What Muslims are doing in our churches: Thousands of raids every year

From Rorate Caeli:
Libero Quotidiano
August 31, 2016
There have also been recent cases (mainly reported in local newspapers but occasionally even in national newspapers) of Muslims going into churches, shouting, cursing and smashing sacred objects.
However this alarm is not limited only to Italy.
As an article in ‘Venerdi’ of Repubblica reports, also Spain, France, Belgium and Germany are targets.  Some alarming news comes precisely from one of the German ‘lands’,  North Rhine – Westphalia, where over the past three years 3,504 raids of desecration have been recorded.
These consist of acts such as: the spitting on sacred images, defecating on the altars, urinating in the holy water fount, desecrating the Eucharist, insulting the faithful and the  burning and shattering of sacred images and bookstands.
Bishops in Catholic countries with a strong Muslim immigrant presence, had to order their parish priests to hide the Consecrated Hosts to prevent at least the Blessed Sacrament from being desecrated.
Translation: Contributor, Francesca Romana
With that most profound respect
which divine Faith inspires,
O my God and Saviour Jesus Christ,
true God and true man,
I adore Thee,
and with my whole heart I love Thee,
hidden in the most august Sacrament of the Altar,
in reparation of all the irreverences,
profanations, and sacrileges, that I,
to my shame, may have until now committed,
as also for all those
that have been committed against Thee,
or that may be ever committed for the time to come.
I offer to Thee,
therefore, O my God,
my humble adoration, not indeed,
such as Thou art worthy of,
nor such as I owe Thee,
but such, at least,
as I am capable of offering;
and I wish that I could love Thee
with the most perfect love
of which rational creatures are capable.
In the meantime,
I desire to adore Thee now and always,
not only for those Catholics
who do not adore or love Thee,
but also so supply the defect,
and for the conversion of all heretics,
schismatics, libertines,
atheists, blasphemers,
sorcerers, Mahomedans,
Jews, and idolaters.
Ah! yes, my Jesus,
mayest Thou be known,
adored, and loved by all
and may thanks be continually given to Thee
in the most holy and august Sacrament!
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8 Responses to What Muslims are doing in our churches: Thousands of raids every year

  1. Except for this brave woman (https://goo.gl/LwAlN5), who is also a Czech parliamentarian, what most of our leaders haven’t yet figured out, is that there is really no such thing as “moderate” Islam or “radical” Islam.

    There is only Islam, an ideology that is programmed to strive for world domination.

    In the same way, there was no such thing as “moderate” Naziism or “radical” Naziism. There was no such things as “moderate” Communism or “radical” Communism. There was only Naziism and Communism.

    More and more people are beginning to understand that Islam poses the same kind of existential threat to our civilization – again, as it has in the past.

    We have to pray that our leaders in politics, in the Vatican, and elsewhere begin to understand that, before it’s too late.

    We have to also pray that those of us who are warning them will soon no longer be dismissed as Islamophobes or racists or kooks and crackpots.

  2. katusablog says:

    Why are they doing this to our churches? …because they can;additionally their Quoran, zealous ideology & idolatry directs them to barbaric acts seemingly worse then desecrating Christian and Catholic Churches! With all this misguided “open borders” marxist philosophy, the end result is intended to bring chaos and anarchy, before the heavy boot of totalitarianism smashes our heads into the ground…that is if we let it!

  3. kathleen says:

    This is so terribly distressing! Are we going to have to barricade our Churches and put guards on the door to protect them and to stop these evil heretics who have, through the “open doors” policy of our spineless Western leaders, been allowed to infiltrate our lands? What fools we have been!

    Jabba was duly reminding me (us) to beware of false Prophecies. There is surely no greater “false Prophecy” than that given by Lucifer to false-prophet, Mohammad. He and his first followers – all salacious, brutal, murderous men of the desert – were ready instruments to accept the snares of the devil and spread his evil ‘by the sword’ across a large part of the known world in the following centuries. Countless Christian heroes and saints gave their lives to beat them back out of Europe (although they remained in certain parts of the south east, e.g.,Turkey, ex-Yugoslavia).
    After the bloodiest century of all history, the 20th, and the takeover of another great ‘enemy’ – this time a philosophical one – called ‘Modernism’, that has brought with it such a devastating loss of faith, we have now little defences left to know how to handle the fanatical Mohammedans who have poured into Europe to slaughter our people as they destroy all that the remaining Christians hold holy.

    We all know there are ordinary Muslims who do not do, nor approve, of these barbaric deeds. Yet if even only a few percent of them have willingly absorbed the ideological commands of their Koran (the “satanic verses”), that is still a terrifyingly large number of readymade assassins and destroyers who are living amongst us!

    Our Catholic brothers and all Christians living in the Middle East have long lived with the curse of Islamic ideology hanging over them. There is hardly a Church, monastery or shrine left standing that has not been desecrated or completely destroyed by these devils. Hedonistic Westerners (bar a few) hardly gave this increasing tragedy a mention in the MSM, and now we are tasting ourselves the wrath of the Mohammedan on our own soil.

  4. Roger says:

    The Battle is now within the Church. Satan’s 100 years to destroy the Church. 1960’s The smoke of Satan has entered the Church. The False Prophets are NOT those outside of the Church but that vipers nest within her Walls.

  5. Toad says:

    What Kathleen says above is sadly true.
    The fact is, virtually all Muslims indoctrinate their children literally from birth in the absurd belief that their religion alone is the only true one, and all others are heresies which must be regarded with – at very least – the greatest suspicion, and generally, in fact, with outright hostility.
    The only possible solution is to prevent Muslims brainwashing their children in the fashion. But I don’t know how this can be done.

  6. JabbaPapa says:

    Toad — actually, Muslims teach their children that everyone who has ever lived and everyone who will ever live is a Muslim.

    No other major religion, apart from the absurd Latter Day Saints persons, teaches anything of the sort.

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