A Catholic Firebrand

I had never heard of Ann Barnhardt until last Sunday when she was cited to me as one of those rabid Catholics who have perhaps wandered off the reservation. Fearless disciple that I am, I decided to do some research . I truly do not know what to make of her. She is very interesting and engaging to listen to. The video below is about diabolical narcissism, but I can’t shake off the thought that perhaps the speaker has caught the very disease she has diagnosed. I’ll leave it up to you all to reach some conclusion. WARNING: Ms Barnhardt is a “no holds barred” wrestler with the truth. Watch this with caution. It is also very long.

About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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29 Responses to A Catholic Firebrand

  1. toadspittle says:

    Well, she’s clearly barking, Bro. B – totally barking.
    Maybe she should go on my prayer list. Admittedly, I could only stand 10 or so minutes, during which she said “I,” several thousand times.
    She oozes complacent self-absorption, as you suggest.
    But. like the Loony Letter from Hell, it’s instructive. And funny. What more can we ask?
    But the idea of her wandering about the streets “unsupervised,” is disconcerting.
    (I suspect sex has something to do with it.)


  2. toadspittle says:

    After the above, I went back and waded through it until about half an hour, and yes it’s all about sex. Poor woman is clearly a sexually repressed narcissist*. But her act is very entertaining, and I will get back and watch it all through.
    Listen to her describe herself at about 26 or so minutes.
    Of course she’s right – in that we are all a lot of big-headed, selfish, sinful, show-offs.
    Especially her.

    *Diagnoses Dr. Toad. (after Docs Freud and Jung.)


  3. JabbaPapa says:

    She’s very clever and clearly very well-educated, and I think she’s generally right in this video anyway (though I can see that she has expressed some objectively false opinions elsewhere), but there’s a certain degree of formal sloppiness and conceptual extremism (and some actual errors).


  4. kathleen says:

    How can you tell that Ann Barnhardt is “barking (mad)”, Toad, if you only listened to the first ten minutes of the video? She’s clever, focused, and she comes across as knowing her subject very well. In the subsequent comment of yours I’ve just released from ‘moderation’, you now say you went on to listen to a bit more of the video and that “it’s all about sex”.
    Well yes, it is in fact, that’s the whole point, but it’s not about natural sex, that for which it is designed, but unnatural and disordered sex, and she’s dead right!

    I still haven’t quite got to the end of listening to the whole talk yet (duty called me away), but so far, for what it’s worth, I agree with Jabba’s assessment, and I think she is “right” too (as far as I can tell). Would like to know what the “errors” are that he refers to though. A lot of things fall into place after Ann identifies the sources and pinpoints where so much of today’s evil is coming from. Her argument is very powerful, and she backs it up with solid evidence.

    It is probably her very strident way of talking, including some disparaging and risqué insults of certain (ahem) VIPs, that many find off-putting – this is quite understandable. We’re just not used to hearing anyone talk so clearly and openly about the dangers of “diabolical narcissism” in our world today.


  5. toadspittle says:

    I promise to watch it all through, when, like you, I can make the time, Kathleen. Then I might have more to say.
    But it’s surely indisputable that she is immensely, neurotically, narcissistically – delighted with herself, and her own cleverness, brilliance, and honesty. Fearlessly defending the strong against the weak.
    True, she preaches to her loyal, mouth-agape, choir – by spreading highly unsavoury gossip about the Pope: And she’s bitchy enough about gays, celebs, and similar riff-raff, to gladden the heart of any “genuine” Catholic. And she also plays the “hate everybody else except us” game as if To The Manner Born.
    So, Our Ann can’t really be all that frightful, can she? I must clearly have misinterpreted her.
    Still, none of it strikes me as being all that “Christian.”
    But what do I know about being Christian? (And I still haven’t seen it all.)


  6. Laura says:

    Kathleen, I agree with you. I recommend reading a recent post on her site: barnardt.biz


  7. JabbaPapa says:

    Well, not all narcissism will be of a diabolical origin, plus there’s something called the “reverse inferiority complex”, which is the most common type of superiority complex, and is very similar to narcissism, but not quite identical (it can be treated, for example, whereas narcissism usually can’t be). The actual superiority complex per se has fewer things in common, and it does not necessarily generate the same delusional sense of general superiority in all things that narcissism and the reverse inferiority complex do.

    But of course, the rampant encouragement of universal narcissism in present times is of a diabolical origin, and that’s something I’ve literally witnessed in person BTW.

    Her characterisations of the Pope and of the Novus Ordo Mass are false, but understandably so, given that she is very likely stuck with the occasionally grotesquely awful English translations of his words, and as a US citizen, she’s quite likely NEVER attended a genuinely reverent and Latinate NO Mass, and has likely been subjected to all manner of ghastly liturgical abuses instead.

    I’m no big fan of her active association with those “Remnant” idiots either …


  8. JabbaPapa says:

    Poor woman is clearly a sexually repressed narcissist

    No, I really don’t think so — she’s clearly quite arrogant of course, but then aren’t we all ? ;o)


  9. toadspittle says:

    Re: Jabba @20.25

    “Of course she’s right – in that we are all a lot of big-headed, selfish, sinful, show-offs.”
    Toad on target, just this once. Nuff sed.
    …And we love her. As we are commanded to.


  10. Crow says:

    Yes Toad, I am with you. She does not appear Christian to me and, in fact, whenever she has spoken, she has always sounded like a Protestant minister, not at all Catholic. I was brought up traditional Catholic and no-one i knew ever banged on about homosexuals or other groups in such intolerant language. I am also irritated by the American tendency to bring their politics into religion, especially when it is party-biased (the Clintons are mass-murderers, Bill Clinton a rapist? Really?) according to the Catholic right-wing in America, everything that occurs indicates the end of the world and the end of the Catholic Church. I have ended subscriptions to two blog sights for this reason. I think the end of the world industry has infected them.
    That being said, the idea of diabolical narcissism is quite interesting, and, as observed, she appears to be evidence of narcissism, if not diabolical, (maybe well- meaning). She has made observations and done some reading and has come up with a theory. Personally, I would agree to a point – there is a definite rise in narcissism but maybe the cause is a loss of the basic tenets such as humility and obedience that accompanied traditional religion, together with the application throughout our society of a pseudo-psychology that believes that everyone must always feel good about themselves and be praised, rather than seeing themselves as part of a community.
    I am amused that you too viewed the letter from hell as ‘loony’


  11. johnhenrycn says:

    Crow, one of the better occasional commenters on CP&S, says that she found the “letter from hell” to be “loony”. I don’t see why. Even believing it’s fiction, which I do, I’d like to hear why it is “loony” fiction. Or does she hold to the view that all fiction is “loony”?


  12. Crow says:

    Dear John Henry, I was agreeing with Toad’s view of the letter, (loony), but I also agree with both of you that it had its merits. It was quite beautifully written and had some very insightful observations.
    If it had been presented as a work of fiction (which I agree with you, it must be), then I would have had no problem with It. However, when it is presented as a letter from the other side, or a vision, then it runs the risk of being categorised as propoganda. The Catholic Church embraces the supernatural, and this is what distinguishes our church from other Christian denominations which attempt to reduce the supernatural aspects of the worship of God, to a rational one. The issue is one of degree – there are miracles and there are visions, but there are also gullible people who see Bishop Brennan in the skirting boards (to use Father Ted as an example.) I am a traditional Catholic, Latin Mass, but I recoil from dwelling on fantastical scenarios – they make me run a mile!
    The Catholic Church is the church of Jesus Christ, the son of God. The Catholic Church is the church which should always stand for truth. I understand that there are people whose enthusiasm carries them away, but I do not think that it helps the church to be untruthful, especially given the prejudices in the wider community.
    There is also an explicit traditional requirement of rationality in the Catholic religious understanding – something that critics of Catholicism, who do not understand the marriage of an acknowledgement of the supernatural with the gift by God of rational intelligence, do not understand.
    Therefore, if I am required to believe a story, which, to my eyes and experience, appears to be false, I would see such an action as superstitious, rather than based upon a rational belief in the existence of both God and heaven and hell, and the matters referred to in the letter. Sorry for being verbose and obtuse, but I accept a lot of the unbelievable (ie., miracles), without accepting all (ie., letters written by some well-meaning person).


  13. Crow says:

    Oh, by the way, JH, thank you for the ‘better’ description – I think your contributions are always interesting and quite kind. Toad’s of course, are immensely entertaining (don’t let that go to your head, Toad), although not always kind…..


  14. JabbaPapa says:

    there is a definite rise in narcissism but maybe the cause is a loss of the basic tenets such as humility and obedience

    Yeah, but — that loss can quite clearly be attributed to the diabolical.

    I am amused that you too viewed the letter from hell as ‘loony’

    errrmmmmmm …. hrm hrm, “no comment”.


  15. toadspittle says:

    Yes, “loony” is not the mot juste, probably -“disturbed,” is nearer the charitable mark. The Ann woman is – as we seem to agree here – correct in identifying certain psychological trends involving narcissism. How “new” these are, is debatable. Not very, probably as the eponymous Greek lived ages ago. Maybe as with other aspects of life, like gays and transsexuals, it’s just more “in your face” these days?
    However, when Jabba says it’s “clearly” diabolical, we part company.
    It’s only clear to the less sceptical among us..

    And I’ll never get round to watching the whole episode now. Life too short, etc.
    However, I’m indebted to Ann for the revelation that the Pope is an aggressive, out-of-control thug.
    Didn’t know that.


  16. Tom Fisher says:

    But her act is very entertaining

    Indeed, Toad. And she finds an appreciative audience for her material. She used to make me angry, when I’ve encountered her before, including on here. But I can’t bring myself to care anymore. She can rant till judgement day I suppose


  17. JabbaPapa says:

    It’s only clear to the less sceptical among us

    Toad, l’esprit critique is not magically reserved only to those who believe in certain dogmatic claims of secularism, atheism, “humanism”, or what-have-you-ism …


  18. toadspittle says:

    Well, I’m too thick to understand what you’re getting at here, Jabba.
    Except that I’m dubious (yea, and sceptical) about any dogmatic claim, from any quarter – from Catholicism to Communism.
    Particularly re: The Devil. I can see the “point” of God existing, but that He should knowingly create His own adversary, and then give Satan free rein to fox God’s beloved human race around non stop is… well… devilish difficult to grasp. It defies all logic.


  19. JabbaPapa says:

    It defies all logic

    It does not — the Angels were created with Free Will too. (you do seem to insist on this whole denial of Free Will thingy in your interventions, Toad, and one keeps on needing to remind you that God is not a dictatorial puppet-master tyrant)


  20. This post is very nice. Thank you very much.
    If you find it a “bit much”, you probably originate from some locale west of the Hudson, so spend some years in NYC
    before watching the rest.


  21. toadspittle says:

    “If you find it a “bit much”, you probably originate from some locale west of the Hudson,”
    Such as LA, or San Francisco, for instance, Mrs. Avila?

    And, Jabba – if God is unhappy with Satan (and we surely must suppose He is) – why doesn’t He do something about it? Wouldn’t you?
    Right now, it seems to be anarchy all round.


  22. JabbaPapa says:

    why doesn’t He do something about it?

    What, like expelling him out of Heaven or something ?

    And BTW, how do you know what God does or doesn’t do in regard to Satan ?


  23. toadspittle says:

    “And BTW, how do you know what God does or doesn’t do in regard to Satan ?”
    I read it on CP&S, of course. Didn’t some Pope say that God had given Satan a ten-year start, for some reason?


  24. JabbaPapa says:

    From your link : “their self-obsession can smother any semblance of vulnerability, and yet for all that talk about how great they are, narcissists often struggle with very low self-esteem

    Yes, because Narcissism is very frequently associated with an inferiority complex, that the narcissist disorder seeks to compensate against via a manner of megalomania. Delusion piled on delusion to compensate against a delusion.


  25. toadspittle says:

    I have no complex – I am simply inferior. So it seems a shame that I’m a megalomaniac narcissist as well


  26. JabbaPapa says:

    Toad, you may be a megalomaniac for all I know, but you’re most certainly no narcissist 🙂


  27. Brother Burrito says:

    JP (10:05)

    Toad is a very modest narcissist.

    Let’s be honest, he has a lot to be modest about etc.


  28. JabbaPapa says:

    BB, Toad in personam bufonis oozes empathy rather than lacking it 🙂


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