Election 2016: Winners and Losers


By Jason Kippen from The Christian Review, 10th November, 2016:

Winston Churchill once quipped that “history will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” History should never be written the next day but rather seen in the long view. With that said, it is important to take an assessment of what just happened. The Christian vote was critical in delivering the presidency to Mr. Trump, so let’s take a quick review of the winners and losers of this election from the perspective of the lens of the Christian world.

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis was the biggest loser. In an unprecedented way, he interjected himself into America’s politics on the eve of the election by warning against “the false prophets who exploit the fear and hopelessness, that sell magic formulas of hatred and cruelty or selfish welfare and an illusory security.”

In this clear reference to Mr. Trump and his candidacy, the Pope parroted much of the rhetoric that the Democratic Party was using to tarnish and besmirch Mr. Trump’s policies on immigration here in the United States. To provide cover for Catholics to vote for Secretary Clinton is a stark departure from the previous two pontificates that stressed the primacy of the issue of life.

Another big loser are those prelates like Cardinal-designate Cupich, Bishop McElroy and others that employed similar language on the immigration issue that is prudential to Catholics and not binding like the sanctity of human life. This section of the more progressive American hierarchy used code words and veiled language to put their imprimatur on the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Some among the hierarchy, epitomized by Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia,  showed themselves to be less than courageous in pointing out the atrocious abortion record of the Democrats because they found Mr. Trump’s vulgarity to be too much for their moderate palate. This group was highly disappointing because in the past they had been reliable voices for the protection of life.

Perhaps the group that was most exposed was the current and former staffers at the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops who were shown to be collaborators with the Clinton camp through front groups set up by Campaign Chairman John Podesta. WikiLeaks showed that Mr. Podesta wanted to use these people to staff his front groups to change our Church into the image and likeness of the pro-abortion Democratic Party.

The winners in the Christian world in this election include those who saw clearly that Mr. Trump was the only viable choice after the conclusion of the primaries and did not deny him support because he did not conduct the traditional campaign in this very different election cycle.

I would note that Marjorie Dannesfelser from the Susan B. Anthony List put her personal and professional integrity on the line by supporting Mr. Trump. Her op-ed piece with Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life made it perfectly clear the stakes this election had for Christians and Pro-Lifers across this land.

Bishop Tobin of Rhode Island effectively used his social media platform to call on the carpet Jesuit educated Senator Tim Kaine and Mrs. Clinton for their anti-life stances.

Fr. Frank Pavone, another winner once again was the conscience of the pro-life movement throughout this cycle by reminding Catholics and Christians their moral duty to stand in defense of life. Fr. Pavone was criticized by some quarters in the pro-life movement for showing graphically the realities of abortion on the day before the election. Fr. Pavone has always exclaimed that “until America sees abortion it will not reject abortion.” He has been castigated for being “too political.” What’s political about showing the plight of our unborn sisters and brothers?

The major turnout and overwhelming support by our Evangelical brothers and sisters prove that the wonderful ecumenical work done by Father Richard Neuhaus and Chuck Colson in forming a partnership between Catholics and Evangelicals to promote a culture of life is still alive and well.

I would also add that ventures like the Christian Review and our editor and chief, Deal Hudson took the right path and supported a culture of life while publications like the National Review took the easy path so they would still get invites to cocktail parties with the power elites.

To the winners, the following quote from the late Congressman Henry Hyde, a champion for the unborn applies to their steadfastness.

“When the time comes, as it surely will, when we face that awesome moment, the final judgment, I’ve often thought, as Fulton Sheen wrote, that it is a terrible moment of loneliness. You have no advocates, you are there alone standing before God — and a terror will rip your soul like nothing you can imagine. But I really think that those in the pro-life movement will not be alone. I think there’ll be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world — and they will plead for everyone who has been in this movement. They will say to God, “Spare him, because he loved us,” — and God will look at you and say not, “Did you succeed?” but “Did you try?”

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1 Response to Election 2016: Winners and Losers

  1. Toad says:

    Certainly, the entire election was about abortion for many Christians – and practically all Catholics..
    Understandable,as they consider it the most important issue in the world.
    “Our Holy Father, Pope Francis was the biggest loser.”
    Oh, really? What has he “lost”? He warned against, “the false prophets who exploit the fear and hopelessness, that sell magic formulas of hatred and cruelty or selfish welfare and an illusory security.”
    He hasn’t lost anything himself, and I think he will soon turn out to be vindicated – very soon.
    Now hr’s benefited from the Catholic’s vote, Trump doesn’t need them any more, and religion is meaningless to him.


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