Upsets, And Disturbances, And Beer

I’ll just have a half, thanks. I’m working.

Having held my chair as a “Professor of the Blooming Obvious” for many years, I have to secure my tenure of that un-lofty position by telling you all something that you probably know already very well:

Human history is the record of all the disagreements, misunderstandings, upset feelings and disturbances of the peace of the soul. Wherever these historical things occur, you will find a mighty news-feed emerging from them, like pus from an ulcer. News is the infant form of “History” and is mostly clumsy raw and unrefined, but it gives some idea of what sort of an adult it will turn into.

If you take the people of great countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for examples, you will find little or no news emerging from them. They just seem to get on with life, and produce hardy,  good-humoredly people, who aren’t afraid to work hard to make their honest living, who get on with anyone they meet, refreshing all souls mutually thereby. I worry about their newspaper industries: Their output must be full of stories headlined “Gloves found”, or similar.

How does one explain this phenomenon? Well I think it is all down to the culture or even the “Spirit” of those places. They seem to me to be countries where selfish pity, angry grumbling, back-biting, boastfulness, avarice, seediness, laziness etc etc etc, are NOT highly esteemed.

Rather, family values, honesty, forbearance and forgiveness, heroic virtue, generosity, purity and a love of hard work would be what they aspire to in the majority

The UK used to be like this, but it has grown violently senescent and weak of late and will shortly be put in a padded cell of its own choosing if Brexit succeeds. Of course, that may be for the best. Miraculous cures occur even in a secure ward or a hermit’s cell. Suicides occur there also. We shall see.

So here’s my recipe for the successful future of the human race wherever it is in the whole universe: Make like the colonials, take some barley, hops, malt, water and yeast, ferment it and create a grass-roots culture that talks kindly and freely about the benefits of virtue over vice while drinking this dilute brew, all in the privacy of their friendly neighbourhood public bar.

Forget the spirits and the shots: those are for people who are trying to forget their troubles, or just sleep, (not those who want to engage and fix things), the pseudo-intellectuals who have little healing in their heads but only an awful plenty of infirmities. The future I think lies with the beer-drinking Proles, the ordinaries under the guidance of their Ordinaries.

Subsidiarity is the way all things work for the best, it is the way the universe was designed to function. Let us get with the program.

A return to a less puritanical and tetchy, more neighbourly and slightly less sober society is where the UK must go, if it wants to be more like its succeeding and successful children.




About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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2 Responses to Upsets, And Disturbances, And Beer

  1. toadspittle says:

    “…great countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand…”
    I think you over-gild the pudding a trifle, here – Bro. These great countries have their share of rape, murder, corruption, and mayhem.
    But I take your point. They don’t seem to do it to excess.

    “A return to a less puritanical and tetchy, more neighbourly and slightly less sober society is where the UK must go,”
    More tolerance for gays, drunks, heretics, Dawkins, transsexuals and adulterers, in fact. Seconded. …And far less “moderation,” of Toads.

  2. Robert says:

    Britain was one of the four original countries (pillars) of Christianity. the others are Italy, France and Spain (the four mentioned at La Salette). Each one like dominos has toppled over with catastrophic results to the Holy Catholic Roman Empire.
    Britain and that serial Adultery Henry VIII and those Bishops and Nobles that followed Him there is the cause of puritanism and false sobriety. Then came Masonry with its Kings, Lords, Governments and where the Empire spread so did Masonry.
    Now lets look at that Establishment that impose its Liberal Laws and we find frankly beastly predators directly behind Anti Christian Laws.
    “..Cyril Smith (high level Freemason) avoided prosecution because other establishment paedophiles feared he would spill their secrets in court, a former senior police officer said today. Lancashire detective Jack Tasker spent years compiling evidence on the 29-stone Liberal MP’s child abuse only to have his investigation shut down and threatened with the sack himself. Mr Tasker believes there was a network of spies and obstructive forces at a local and national level to protect Smith from facing justice.It came as it emerged today that Smith was arrested at a sex party with teenage boys but police were told to cover it up and threatened with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act, according to an investigation…”
    Also “..BBC presenter Jimmy Saville was part of the British establishment and used every minute of his time to rant on endlessly about how ‘GREAT’ Britains royal parasite was, so much so that she gave him a knighthood for his loyalty . The BBC classed him as a ‘HERO’ when he died and ranted on about his charity work and ‘GOOD’ deeds that earned him that ‘HERO’ worship. However what they didn’t tell the public, which is only now coming out after his death, is that Savile was an evil paedophile who used his position within the BBC to molest and rape youngsters even on BBC premises, and where BBC management knew what was going ..”
    Freemasonry Police and Crown Prosecution Service cover ups. Including Margaret Thatcher.
    So we look at these Laws (which were introduced into Parliament – but were never voted on in general elections). Just like Camerons same sex marriage!
    Britain (UK) has from time of Henry VII had its Faith determined by a cartel called the Establishment.
    An Establishment that is ruthlessly Anti Christian.

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