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For The Sake Of The Fox

Some years ago, while preparing an asleep patient for major bowel surgery, I blurted out “For fox sake!” This was triggered by some hassle with the equipment I was using. (I have a whole arsenal of euphemistic exclamations with which … Continue reading

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Letter From Beyond

The following was found among the papers left by a nun who died in a convent in Germany. It is not completely clear whether this was a vision or just a vivid dream. It is remarkable that Sister Claire was … Continue reading

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Violence, Viciousness, and Refugees

Violence is part of the universe. Nature is full of it. It is inescapable. It is an entropy thing, if you analyse it thermodynamic-ally. Stars collide, atoms split and fuse with enormous energies, predators and prey spill lifeblood everywhere. Violence … Continue reading

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