Top 10 Pro-life Highlights for 2016 (in Ireland)

This past year saw many significant events take place in the ongoing battle to protect mothers and babies from abortion. The Irish pro-life movement has fought back with considerable success against a well-funded, media-backed push to repeal the 8th amendment to the Constitution which protects the life of both mother and baby.

Here are the top 10 reasons to celebrate and find hope in 2016!

1. Precious Life delivered 300,000 pro-life petitions to Stormont: politicians say is ‘historical’, biggest ever.


Each petition was a real signatory, with an address in the North of Ireland! In other words a real peition, and not like the measly 45,000 ‘petitions’ that were gathered from around the world via email like Amnesty’s. #savelives #savethe8


2. Irish High Court rules unborn child has “significant” legal rights


In August, a High Court judge ruled that the word ‘unborn’ in the Irish Constitution means an “unborn child” with rights beyond the right to life which “must be taken seriously” by the State.

Mr Justice Richard Humphreys said that the unborn child enjoys “significant” rights and legal position at common law, by statute, and under the Constitution, “going well beyond the right to life alone”. Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution, known as the 8th amendment, guarantees the right to life of preborn children, but the judge pointed out that the Constitution obliges the State to protect “all” children and that because an “unborn” is “clearly a child”, Article 42a, guaranteeing additional rights, also applied to all children “both before and after birth”.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said that this was a significant ruling that confirmed the unborn baby was deserving of all the rights and protections to which every other person was entitled. She added that the ruling was a blow to those who were seeking to discriminate against children before birth and who argued that the preborn child was not fully human or entitled to human rights.


3. Polls show most Irish people leaning pro-life


In recent years almost $18 million has poured into the coffers of abortion campaigners in Ireland from US billionaires such as Chuck Feeney and George Soros. This money, and the almost complete support of the Irish media, has boosted the efforts of abortion campaigners who seek to overturn the right to life of unborn babies in Ireland.

However, despite that, recent polls show that abortion campaigners have failed to carry the Irish people with them in their demand for abortion. Polls show support for repealing the 8thfalling, and most recently, and Irish Times poll revealed that only 19% of voters supported an abortion-on-demand model. Most voters, some 73%, were either totally or mostly pro-life.

So most voters are leaning pro-life, but some have questions. The Life Canvass (see 10 below) is reaching those voters in the most effective way possible.


[For the other seven “2016 pro-life highlights”, please go over to Life Institute, HERE. This is encouraging news coming from Ireland, a very pro-life country at heart, despite its sad decline at Mass attendance in recent decades.]

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