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Feast of the Holy Family: Pray that God might be appeased

From Father Z’s blog: Through an oddity of the calendar, and because the great feasts of the season line up on Sundays, today is the Feast of the Holy Family… in the Novus Ordo reckoning.  In the traditional calendar, the Feast … Continue reading

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Fighting the Pronoun Police

By WANDA SKOWRONSKA* (with a h/t to contributor, Geoff Kiernan, whose added comments are in capitals) The new transgender revolutionaries would like to go beyond bra burning and accusations of patriarchy. They would like to change language itself—particularly pronouns—and abolish … Continue reading

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The Manger

God’s providence arranged things so that Jesus, the Word made flesh, the King of the World and the Lord of history, would be born in total poverty. He did not even have what a poor family could have what a … Continue reading

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