Appeal to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines


In this month of the Holy Rosary we would like to run an article on the image of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manila, whose national Shrine is to be found in the great Dominican church in Quezon City in Metropolitan Manila. Let us look at the image above; it is our Lord Himself ‘giving’ us the Rosary.

Could we ask of you, our brothers and sisters, for a translation into English of the Tagalog prayer song, Salamat Maria, specially composed for the centenary in October 2007 of the Canonical Coronation by St Pope Pius X of the image of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in the Dominican church? Our language expert residing somewhere in the south of France appears to have gone suddenly on sabbatical, so we rely humbly on you so that we may present a full article in English for the benefit of  CP&S readers around the world.

Please refer to our recent post, Our Lady of the Rosary,  for the text of the prayer in Tagalog if needed, though I doubt you would need it. Please post your translation in the comments section below. It will be gratefully acknowledged.

My  prayers for your happiness there in the beautiful islands of the Philippines, the islands loved by Our Lady. I  wave to you, our neighbours, from Malaysia across the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea.


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2 Responses to Appeal to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines

  1. Mario de Guzman says:

    Dear GC,
    My English may not be perfect but when there is a call for Our Lady I am eager to be counted. So here is the translation, I hope and pray it to be exact.

    1 Across the vast ocean that I traveled
    I repeatedly pronounce your name
    Always searching for your avowed affection
    Wishing to be with you always

    2 On everyday that I face life*s challenges
    You are the only one that look at me and guard me
    Even though sadness and sufferings visit me
    Your embrace and protection are always my fortress

    3 Thank you Maria for living with us
    For every sadness,glories and joy of ours
    Thanks for the love and for every prayers
    Thanks to you,for your every concern
    We will always love you


    Repeat 2
    Repeat 3
    Repeat 3


  2. GC says:

    Dear Mario, I just arrived home to find your lovely translation of Salamat Maria. May we *steal* your translation and use it in our coming article on Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of La Naval of Manila? You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for a translation since I first heard this song several years ago. Wonderful.

    It’s a nice prayer, isn’t it? Full of affection for the Great Mother of the Lord and gratitude for her constant openness to us and her maternal care of each of us in our whole life’s trials.

    Mr de Guzman, you bear the same surname as the great Sto. Domingo in whose church in Quezon City this shrine to Our Lady receives so very many pilgrims each year. That makes your translation even more special.

    Thanks again, Mario, and God bless you all in the Philippines, Pueblo Amante de Maria, the loving people of Mary. 🙂


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