Five Final Advent Hymns

In these final days of Advent, let us raise our voices in joyful expectation, for very soon, Maranatha (“the Lord is coming“).

A last listen to this old favourite, Veni, Veni, Emmanuel, (“O come, O Come, Emmanuel“):


An old 16th Century French hymn full of hopeful waiting, Venez Divin Messie (“O Come Divine Messiah”):


This lovely Advent hymn comes from Germany, Maris Dutch ein Dornwald ging, (“Mary Walks Amid the Thorn”):


This English-speaking Advent hymn, “Waiting in Silence”, comes with some magnificent scenes from Ontario, Canada:


We look towards the East from whence comes, “The Rising Son”:


And finally, after the five hymns, let us sing the glories of Our Lord with this beautiful ancient Gregorian chant, Rorate Caeli:

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One Response to Five Final Advent Hymns

  1. 000rjbennett says:

    Splendid. Thank you for all the hard work of posting these hymns.

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