48 Christians murdered, homes destroyed by Nigerian Muslims

  By Deacon Nick Donnelly 

Xl fulani

48 Christians have been slaughtered by Muslims, many beheaded in front of their families, and their homes burnt down in the village of Godogodo, Nigeria. Muslim Fulani herdsmen have been targeting Christians for more than two years and are listed the world’s fourth deadliest Muslim terrorist group in the world. A total of more than 300, mainly Christians, have been murdered by Fulani herdsmen in 2016, while over 5,000 people displaced. 1,229 people were slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen in 2014.

Nigerian pastor Rev. Augustine Akpen Lev testifies to the brutality and sophistication of the Fulani herdsmen attacks on Christians:

“The attackers carry sophisticated weapons, sometimes they even used chemical weapons on our communities. They just come, often overnight when people are sleeping. They attack defenseless people and go away. They clearly have an agenda: to wipe out the Christian presence and take over the land.”

Rev. Thomas Akut, who survived the attack with his family, said, “This is a jihad. It is an Islamic holy war against Christians in the southern part of Kaduna state.”

Rev. Danladi Yarima, secretary of the Northern Christian Association of Nigeria, blames the Nigerian government for not doing enough to prevent the killings of Christians by Muslims:

“We are disheartened that despite the re-occurrence of the attack, the government has not come out with a security plan to stop it. We expected that the government should have mobilized more security personnel to the area. Every day, Christians are being attacked and their homes and property destroyed. The killings have continued unabated and we are very worried. We urge the government and well-meaning Nigerians to stop the killings.”

Voice of the Persecuted, a US Christian group, says that the attacks carried out by Muslim Fulani herdsmen are worse than those committed by Boko Haran, the Ismalist terrorist group:

The Fulani attacks are also more brutal. Where Boko Haram would sort through victims to separate Muslims from Christians, women from men and children from adults, most often killing the latter and sparing the former, the nomads hack and burn babies, slash the bellies of pregnant women and generally leave a less methodical and more gruesome aftermath. Boko Haram seizes and occupies towns to administer them. The Fulani destroy communities and their cattle graze on the farms of those displaced or killed.

The Fulani attempt to justify their attacks on non-Muslims by claiming that their cattle were rustled. For example, they justify their murder of 300 men, women and children in Agatu massacre by  claiming that 10,000 cows had been killed by the locals. Yet, according to Voice of the Persecuted, the first assessment mission of the Agatu massacre said “they saw no dead cows at all, and no-one has been arrested for that crime.” However, media outlets such as the BBC have been taken in by the Fulani propaganda, downplaying the anti-Christian motives of Muslim terrorism, describing it as a “farming conflict”.



Please pray for the souls of the Christian slaughtered by the Muslim Fulani herdsmen:

Audu Livinus, Abba Tanimu, Shedrach Dauda, Theresa Bitrus, Hassan Peter, Tani Danjuma, Into Audu, Nneka Gambo, Ajuji Patrick, Aminu Yusuf, Dan’azumi Kibam, Bitrus Sunday, Matan Chindo, Matan Yabuku, Lami Maigari, Agwaza Achi, Joseph D. Nok, Musa Lenge, Ishaku Ali, Luka Ali, Daniel Silas, Samuel Damina, Ajah Hamza, Monday Hamza, Aisha Musa, Ike Johnson, Monica Bulus, Stanley Samuel and Jonah Yakubu.


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7 Responses to 48 Christians murdered, homes destroyed by Nigerian Muslims

  1. kathleen says:

    More unspeakable atrocities coming from the so-called “religion of peace”!

    From the link at “Voice of the Persecuted”:

    The parallels with Boko Haram – the world’s deadliest terror group – go further. Like Boko Haram, the Fulani are Muslim. Similarly, their victims are overwhelmingly Christians and non-Muslims. They cry “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest) during their attacks..,

    The more we hear this battle cry coming from these murderers, the more despicable their Satan Allah appears! After all, they kill in his name, don’t they?
    And the universal silence from the rest of the Muslim world is “despicable” too. Their silence can only be seen as either a cowardly washing of their hands of these horrors OR as a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude, the victims being non-Muslim.
    I do not believe the BBC has been “taken in by the Fulani propaganda” either. (The BBC is full of Muslims and Secularists these days!)

    May the increasing number of Nigerian martyrs pray for us members of the persecuted Church Militant. Amen.


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  3. Toad says:

    And they behead Lutherans and Catholics alike.
    That seems (to me) rather more of an “abomination” than Lutherics and Cathalans trying to mend a few small fences.
    But what do I know? I’m superficial.


  4. Toad says:

    The irony of it all is that Isis and the like regard themselves as “Traditional,” devout, Muslims, trying to bring back the glory days of their religion in the face of growing Liberalism, Modernism, and tolerance for others in Islam’s mixed ranks.
    The Good Old Days when heresies and blasphemies like those were avenged by blood, fire, and the sword.
    Does Isis want to forge fraternal links with fellow-Muslim Shias, against the decadent West?
    Does it all sound oddly familiar?
    I cannot possibly say.


  5. marysong says:

    The Felani Herdsmen are the ones you should be working on Holy Father. You need to go and teach them about justification. Well, isn’t that what St. Isaac Jogues did? They don’t have grace.


  6. Toad says:

    In the picture above, who are the men? Good guys or bad ones?


  7. Toad says:

    Impossible to say, I suppose, without tee-shirts.


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