Thank God for The Glorious Counter Reformation


From Fr Ray Blake’s Blog

#PopeFrancis prays Holy Spirit will “help us rejoice in the gifts that have come to the church thru the Reformation”

Well, what are these gifts?

* A depleted protestant Bible
* Ecclesial Communities, lacking Holy Orders and therefore the Holy Eucharist and the means to Grace.
* The elevation of an individual theologian over the whole Catholic Tradition and a decided break with that Sacred Tradition.

We can add into the mix the massacre of peasants, anti Jewish pogroms, the rise in witch trials, the growth of superstition, the beginning of German nationalism.
The Reformation was welcomed by European princes because it placed them over the Church and reduced the Church and the clergy to mere arms of the State.
We can add the destruction of Christian culture, not just the vandalism of religious houses and the iconoclastic destruction of Christian heritage.

Frankly, I see little that we should rejoice in, except for one thing, as an Oxford preacher once said, either at the Oratory or Blackfriars, “… except for one thing, by God’s providence, the coming of the Glorious Counter Reformation”.
It was the Glorious Counter Reformation that enabled the Catholic Church to withstand Protestant aggression through force of arms, that would have laid the West open to the expanding Ottoman empire.
It was Glorious Counter Reformation that enabled the Gospel to be preached to the Americas and to Asia and the Glorious Counter Reformation that gave Europe new a vibrant spiritual intellectual and artistic life.


Further information on keeping the Counter Reformation going.


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