Letter of “thanks” to Pope Francis? No, Cardinal Nichols, “Not in my name!”

Cardinal Nichols

“Cardinal Nichols thanks Pope Francis for ‘steadfast’ defence of Church teaching” [!!!]

Yes, that was the title of the article in Friday’s edition of the Catholic Herald of Cardinal Nichols’ letter of congratulations to Pope Francis on the fourth anniversary of his election as Pope! In his letter he says… “Holy Father, we thank you for the steadfast way in which you uphold the teachings of Christ and the Church, presenting them in deed and in word with a freshness and directness, which draws the attention of the world.”

Is this a joke? Did we hear that right?

As we have had anything but a “steadfast defence” of the teachings of our Catholic Faith from Pope Francis, and as instead he has made inroads into attempting to alter those very same “teachings of Christ and the Church” rather than upholding them, we can only join in a loud rejoinder to the Cardinal that his letter of thanks to Pope Francis was written:


In trying to explain what the Pope’s function is in an interview on ‘Newsnight’ last Friday, Dr Joseph Shaw (LMS Chairman) had no alternative but to admit there had been a lack of “clarity” under Pope Francis although the job of the pope is “to confirm the brethren in the Faith”.


Sorry Cardinal Nichols“, says Mark Lambert!

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One Response to Letter of “thanks” to Pope Francis? No, Cardinal Nichols, “Not in my name!”

  1. sixupman says:

    A +++Nichols protege bishop in the North of England promoted Amoris Laetitia!

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