The Islamic Fundamentalists vs. The Catholic Fundamentalists (with memes)

13882107_1109306992475671_2763134890611047136_n Pope Francis states:

“I believe that in every religion there is always a little fundamentalist group. […]  If I speak of Islamic violence, then I have to speak of Catholic violence.”

“Catholic violence”! Really?

What Pope Francis fails to understand (or prefers to ignore) is that Catholics who engage in acts of violence are not doing so in the name of the Church or by appealing to a “holy book” which advocates killing “infidels” – non-believers. There is no such thing as Catholic violence. Those Catholics who commit murder are self-condemned and are betraying the Church and her teaching. But with Islam, it is different. Most Muslims may choose not to be violent, BUT: Islam advocates violence.

Imagine if things were the other way round; would this be their response?


If anyone cares to take an objective look, one must quickly acknowledge that the Doctrine of the Church has always implicitly condemned abuses introduced by Her members. In the words of Dr. Dietrich Von Hildebrand, “There were sinners in the Church yesterday and there are sinners in the Church today. But the Church Herself, in her divine teaching, emerges gloriously unspotted in a history stained by human weaknesses, errors, imperfections, and sins.”

And we see this point again in the words of the great Cardinal Journet:

“All contradictions are eliminated as soon as we understand that the members of the Church do indeed sin, but they do so by their betraying the Church. The Church is thus not without sinners, but She is without sin. The Church as person is responsible for penance. She is not responsible for sins….The members of the Church themselves – laity, clerics, priests, Bishops, and Popes – who disobey the Church are responsible for their sins, but the Church as person is not responsible…It is forgotten that the Church as person is the Bride of Christ, ‘Whom He has purchased with His own blood.'” (Acts 20:28).

The Islamic fundamentalist is a Jihadist crying ‘Allahu akbar’ while using the Koran as justification for flying planes into skyscrapers, beheading Christians (including Catholic Priests, women and children), blowing people up or running them over with a truck, torturing their captives in the most bestial ways imaginable… and this is only their tactics in the West. In majority-Muslim lands, notably the Middle East and parts of Africa, the Islamic fundamentalist murders, tortures, violates, destroys, with utter impunity all in the name of his ‘religion’.

And the Catholic fundamentalist?

mass rosary Mother_Teresa_feeding_the_poor

“Judge the Catholic Church not by those who barely live it’s spirit, but by the example of those closest to it” – (Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen)

Sources: Vox Cantoris for memes; La Salette Journey for text (adapted)

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3 Responses to The Islamic Fundamentalists vs. The Catholic Fundamentalists (with memes)

  1. Dear God, if only our confused and benighted pope would read this.


  2. Michael says:

    Here here!


  3. Tom Fisher says:

    Hear hear


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