Abortion Harms Women Too

From the Facebook page of ‘Ending Abortion’ comes this heart-rending video below. Countless women are mentally, morally and physically destroyed forever after they have aborted their babies. Their guilt and remorse haunts them the rest of their lives.  Even those who have fallen on God’s loving mercy and begged forgiveness for the sin, find it hard to forgive themselves. This is a horrific fact of what abortion, killing infants in the womb, does to their mothers. It is an embarrassing secret the wealthy Abortion Industry tries its best to cover up.

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One Response to Abortion Harms Women Too

  1. mary salmond says:

    Wow! If only that film had been around in the ’70s when the Supreme Court had made abortion legal. Abortion – the denial of the act of murder; a misnomer of the liberal left that has plagued our society ever since. The twisting of words since Margaret Sanger talked about “birth control” (which is neither) and abortion, has changed the vernacular of our society. The SC may have looked at it differently. Planned Parenthood had endoctrinated the women in the ’60s and ’70s that killing was okay and those women have passed on this untruth, this lie, this horrific act that has damned the United States for all these years. Those women in the video are a testament to the damage it does to the soul and the mind. I pray everyday that this curse will end in our country.

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