Choir Practice

The Chopsticks Choral Society, who are not all from the orient.

I think it is no mistake that Heaven is often portrayed as place of music and song performed by an ever swelling choir of Angels and Saints. The hymn, which is of infinite beauty and duration, is concerned with the praise, worship and adoration of God Almighty Himself, the choir’s philanthropic founder and sponsor.

Everyone is invited to join this choir, as long as they are willing to get some singing lessons and abide by their conductor’s directions. It is a very noble ambition to want to join this enterprise, though not everybody feels drawn to it.

I remember as a schoolboy hearing a funny joke made by a musically talented friend (who is now a priest). An over-proud mother was gushing to her friends after the school concert. “All the other children were singing out of tune, except for my little Johnnie”, she said 😉

(That must be from 40 years ago. It still makes me smile).

In Heaven, everyone has perfect pitch but down here not necessarily. As a basic we all have to agree on a musical scale (doh-re-mi….) before we sing together, or the resulting discord could curdle the milk of human kindness. It helps greatly if we are led by a well played organ and also by the singing of our more melodious neighbours, rather than by our own blaring. Isn’t this true in all things?

Earthly choirs consist of many classes of singers: soprano, alto, tenor and bass etc. As usual I am, like little Johnnie, in a class by myself. I call it “drone”, or “sub-woofer”. When I sing,  I jostle the joists and rattle the rafters. In my pride I think of myself adding a little Dolby Digital EX to the proceedings. Nobody has ever thanked me for my contributions, but I live in hope.


About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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