Why Fr. Z harasses you to GO TO CONFESSION!

You are going along… doodee doodee dooo… and you glimpse something in the corner of y-


Watch to the end.  It is short.

These people had a close call.  It could have gone otherwise.

Friends, examine your consciences daily and go to confession regularly.

We are going to get God’s justice whether we want it or not.  But, while we are still alive, His mercy is for the asking.

You do not know at what moment you may be called by the Lord, the Just Judge, the King of Fearful Majesty, to account for your life.

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5 Responses to Why Fr. Z harasses you to GO TO CONFESSION!

  1. Roger says:

    Wise words!!


  2. Road accident? Stabbing in the street? Bombing in a cafe? Shooting at a concert?

    These days we just never know.

    So frequent confession is perhaps even more important than it always was.


  3. Tom Fisher says:

    This post is excellent!


  4. kathleen says:

    I have had two experiences that I know of (there might have been more) when I very nearly lost my life. It was surely the prayers of my loved ones, and the protection of my guardian angel (who I pray to every day) that saved me from sudden death.

    The first time was when I was crossing a busy road in the city of Granada. I had my youngest four year old son’s hand clasped firmly in mine on one side, and I was holding the arm of my mother-in-law on the other side. As we stepped off the pavement thinking the lights had changed, a huge lorry that had just pulled up by the crossing blocked our view of the road. In that instant an even larger articulated lorry powered down the road passing perhaps a centimetre or two in front of us, knocking us backwards by the wind blast it created. It was so so close!! My mother-in-law and I turned pale… (luckily my little boy seemed oblivious of the near certain death experience.)
    It was only afterwards that I recalled a strange feeling of someone tugging on the hood of my jacket, holding me back for a second, that made our stepping out delayed, and thus saving our lives. But there was nobody behind me at that moment. Was it my guardian angel? I have always believed it was.

    The second time I nearly died was in October 2009 when I had a terrible cycling accident and practically bled to death on the road. I have mentioned this accident before on CP&S. That time it was Our Blessed Lady who came to comfort me – I really felt her presence – as I lay on top of my crumpled bike trying to pray the Hail Mary whilst blood was pumping out of me. The emergency services came amazingly fast and placed a tourniquet on my wounded leg, that saved my life, before rushing me to hospital where I was given two blood transfusions and an emergency operation.

    Yes, we must remain ALWAYS in a state of grace. GO TO CONFESSION! Life is a precious gift, but it can be snatched away from us in an instant. Let’s keep our eyes focused always on our Heavenly home.


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