A Sharing Of Imperfection About China

The love of a husband and wife contains within it the future of the human race. Love birds forever!

My wife and I will shortly be celebrating our twentieth anniversary as spouses together.

We hear this is commonly called a “China Anniversary”. Well how very jolly hockey-sticks, what-what!.

We think it’s an appropriate nomenclature: Our children are maximally troublesome as if they were agents of some subversive and distant hostile power, and most of the porcelain and other higher ceramics we ever received as wedding gifts have already been transformed into inter-matrimonial-ballistic-missiles (IMBMs), and have been since replaced by desperately acceptable copies from LIDL’s et al.

I remain optimistic. Yup or yep, any moment now, within the next ten years, our lives will be transformed by all our debts being paid off, our children maturing into kind and thoughtful adults,  the prospect of global Armageddon being declared an impossibilty, the universal brotherhood of man being announced as a thing forever etc, etc, etc.

Actually, in the last 24 hours, my wife and I visited my doctor to discuss my terminal disease, and then our family solicitor/attorney to declare our last will and testament together.

I am the one with the shorter life expectancy, but I strongly warn you all that I am not dead yet!

I will spend this time of reflection thinking about China, that place which is the future of Catholicism, which is filled with such a large number of people with high IQ, and the language which our disabled son, with no direction from his parents or siblings decided to study and master and even excel at.  That wee country will come into its own.

A country is greater than its finances. That is true of any country. It is the people that count, all of them, in God’s eyes anyway. God love us into sisters and brothers, us all.




About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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8 Responses to A Sharing Of Imperfection About China

  1. Robert says:

    My prayers for you and yours. Congratulations on twenty years of marriage.


  2. If your disease is cancer, you might want to consult the Polish Catholic Doctor that Pope JP ii consulted during a cancer scare…that is Dr. S. Burzynski at his Clinic in Houston Texas, USA.
    He has been successful in curing people diagnosed with terminal cases of cancer by prestigious Cancer Centers . Pope Benedict xvi awarded Burzynski for his innovative research and developments in the treatment of cancer.


  3. leftfooter says:

    Thank you for your infectious Catholic cheerfulness. God bless!


  4. Brother Burrito says:

    You’re very welcome LF ole’ buddy! I haven’t seen you in these parts for a long time, though I remember you commented a lot when CP&S was still an infant.

    I will check out your blog later.Cheers


  5. Brother Burrito says:

    This is more a footnote than a comment on my own writings(!)

    I should have written “diseases” for I find I have accrued several “at once”, or maybe that would be better said “together”. They have ripened because I neglected the warning signs for too long. Other lesser things preoccupied me. My health resembles my garden, which is full of weeds and even no-go areas protected by thick prickly brambles. When I last ventured out there, I even thought to myself “This place looks like a hillbilly’s allotment-get a grip BB!” Well they do say that talking to oneself is the first sign of madness 😉

    I do not have cancer-as far as I know, but knowing my luck one of those might join the party at any moment.

    I only issue sad prognoses to patients or their relatives when I am absolutely certain of them. In those cases, death is usually so palpably near that my ill news comes as little surprise. A wrong prognosis can lead to unjust discouragement and even total loss of hope. Prognoses are dangerous critters, for sure, and must be handled with great care.

    In my own case there is nothing certain or near about my terminality at this time. All my conditions can be managed to minimise their effects on my living life to the full. With luck I might survive them all long enough to be hit by a No 68 bus!

    I am truly sorry if my morose wordings above have upset my friends here, or even pleased my enemies (God love ’em!). That was never my intention.

    I write on this blog, as do we all, without any overseeing editor to correct mistakes, to advise about how it will appear to the readers, or even to veto my output completely. I have no editor except my colleagues here, and you the readers, oh and my own conscience poor as that is.

    Comments, constructive criticisms, good suggestions will always be made welcome here. All we ask is that you don’t waste our ever shortening time with things that are facile, daft or just plain wicked.

    You should all be able to discriminate such things before you hit the “Send” key, or so we all hope.


  6. toadspittle says:

    Well, I’m somewhat relieved (at least, I think I am) by your latest bulletin, Bro. B.
    Minimise away, like all-get-out, please.
    And I will try to cut back on the wicked comments.
    …Though that won’t leave me with very much to say


  7. kathleen says:

    Darling Brother Burrito, you are just sooooooo lovable! (And we both know that we don’t always see things the same way, do we? Usually, but not always. 😉 )
    I do wish that you wouldn’t keep pulling so hard at my heart-strings this way though. I end up with eyes red from weeping and then look AWFUL !

    You are always in our prayers as we plod along life’s pilgrim route together.xx


  8. I am happy to hear you don’t have terminal cancer. Perhaps “weeding your health garden” will add many years to your life. My father in law was told he had one year left to live unless he changed his eating and exercise habits. He began walking the prescribed daily distance religiously and following the diet to the letter while seeing the doctor for regular check-ups and medications. He added 20+ years to his life, all but the last in good health. You and your family are added to my prayer list.


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