Three ‘Moments’ with Mary: at Pellevoisin, Lourdes and Maiduguri (Nigeria)

Saturday is the day traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. So here are three little-known stories of apparitions and miracles demonstrating Mary’s tender, motherly care for those who have recourse to her. “Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known…”


Our Lady of Pellevoisin

imageEstelle Faguette, was born at St. Memmie near Châlon-sur-Marne the 12th September 1843 and was baptised the 17th of the same month. At the beginning of the year 1876 in the village of Pellevoisin, the department of the Indre, Estelle Faguette lay dying, at the age of 33, of pulmonary tuberculosis, of an acute peritonitis and an abdominal tumour. On the 10th of February 1976, one of the doctors consulted, Doctor Benard of Buzançais only gave her a few hours to live. During the night of the 14th-15th of February, she was the object, she affirmed, of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin which was to be followed during the year by many others.

The first part of the apparitions in Pellevoisin on the night of 14th February, 1876, a demon appeared at the foot of her bed. Just after Estelle spied the demon, she saw the Blessed Mother at her bedside. Our Lady rebuked the demon and he immediately departed. Our Lady then looked at Estelle and said to her: “Fear nothing, you are my daughter.” Mary told her to have courage for she was to suffer five more days in honour of the five wounds of Christ. On Saturday she would either be dead or be cured.

Through her “self-denial and patience” and her willingness to suffer for Christ, Estelle was cured. She was to receive further apparitions from Our Lady bringing messages at intervals throughout the rest of the year.

On Saturday, 11th November, 1876, the Blessed Virgin appeared for the 14th time to Estelle Faguette. The following is an excerpt from this apparition:


image‘When she came, she looked as usual; her arms were stretched out and she wore the Scapular. How beautiful it is, and how prominent it appears on her chest! At first she remained silent for some time. Then she looked at me, and told me something for myself alone. She also said to me: “You have not wasted your time today; you have worked for me.” (I had made a Scapular.) She smiled and added: “It will be necessary to make many more Scapulars.” She paused for some time and afterwards became somewhat sad, and said to me: “Courage.” Then she disappeared, crossing her hands upon her chest.

On the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8th December, 1876, Estelle wrote:

“Friday 8 December I have been home from Pellevoisin for several hours and have still not recovered from my very deep emotions. I shall not see the Blessed Virgin again here on earth. Nobody could possibly understand what I am going through! After High Mass She appeared more beautifully than ever! Following the usual silence, She said: “My daughter do you remember my words?” Everything that She had said to me came to my mind very clearly specially: “I am totally merciful and Mistress of My Son. His Heart has so much love for mine…that He will touch the most hardened hearts for me. I have especially come to save sinners. The treasure stores of My Son are long since wide open, if only they would pray. (pointing at the scapular) I love this devotion. I implore all to come to rest and peace…. Also The Church and France”.

In-between these words I saw many other secrets. During this entire period She looked at me, then She said: ”repeat these things very often, they will help you during your trails and tribulations. You will see me no more”. I cried out, what shall become of me Blessed Mother?” She then answered: ”I shall be with you, but invisible”. I saw rows of people pushing against me and threatening me, this made me frightened. The Blessed Virgin smiled and said: ”you have no need to be afraid of them, I have chosen you to proclaim my glory and to spread this devotion”. Whilst saying this She was holding the scapular in Her hands. She was so encouraging that I said: ”My beloved mother, would you please give me that scapular?” It was almost as of she had not heard me. She said: ”Come and kiss it”. I stood up very quickly and The Blessed Virgin bent down towards me and I kissed the scapular. This was an extremely wonderful moment for me.

Then the Blessed Virgin said, refering to the scapular: “you will yourself, go to the Prelaat and present him with the model which you have made, tell him that helping you pleases Me more than seeing how my children wear it whilst they turn away from everything which insults My Son whilst people receive the Sacrament of His Love and do all they can to repair the damages already done. See the graces which I shall pour out over all who wear it in trust of me and whilst spreading this devotion”….”

Estelle Faguette died in Pellevoisin at the age of 86 on 23rd August, 1929.

Excerpt from the story of the fifteen apparitions by Estelle Faguette – . (For more information, see here.)


A woman recovers the use of her legs


“A little over two years ago, a surgeon told me I would never recover the use of my legs. Last September (in 2015), I went to Lourdes on a pilgrimage with the Lourdes Cancer Hope Centre. At the baths, the hospitality staff helped me into the water. There I suddenly felt intense heat from my toes all the way up to my neck. The women who saw me get out of the bath without any help cried out: “It’s a miracle!” I was in tears and realised that I was walking by myself! They placed the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in my arms, and I kissed her with all my heart. I could not believe what had just happened!

When I went back home, my doctor thought my healing was truly extraordinary. For him, it is definitely a miracle. I eventually wrote to the bishop of my diocese to share my story. God, through the intercession of his Mother, gave me the grace that I had been begging for in my prayers since the beginning of my paralysis.

I think that my husband, who died thirty-one years ago when I was only 38 years old, is protecting me and praying for me. Today I know that the Virgin Mary will never abandon me. I continue to pray to her day and night.”

Reine Marie (France)
Healed at the baths of the Shrine of Lourdes in September 2015
Story published in ‘Lourdes, Journal of Graces’, February – March 2016


“With the Rosary, we can defeat Boko Haram”

2a696046f5290a84e333005f5a628bc4Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme, head of the Diocese of Maiduguri in Nigeria’s Borno State, was in a chapel praying before the Blessed Sacrament last December when, he says, something extraordinary happened: Jesus appeared to him holding a sword that He offered to the prelate.

According to Bishop Dashe, the moment he took the sword from Jesus’ hands, it turned into a Rosary. He then heard Christ repeat three times, “Boko Haram will go.”

The bishop recalls, “I didn’t need any prophet to give me the explanation. It was clear that with the Rosary we would be able to get rid of Boko Haram.”

(Boko Haram is the Islamic group that has been massacring Christian civilians in Nigeria and elsewhere for several years. Originally tied to Al Quaeda, it now formally pledges allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria…)

The bishop hesitated in the beginning to tell anyone about the apparition, but soon began getting strong urges from the Holy Spirit to share its message. So he started to tell priests in his diocese what happened. Eventually, he announced it at a Catholic event in Spain supporting Christian victims of Islamic violence.

He’s since gone on a “consolation tour” through diocesan communities, promoting prayer, forgiveness and persistent faith. He believes Jesus wants him to advocate praying the Rosary in order to assist them in these efforts.

Bishop Dashe has expressed further confidence in the intercession of Our Lady towards recovering peace in his diocese. He and his country’s bishops have jointly consecrated Nigeria to Our Lady in recent years.

Adapted from an article by Ryan Fitzgerald on

For further details of this story , see here.




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