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Know-Nothing Catholics on Muslim Immigration

Despite a long list of Islamic terrorist attacks taking place in Western nations in recent times causing thousands of deaths, plus the daily news of brutal attacks from the jihadists in their own Muslim lands; despite daily reports of beheadings of … Continue reading

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Discovering a Church in Crisis: How Would a Saint Treat the Novus Ordo?

From Benjamin J. Vail, OFS on 1Peter5 Editor’s note: The following is Part II of a four-part series. You can read Part I here. The Sacred Liturgy “Lex orandi, lex credendi.” The order of Mass expresses and teaches Catholic doctrine. … Continue reading

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After the Grand Master, Another Head Is About To Fall: That of Cardinal Burke

Sandro Magister (below) reveals  what Catholics have been fearing ever since Matthew Festing handed in his resignation of Sovereignty of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the Pope a few days ago. Magister concludes that the real target all … Continue reading

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A priest’s troubled conscience

From the Times of Malta, 29th January, 2017 This clergy member is struggling to reconcile his faith with orders from up on high When the bishops released guidelines suggesting that divorced Catholics who enter another relationship may not be denied … Continue reading

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45-Million Aborted Children: Only a Statistic?

 By Fr. Mark A. Pilon from The Catholic Thing: Sunday, January 29, 2017 For EWTN’s coverage of the 44th March for Life, there was a calculator on screen showing the number of deaths by abortion worldwide as the program proceeded. The coverage … Continue reading

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Order of Malta thanks Pope for his “determination to strengthen its sovereignty”

By Deacon Nick Donnelly,   The Sovereign Order of Malta has released a press statement announcing the resignation of Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing, and expressing gratitude to Pope Francis & Card. Parolin “for their interest in & care for the Order”. … Continue reading

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Reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

  As the Church continues her pilgrim journey throughout history, we need a vision to sustain us and give us hope in the midst of our shadows, ambiguities and sins, our joys and hopes and victories.  That biblical vision is … Continue reading

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Be Courageous! Be Openly Pro-Life!

It is a well-known fact – the MSM is brazenly in favour of abortion and their supporters (disguised under the misleading flyer of “pro-choice”). Faced with the dilemma of recent multitudinous pro-life marches taking place all over the Western world, … Continue reading

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Yeah, Right!

  By Melanie Hunter, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, said Friday at the March for Life that the right to life is a God-given right – not a privilege or a choice. “It is no coincidence that the … Continue reading

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The death of law in the Church

Can things get any worse under this Pope? It seems that they can. Dr Joseph Shaw (LMS Chairman) has written a frank and incisive article explaining how lawlessness within the Church may be reaching a type of crescendo under Francis, but … Continue reading

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Six cases where the sexual abuse scandal touches Pope Francis

By Elizabeth Yore, LifeSiteNews January 25, 2017  Recent revelations concerning Pope Francis and negligence over sexual abuse of minors are calling into question his strong words condemning the cover-up of sexual abuse. In March 2014, in an announcement that received massive … Continue reading

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Is Islam an “Abrahamic” Religion?

By Howard Kainz at The Catholic Thing: Thursday, January 26, 2017 For most non-Muslims and Westerners, Islam is a religion which was founded in the 7th century by the Prophet Muhammad, spread throughout the Middle East, Asia, and the Mediterranean area … Continue reading

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Pope seizes power from the Knights of Malta, brutally ending 900 years of their sovereignty

By Damian Thompson in The Spectator  The Knights of Malta – an ancient Catholic order that dates back to the crusades – have enjoyed the privileges of a sovereign state for 900 years. Last night the Order of Malta was … Continue reading

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Is ‘Amoris Laetitia’ being twisted in such a way that real blasphemy results?

by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Initial notes. Blasphemy involves words or gestures, also thoughts, which show contempt for God or dishonor God regardless of whether the person intends that contempt or dishonor or not.  Blasphemy is against the virtue of religion and a … Continue reading

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Pope Francis re Donald Trump – “Waiting and Seeing?”

During an interview with Fox News published on Saturday, “who-am-I-to-judge?” Pope Francis said he would wait and see what a new President Donald Trump does before judging. In an interview on Friday with the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, he told … Continue reading

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