Theatre of the Absurd

A Guest Post from our regular contributor, Geoff Kiernan:

Catholics don’t kneel in front of anyone anymore,
Its not Catholic its Neo Catholic,
Dumbed down Catholic Education,
Manufactured excitement,
The great facade,
Handed down to our children as it was handed down to us,
Catholics dont believe in the Real Presence,
Nuns in Pant suits,
Robbed of Our birthright,
Cafeteria Catholic casualness,
They tore out the kneelers, they ripped out the Altar rails,
Everyone had it wrong until Archbishop Annibile Bugnini came along,
Theatre of the absurd…..

This video from Michael Matt has the fingerprints of the Holy Spirit all over it.

The opening clip is replayed every Sunday at the Lockridge, Ellenbrook,Midland Wanneroo, Yanchep, Morley, Greenmount, Millendon, Bunbury Cathedral and Ocean Reef Parishes ( just to name a few)

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One Response to Theatre of the Absurd

  1. Michael Matt has produced a brilliant video, full of what is so scarce these days: truth.

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