Cardinal Burke Speaks on the “Formal Correction”


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25th March 2017:

Last night at Saint Raymond of Peñafort parish in Springfield, Virginia, Cardinal Raymond Burke gave a talk in which he addressed questions about the long-awaited “formal correction” promised by the Four Cardinals in the event that Pope Francis does not respond to the dubia submitted to him last September and made public in November.

Before the video (courtesy of Andrew Guernsey) begins, the pastor of the parish, Fr. John De Celles, asked about the dubia:

Fr. De Celles: There are a lot of rumors circulating about the dubia, which you and four other esteemed cardinals sent to the Holy Father about divorce, marriage, and communion and the likeDo you know if there will be a response to the dubia from our Holy Father or from the CDF?

Cardinal Burke: I sincerely hope that there will be because these are fundamental questions that are honestly raised by the text of the apostolic…the post-synodal apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia. And until these questions are answered, there continues to spread a very harmful confusion in the Church and one of the fundamental questions is in regards to the truth that there are some kinds that are always and everywhere wrong – what we call intrinsically evil acts – and so, we cardinals are, will continue to insist that we hear a response to these honest questions.

After rejecting the idea that the dubia are disrespectful or arrogant, and asserting that this is the traditional method of seeking clarification from the pope on the Church’s constant teaching, Burke addressed why, when there was no response after the initial submission of the dubia – and after the cardinals were told by the CDF that there would be no response – they made the dubia public.

The video below begins part way into the answer to the question, so we are providing the transcript of the full audio of that section before the video, which begins at “we have these questions”:

Cardinal Burke: We judged it necessary to make public the question[s] [of the dubia] because so many of the faithful were approaching us, saying, having these questions and saying well, what’s the wrong, we have these questions and it seems like, that none of the cardinals who have a great responsibility to assist the holy father has these questions and  so…we published them, and that also was done with great respect.

Fr. De Celles: If there is no response, will, what will your response be, the Four Cardinals?

Cardinal Burke: Then we simply will have to correct the situation, again, in a respectful way, that simply can say that, to draw the response to the questions from the constant teachings of the Church and to make that known for the good of souls.

You can see a video of the full talk on the LifeSiteNews Facebook page here.

Several days ago, one of our readers, Marie Pruden, posted a comment in which she recounted her own experience with Cardinal Burke when he visited California earlier this month:

Cardinal Burke was in Oakland, California last Sunday, March 19, where he celebrated a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. Margaret Mary’s Church early in the afternoon, after which he blessed a newly-opened clinic of the Knights of Malta.

Later he held a public reception at Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light before celebrating a solemn Benediction. It was at the reception line that I got to speak with the Cardinal briefly. Here’s how it went:

I genuflected as he blessed me and I kissed his ring. Standing up, I held on to his hand and asked, “Eminence, are you pushing through with the formal public correction on the errors of Amoris Laetitia?”

Before I could even finish my question came his answer, “Don’t worry about it. We’re looking into it. We’re working on it.”

I had wanted to ask a follow-up question but there’s a line behind me and it was time to go down to the church for Benediction.

From the little answer he gave, it feels like his group of four Cardinals hasn’t really given up on the Dubia. [emphasis added]

She expounded, in a later comment:

I went to the reception purposely to ask Cardinal Burke the question.


I’m Filipino and am very conscious of my accent and my verb tense and prepositions, so I had to make my question as short and as clearly stated as possible. That was probably why the Cardinal didn’t wait for me to finish my sentence. He was anticipating it. Perhaps other people ahead of me had asked the same question.

With the addition of the video, her eyewitness account adds further credibility to the notion that the formal correction is most certainly not off the table, and may in fact be anticipated at some point in the future.

With this latest video of Cardinal Burke saying that the formal correction may yet come — but with no deadline attached — it would seem that most likely nothing has transpired yet. Amoris Laetitia was a year old as of March 19, 2017 (the official date of its signing) but will not have its first anniversary as a public document until April 8. This means that a year after the release of this document that has caused, in Cardinal Burke’s own words, “a very harmful confusion in the Church”, we are still waiting for an official defense of the Church’s traditional teaching on marriage, family, Catholic sexual ethics, and sacramental discipline.

And while it is reasonable to conclude that such an action, insofar as it is almost unprecedented, would take careful study and caution in its execution, the pace, in relation to current events, is practically glacial. Further, we are forced to wonder what, if any, effect such a correction would have. Would it change anything, or would it simply be an objection, on the record, to what appears to be a blatant and unrepentant miscarriage of Church teaching on the part of the pope and a growing number of bishops and cardinals? Would, in other words, such a correction actually have any teeth?

Further, we are left to wonder what is being done to address the many other troubling and possibly heretical statements from Pope Francis, some of which we cataloged in our article on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of his election?

While it is a Maxim of Catholic thought that the Church moves slowly, even timelessly, because she deals in eternal truths, it is nonetheless undeniable that the damage that is being done by Pope Francis and his allies exceeds by an exponential factor the efforts to reign in and correct that damage through official ecclesiastical channels.

Souls are at stake. We do not have the luxury of time, and admonitions that these things must simply be ignored as we put our faith in Christ’s promises ring painfully hollow when every day the faithful watch people they know and love being led astray, or discouraged to the brink of despair.

In Luke 18:8, Our Blessed Lord famously asked if, when He returned, he would find faith on the earth. At the present moment, one is forced to wonder if that question applies equally to the end of this pontificate.

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29 Responses to Cardinal Burke Speaks on the “Formal Correction”

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    I hope Cardinal Burke continues to push for clarification! I pray for our church leaders everyday!


  2. ljsedivy says:

    Meanwhile…..people are dying every day….and surely some of them have already followed the pied piper off the cliff.


  3. marysong says:

    We are just left hanging … yet we know.


  4. toadspittle says:

    “We do not have the luxury of time, and admonitions that these things must simply be ignored as we put our faith in Christ’s promises ring painfully hollow when every day the faithful watch people they know and love being led astray, or discouraged to the brink of despair.”
    Incomprehensible and incoherent sentence.


  5. mmvc says:

    Read ljsedivy’s comment, Toad, and you’ll get the idea.


  6. Mary Salmond says:

    However, if Church leaders responsible for the souls of many lead them astray, then the sin falls on the leader. Yes? Confusion in the hearts of the faithful could be a sign of the Holy Spirit! The truths that the Church has held as sacrosanct cannot be changed by misled leaders.


  7. toadspittle says:

    The Pied Piper did not walk off a cliff, Mmvc. Nor did his followers.

    “Confusion in the hearts of the faithful could be a sign of the Holy Spirit! “
    Interesting.Never heard that one before, but it makes perfect sense.


  8. mmvc says:

    The Pied Piper did not walk off a cliff, Mmvc. Nor did his followers.

    He lured them into the waters of the Weimar.
    There may be different versions of this legend but its message is the same.
    And in this case it is not only pertinent but comprehensible and coherent.


  9. Whilst I agree with everything said in this article, I have to ask: What is a “miscarriage of Church teaching”? This is an abuse of language as “miscarriage” is not a synonym for “misstatement”.


  10. mmvc says:

    It’s an unusual choice of word, catholiccommentblog, but perhaps it was used here to echo the term ‘miscarriage of justice’ as in ‘a failure of a court or judicial system to attain the ends of justice’. Although the authoritative nature of AL has been questioned, the contested parts of the document have in practice led to a failure by some members of the hierarchy to adhere to and apply authentic Catholic moral teaching for the ultimate good and salvation of souls.


  11. Rodney Ford says:

    Cardinal Burke seems to putting himself above the Pope. If we believe that Pope Francis is Christ’s representative on earth, then we must submit to his authority. This seems to be an issue on discipline and not dogma.


  12. Roger says:

    I think it is important to remind that the Pope is the representative of the Divine Christ.

    Not the Church of Man with its Dogmas on Human Rights which are clearly anathema to Christ Divine Rights.
    Was Our Lord at the service and patronage of the various worldwide political powers and their Will?

    He came to do The Will Of His Father. The servant isn’t greater than the Master.


  13. johnhenrycn says:

    When a Pope says things that conflict with doctrine, what then? It’s happened before.


  14. Roger says:

    St Paul provides the answer when He rebuked St Peter.
    However where an Anathema already exists then the excommunication is automatic. If you are outside of the Church you cannot be its Head.
    What a mess de facto are two living Popes All of this language of the Petrine Office (as if Peter was a President voted for a term of Office). Spiritual suicide..


  15. Roger says:

    From 1960 onwards a spiritual global battle has been taking place between globalist and their agenda for New World Order and the Deposit of the Faith. Bablyon and Jerusalem.
    Sacred Traditions and the Word of God both under attack. The Deposit of The Faith has been undermined and with this a denial of the Divinity Of Christ the God-Man.
    It isn’t for nothing that the study of comparative religion exists under the guise of Philosophy of Religion. The search for the religious gene etc. etc. Creation and especially Genesis undermined and treated as myth and fable and replaced by The Big Bang and Evolution.
    This war broke out in the second half of the 20th century and whole nations became atheist. The measure of life or death is as defined by Our Lord. What does it profit a Man/nation if it gains the whole world and loses their/His soul.

    The Infiltration of Masonry into the highest level of the Church was deliberate and planned undermining of the Faith to destroy it and change it into the world of Man.
    In Rome what was revealed was an Anti Church, almost parasite which was embedded within the Church, seeking to dilute and MODERNISE the Faith. The smoke of Satan..

    The great battle that surfaced in the mid 20th century and had started in the previous century with the taking away of the Papal States by global powers. The Church turned to Our Lady with the Dogma of the Immaculate and then later the Assumption. Setting Our Lady against the serpent. Fatima The promise to the Church is the Triumph of the Creator over Evolution BECAUSE this is what the Triumph Of the Immaculate Heart means. The Dogma of the Immaculate confirms the Creation of Adam and His Fall. The Woman clothed with the Sun (thats both Our Lady but also the Church).

    This war between modernists and their global agenda to deny the Divinity Of Christ and the Faith in the Divine Christ. Well all know that this is the Case!

    Heaven is bringing all of this into the open and forcing Us to choose. Either you are with the Divine Christ (God-Man) or you are with the Evolving of the Man-God (which is pure Satanic masonry).


  16. kathleen says:

    Wonderful insights into the real situation of the Church in the world, Roger, as it battles against the sinister evils of “Satanic masonry” in our times.Thank you.

    Have you read the interesting article by Ed Condon in yesterday’s ‘Catholic Herald’: The real reason Catholics can’t be Freemasons? It’s quite an eye-opener!

    “The mutual antagonism of the Catholic Church and Freemasonry is well established and longstanding. For most of the past 300 years they have been acknowledged, even in the secular mindset, as implacably opposed. In recent decades the animosity between the two has faded somewhat from the public consciousness as the Church’s direct institutional involvement in civil affairs has become less pronounced and as Freemasonry has waned dramatically in numbers and prominence. But as Freemasonry turns 300 years old, it is worth revisiting what was at the core of the Church’s absolute opposition to the group. Freemasonry can appear to be little more than an esoteric men’s club, but it was and remains a highly influential philosophical movement – one which has made a dramatic, if little-noticed, impact on modern Western society and politics.” [My emphasis]

    Read on


  17. Mary Salmond says:

    So the the Catholic Herald article it states that Cardinal Ratzinger made a clarification about “enemies of the Church”, so why then can’t Cardinal Burke ask for clarification from Pope Francis about AL?
    Isn’t Knights of Columbus the antithesis of Masonic Lodge mentality? Formed to reinforce the ideas of the Catholic Church. Brilliant idea of Fr M J McGivney.


  18. Roger says:

    Hi Kathleen
    If you can get hold of Darkness Visible written by a then Anglican Clergy Farther Walton Hannah became a Catholic priest. The book proves that the masons deny Christ. Hence my repeated denouncements of these vipers!

    Googleing sadly brings up other and later books also named Darkness Visible (a ploy of these masons to divert from Fr Hannah’s book). All we really need to know is that to be a member is to automatically be excommunicates.

    The lesson with Masonry that should never be lost is Symbolism. The Faith is replete with symbols Heaven writes through the lives of saints , prophets hence the Old Testament patriachs. Symbols for instance that Church’s design is the Crucifix. These modernist designs of so called Churchs are like secular meeting places for Man with almost nothing of the sacred. Sacred Tradition is half of the Deposit of the Faith! So these innovators with for instance the broken cross are outside of the Faith.

    The danger with masonry is what you think is Christian turns out to be the worship of Baphomet!
    “..Is being a Freemason compatible with one’s duty to God as a practising Christian? That is the question which the Rev. Walton Hannah, then a Church of England clergyman (but later a Catholic priest), set himself to answer with the publication of his Darkness Visible in 1952. Over 45 years later, this classic is now in its 17th impression, and is as popular as ever. Hannah wrote this book to prove his conviction that for a religious or quasi-religious organisation such as Freemasonry to offer prayers and worship to God from which the name of Jesus Christ has been deliberately excluded represents the abandonment of the Christian faith which many of its members nevertheless profess to uphold. No intelligent answer to his case has ever been made. Darkness Visible has been continuously in print since 1952. It includes the entire and authentic texts of the Masonic ritual of the first three degrees and of the Royal Arch. The accuracy of these has never been questioned, and was confirmed to a special Working Group of the Synod of the Church of England in 1987 by Commander Higham, Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England. In 1983 Stephen Knight’s informative, wide-ranging and best-selling critique of Freemasonry, The Brotherhood, devoted a number of pages to Hannah’s book which, he said, “alone deals conclusively with the matter of whether or not Masonry is a religion”..”


  19. toadspittle says:

    “..Is being a Freemason compatible with one’s duty to God as a practising Christian? ”
    What sane person cares less? Many Masons are nuts one way, and a lot of Christians are nuts
    in another way. So what?

    “In 1983 Stephen Knight’s informative, wide-ranging and best-selling critique of Freemasonry, The Brotherhood, devoted a number of pages to Hannah’s book which, he said, “alone deals conclusively with the matter of whether or not Masonry is a religion”..”
    Who cares if Masonry is a philosophy, a religion, or a cozy club where businessmen get together to eat chicken dinners, and do deals?
    Not me.


  20. Roger says:

    Lets be Prophetic Toad with the New World that is being carved out before Our eyes which is alien to Catholics and a betrayal of the Divinity of Christ..
    Well start with the redefined Nations which have been engineered to be multi ethnic and interreligious these are merged into new masonic Republics. An ecumenism of diplomacy with its own now New Temples commonly serving all Men these coupled with a One World Government. Welcome to the New World Order.

    The sacrifice of the Mass and real presence have to replaced by a common communion thats acceptable to All (Luther) and new altars and rites for this common communion, sharing of bread.

    Does this look and sound familiar. Remember Leo XIII and the 100 years permission given to Satan (and his minions), who said that He could destroy the church. So all we have to do is look at those whom under the false mantle of shepherds have been demolishing the Deposit Of The Faith.

    Fatima 1917. Here before Man is his choice of Eternity Hell Or Heaven. Two paths one broad (masonic brotherhood) and the other with the Cross, way of sorrows. This plus a Prophecy of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart Of Mary (because Heaven wills crush Satan by Our Lady’s heel) To prove the work of God a great public miracle was fortold to the hour and day AND THE SUN DANCED. The Great Sign in Heaven the woman clothed with the Sun.


  21. toadspittle says:

    “So all we have to do is look at those whom under the false mantle of shepherds have been demolishing the Deposit Of The Faith.”
    Oh, all right, if you say so, Roger. I think – if I understood that comment in the slightest – it might be a mixed metaphor. Is it the task of shepherds to demolish deposits?
    … Or is it to lead their sheep, in orderly fashion, to the shearing-shed and slaughterhouse?

    “Well start with the redefined Nations which have been engineered to be multi ethnic ..”
    Surely God engineered His world fo be “multi-ethnic” from the get-go, Rog?
    Blacks, whites, browns, yellows , and all?
    If He didn’t – who did?
    I certainly didn’t. But I like it this way. More variety.

    (What on earth do you do for a living?)


  22. johnhenrycn says:

    “(What on earth do you do for a living?)”
    1. Psychiatrist?
    2. Groom of the King’s Close Stool?
    3. Funeral Clown?
    …anyway, something to do with casting his pearls before swine, or so he said recently.


  23. Roger says:

    The question posed here was Cardinal Burke and a formal correction.

    Toad’s your mistaken example of a shepherd when you mean hireling, wolf , robber and thief ” Or is it to lead their sheep, in orderly fashion, to the shearing-shed and slaughterhouse?”

    We use the word Father and especially for the Pope. Our Lord already gave Us the yardstick to measure Shepherds. Its worth mediating on the following and really understanding the difference between Blind Obedience or a Despot and that of a Father and a Son.

    Masonry Breeds Despots haven’t you noticed? Their Father is NOT the Divine Christ, follow these if you will to the shearing-shed and slaughterhouse. As In have already pointed out Roosvelt, Stalin, Churchill were Masons.

    John 10:
    [7] Jesus therefore said to them again: Amen, amen I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.
    [8] All others, as many as have come, are thieves and robbers: and the sheep heard them not.
    [9] I am the door. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved: and he shall go in, and go out, and shall find pastures.
    [10] The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.
    [11] I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his life for his sheep.
    [12] But the hireling, and he that is not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and flieth: and the wolf catcheth, and scattereth the sheep:
    [13] And the hireling flieth, because he is a hireling: and he hath no care for the sheep.
    [14] I am the good shepherd; and I know mine, and mine know me.
    [15] As the Father knoweth me, and I know the Father: and I lay down my life for my sheep.


  24. Roger says:

    Toad “.Surely God engineered His world fo be “multi-ethnic” from the get-go, Rog?
    Blacks, whites, browns, yellows , and all?
    If He didn’t – who did?
    I certainly didn’t. But I like it this way. More variety.
    No God didn’t engineer anything. The Creator creates perfection!
    A little thought would answer your questions as well as your confusion over diverse creatures sic Kangeroos. A Creator Creates and continues to create unique creatures.
    So where did the this multi-ethnic come from? Well you know part of this already Cain and his mark and Abel. Cain was separated from Seth.
    Then later the Anathema of Babel. Babel and the confusion of tongues from which came the nations and their diverse languages. The differences between Men are the fruits and results of Sin. The Bible explains all of this.

    The Nations are to be Judged;

    The Church has always separated the sheep and the goats.
    As for worshipping pagan Gods (demons) that is Apostacy since it denies the Divinity Of Christ. The Holy first Martyrs won their Crowns. refusing to worship pagan Gods and false Idols.
    False ecumenism and masonic Satanic worship has always been condemned.

    Matthew 25
    [31] And when the Son of man shall come in his majesty, and all the angels with him, then shall he sit upon the seat of his majesty.
    [32] And all nations shall be gathered together before him, and he shall separate them one from another, as the shepherd separateth the sheep from the goats:
    [33] And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left.

    3 Kings 11
    [2] Of the nations concerning which the Lord said to the children of Israel: You shall not go in unto them, neither shall any of them come in to yours: for they will most certainly turn away your heart to follow their gods. And to these was Solomon joined with a most ardent love.”


  25. toadspittle says:

    “As In have already pointed out Roosvelt, Stalin, Churchill were Masons.”
    So, Hitler wasn’t – and the wrong fellow lost? That helps explain your attitude a bit, anyway.

    I personally know a few shepherds, Roger – real ones. (One is named Jesus, oddly enough) They are contemptuous of the intelligence of their flocks. Such an attitude is probably essential. No good getting attached to their charges. Select a baby lamb, (lechazo) and they will happily kill it and dress it for you – at a price. That’s their job.
    Fond of their dogs and donkeys, though.

    “The (multi-ethnic) differences between Men are the fruits and results of Sin.”
    What colour were men originally, then? What is the original Sinless colour? Are some of us black (or white) because of Original Sin?
    I doubt that. Very much.


  26. Roger says:

    Thank you Toad
    Bethlehem was the traditional source of the pascal lamb that was sacrificed at the Temple (only place where blood sacrifices were permitted in Old Israel) the word means House of Bread. (Nazarth also has a special meaning , but that’s for another time.). The pascal lamb and the Bethlehem Shepherds and their flock – adds a prophetic pungency to the Nativity does it not? It links Easter to Christmas with the revelation of the Virgin Ewe and her Divine Lamb.

    The Rosary properly said strips away the tinsel and encourages the delving into the mysteries and we put of the childish things and learn the depths of Our Faith through hands of the Virgin Ewe.

    Husbandry the tending of the sheep and protection from predators etc.. as well as being a way of life is a livelihood that could be commonly understood by all men and nations.

    The Heavenly Shepherd sheep are penned in Heaven and will live forever and it is their Shepherd that will Lay Down His Life so that they can live safely and forever in their Pen!
    The converse are the flocks of Cain, who are destined for slaughter.
    That we understand this properly is important because there is only ONE pascal lamb ever which is the God-Man and then through the shepherds hands the bread and wine become the flesh (that of Our Lord that lamb of Bethlehem).

    Differences between Men? As I keep pointing out their is a difference between those marked by the sacraments (which cannot be seen , tested nor proven scientifically BUT yet are known to saints, angels etc..) The Blessed and profain. Sin and Virtue (ask St Pio) so in God’s eyes the state of the souls are not the not the same. Masonry would have the hordes of Satan (majority in the age of Apostacy) ruling the remnant of Christ! This is the worlds argument is it not?

    One thing the Convesion of poor sinners BUT NOT THE PERVERSION OF VIRTUE.

    The considered opinion is that the distinctive National traints (physical) came with the anathema of Babel. The National traints and that these will in God’s time be reversed. The Judgement of the Nations when presumably these skin deep differences will be removed.

    The is evidence of the especial distinction between Nations for instance with Angels of the various nations. Sic Fatima the Angel of Portugal. The Irish knows of St Patrick and the Angel Ireland. Nations have their patron saints. The tribes of Israel. Division into Nation/Tribes concurs with Heaven.

    The signficance here is identifying the hireling and the shepherd . The Cardinal before God is accountable for His flock and He as an successor of the Apostles is accountable for His flock. The Bishop of Rome is accountable for His flock of Rome at this same level. St Paul formally corrected St Peter!


  27. toadspittle says:

    “The considered opinion is that the distinctive National traints (physical) came with the anathema of Babel.”
    That would be your considered opinion, Roger.
    …And that of very few other people.


  28. Mary Salmond says:

    The shepherds you know ” are contemptuous of the intelligence of their flock.” ?? Then look elsewhere for consolation and conversation. Your search would be worth it.


  29. Roger says:

    Toad you need access to the Doauy Fathers Notes (which references the Fathers of the Church) on Babel – Before there was one language on the Earth.
    Philo Judeus, and Origen, also St Augustine, St Gregory and other fathers. Two miracles
    1/ Sudden depriving all those builders of their usual tongues, so they could neither speak nor understand.
    2/ Giving distinct and diverse language to families, as if they had long learned and used these. These were forced by God into sundry coasts of the Earth, which they inhabited and replenished with distinct Nations, having the same Angels their spiritual patron and Protectors.

    Pentecost reversed this so that St Peter’s sermon was heard by each hearers in their own distinct tongue. St Pio in the Confessional was heard and understood penitents in their own languages.

    Christ restores All things and its hard to see how there can be One Faith with multiple Nations and languages, one of the reasons why By Sacred Tradition the Church has used Latin.

    The Gospel I have already quoted confirms the Nations and their Judgement.

    Note the confusion of Languages AND the scattering of these common language groups globally.

    Now Masonry presents with this same Babel idea all over again WITHOUT Christ. Remember the SUN DANCED at Fatima so Bablyon the Great (also fortold in Apoc) is doomed to failure. But will the Triumph Of Our Lady mean one Faith and one language on the Earth? The coming new Era is the next step for Man on the road back to Paradise.


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