traditional bent to close ranks and create a more united front.

Some of you know who I mean.

Isn’t it time?

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11 Responses to Goals for Faithful Catholics in this time of confusion

  1. Robert says:

    Excuse me what is this Liberals? Conservatives?
    Elsewhere the world Re Branding was used!! Re Marketing
    The language of the world.
    This is the mystical body of Christ!
    Christ Church
    The sooner the broom is applied the better!

  2. kathleen says:

    You make a good point, Robert, for there is, of course, only one sort of true Catholic! And only One Mystical Body of Christ.

    However, many poorly catechised, or blatant heretics are now running amok among us in the Holy Catholic Church. These people who call themselves ‘Catholic’, but when put to the test they will deny many of the Church’s divinely-inspired dogmas and doctrines, teachings and devotions, choosing only the feel-good bits whilst scorning or arguing against anything that contradicts this! The dangerous ones are not the large ignorant masses and misguided souls that need to be guided back to true Catholic values and teaching (often these are simply further victims of the above-mentioned confusion so prevalent in the Church today) but the savvy ones – therein lies the danger – many of whom have even infiltrated the hierarchy with the intent to mould a church to their own liking!

    We refer to this crowd as the “liberals”, but in reality they are the very “enemy-within-the-gates”! The “conservatives” are generally purported to be those who desire to conserve (e.g., protect, safeguard, maintain unsullied, etc.) all that the Mystical Body of Christ contains. That is why these adjectives are used in discussions – not to fit Catholics into separate boxed categories as though there were many types of ‘Catholic” (which there are not), but to describe those who rebel against the teachings of Christ’s Church, and those who strive to be her faithful members.

  3. kathleen says:

    Does it really help to write to your bishop? Does anyone know?

    I ask this because I know and have heard of people who have written to their bishop, often to point out to him grave cases of abuses witnessed at Holy Mass, or complaining of injustices meted out to Catholic teachers, families, etc., only to receive no more than a weak uncommitted written reply that serves no purpose at all… or no response at all!!

    So then what is one supposed to do?

  4. toadspittle says:

    “One thing I have called for and desired for years here in the Catholic blogosphere is for a halt to the petty squabbling that can prevent those of a more traditional bent to close ranks and create a more united front.”


    Anyway, maybe Catholics should “close ranks” and create “a more united front” with those Muslims “of a more traditional bent”? Awkward, I’d call it. But what do I know?

  5. Robert says:

    The answer is Marian. The Virgin was the road chosen by Heaven to bring Our Lord as a Redeemer into this fallen world. It was her FIAT that incarnated Our Lord and her offering of her Son at the foot of the Cross.
    Fatima has the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is Our Lady who is Full of Grace and magnifies God. So what separates the True from the False? Answer Marian!
    This is not a new or novelty but goes back to Genesis.
    If Our Lady is sidetracked or ignored then this Triumph will never happen. Pius XII and Our Lady of Fatima! She needs now to revisit the Fallen Countries of Old Christendom.
    Even Islam honours her!

  6. bamacnz says:

    I have written to my bishop more than once on happenings in our parish and diocese that have concerned me ,and others, I know, have done the same … his replies were what I would call ” waffely ” .. our questions and concerns were more or less brushed aside … it will not stop us doing it again though … If we don’t express our concern, re things that we feel should not be happening and things that should be happening being left undone , then aren’t we thus seemingly agreeing with the status quo?

  7. Robert says:

    Pope Pius XII initiative for Fatima was to push Our Lady of Fatima. Obey the request for Consecration to the Immaculate Heart. Remember the promised Triumph Of The Immaculate Heart! So Prudence and Wisdom is to do everything to bring this Oh so desired Prophecy to fruition!

    Dogma builds on Dogma! What the Vatican II council should have been about is building on the Marian foundations (Immaculate Conception, Assumption) away from the Hatred that was evidenced in two World Wars to focus the Church on the promised Triumph and the Era Of Peace (La Salette). Instead Mary was sidelined and the fruits of this? Apostacy and decline in the Faith!

    Pius XII forged foundations that could have taken then world and the Church forward (Islam recongises Our Lady, and is especially endeared to the name Fatima).

    So the answer is Marian!

  8. kathleen says:

    bamacnz @ 01:46

    Good point – thank you.
    In no way should we allow the “status quo” of heresies and abuses in the Church to be ignored. Maybe we do not have the power to change things ourselves, but I believe you are right in that we should at least raise our voices in protest in defence of the Truth to those who have been chosen as representatives of the Apostles. It could well be that the bishop is unaware of some of these shenanigans going on in his diocese.

  9. Robert says:

    If the Apostles had been YES men there would have been no church. Nothing is achieved by weakness! Leaving rotten apples turns the whole barrel bad!
    Humble yourself and before God report shenanigans!

  10. toadspittle says:

    “If the Apostles had been YES men there would have been no church.”
    Depends on to whom they were saying “NO” .

  11. Robert says:

    NO to those who demanded they worshiped false Gods and denied Christ.
    There was a time less than 100 years ago No Catholic could enter or worship bowing to Mecca or in a synagogue or accept the mark of a pagan God(ess) on their forhead because this denies Christ!
    Christ is the Way the Truth and the Light and nobody comes to the Father except through Him. Thats the Faith.
    Nice and unambiguous. Cardinals wear Read to signify the spilling of their Blood rather than dent Christ.
    Now by discarding what are considered outmode or rather Re-Branding the Church you end up outside of the Church (thats automatic excommunication because its calling the Holy Ghost a liar is it NOT?)
    Fatima has the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and this is the very clear Goal out of the Confusion.

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