Not just statistics

Throughout the Middle East Christians are being persecuted and murdered in odium fide. In Cairo this week a suicide bomber blew him or herself up in a chapel in the Coptic Cathedral of St Mark.

The crowd in the chapel were predominantly women and children as are most of the dead.

Egyptian Streets has the names of the dead, and pictures, potent reminders that these were real people, not just statistics or plaster saints.

Veronia Faheem Helmy, 18 (فيرونيا فهيم حلمى)

Marina Faheem Helmy, 20 (مارينا فهيم حلمى)

Ensaf Adel Kamel, 37 (إنصاف عادل كامل)

Aida Mikhail, 60 (عايدة ميخائيل)

Eman Youssef, 55 (إيمان يوسف)

Amany Saad, 35 (أماني سعيد)

Neveen Adel Salama, 31 (نفين عادل سلامة)

Regina Raafat, 50 (روجينا رأفت)

Nadia Raymond Shehata, 60 (نادية ريمون شحاته)

Varina Emad Amin, 19 ( فرينا عماد أمين)

Samia Gameel, 34 (سامية جميل)

Sohair Mahrous, 60 (سهير محروس)

Attiyat Sarhan Saeed, 60 (عطيات سرحان سعيد)

Madeleine Tawfiq Abdo, 48 (مدلين توفيق عبدو)

Mohsen Elios, 34 (محسن أليوس)

Widad Wahba, 60 (وداد وهبة)

Samia Fawzy, 60 (سامية فوزى)

Marcelle Guirguis, 50 (مارسيل جرجس)

Neveen Nabil Youssef, 30 (نفين نبيل يوسف)

Jihan Albert, 55 (جيهان ألبير)

Suad Atta Bishara, 67 (سعد عطا بشارة)

Sabah Wadih Yesa, 55 (صباح وديع يسا)

Nabil Habib Abdallah, 48 (نبيل حبيب عبد الله)

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5 Responses to Not just statistics

  1. 000rjbennett says:

    I’m not sure Bergogio’s “dialogue” with Islam is going to solve the problem

  2. Toad says:

    “I’m not sure Bergogio’s “dialogue” with Islam is going to solve the problem..”
    In fact, it’s probably some kind of sin to admit Islam even exists, let alone talk to Muslims.
    Better to clasp our hands firmly over our ears, and close our eyes.

  3. Toad says:

    Just as long as we don’t forget to remind ourselves that far more Muslims than Christians are being slaughtered every day
    By other Muslims.

  4. geoffkiernan says:

    Toad at 2037. Seems to me you should be making that point to Muslims. Muslims slaughtering Christians and Muslims slaughtering Muslims. So I ask, what is the common denominator here…. Do you know?

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