Drunk But Forgiven-A True Story

Yup that was me this morning, shorry.

I just ventured into the dining room suspecting that my youngest son was slacking at his studies, for I have long suspected he is an egregious slacker just like his father.

I was very drunk. By this I mean I was heavily under the influence of alcohol having been drinking vodka since before 4 am local time. I was totally making use of  my last day of annual leave you see.

I shouted “Colum, what are you wasting your life doing, do you want to be a bum like I nearly was. Do you even know what a bum is”??

-I was heavily refreshed, tired and emotional you see-but please keep reading-

He shook his head sadly in an innocently honest way. His computer was on but also his school books were open and he didn’t have that dissolute and lazy look in his eyes that I was used to finding.  He smiled in wonder and amusement at my obviously misplaced upset-ness.

“Well, a bum is a rear end isn’t it? he suggested, still smiling in a non threatening manner. His face formed as if about to receive a joke. He added that he didn’t usually start studying until 9 am. I checked my watch. It was 8:45. I began to detect that I had mis-fired my ire.

His kindly demeanour totally and abruptly disarmed my chemical rage.

I teared up severely, became embarrassed and started apologizing profusely before I choked up with emotion, unable to complete my sentences.

My last comprehensible words to him were “I’m sorry for being such a poor role model to you, for being such a drunk and such an ass”.

His reply to me was “That’s OK Dad, you’re not Jesus”

I’m still sobbing.




About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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